This contribution estimates the white space availability in the UK based on the analysis of a prototype geolocation database. The database has been constructed by deriving the WSD EIRP that will degrade the DTT coverage by 1%. For simplicity, only the CEPT reference geometry for mobile WSD interference into fixed DTT reception at 10m has been considered. The protection of portable receivers and PMSE are not considered and will require further study.

The TVWS availability has been analysed using the statistical methods proposed in ECC 159. Complementary cumulative distribution functions are presented expressing the spectrum available to a given proportion of the country, subject to a given EIRP limit. In addition, availability maps are presented to illustrate the regional variations in white space availability.

This document was originally published in 12th meeting of SE43 in Cambridge, December 2011 under the document number SE43 (11) 93.