This draft document provides a suggested methodology for the protection of PMSE from WSDs. The approach taken is to limit the sensitivity degradation of the PMSE receiver using the I/N method. The necessary EIRP limits on WSDs can be calculated using the PMSE receiver protection ratios and the path loss to the victim PMSE receiver.

Different classes of PMSE usage will require different strategies for protection. Initial measurements on receiver performance suggest quite large variations in protection ratio and overload point. Various classes of PMSE receiver have been identified, but further measurements will be required to characterize the variations in device performance.

WSD ACLR performance is expected to be an important consideration and the protection ratio can be adjusted to reflect the actual WSD OOB performance.This document was originally published in 12th meeting of SE43 in Cambridge, December 2011 under the document number SE43 (11) 92.

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