Delivery of broadcast content between media organisations using file transfer is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to the physical movement of tapes, films or disks. However, widespread adoption of file-based delivery, especially over public networks such as the Internet, requires the adoption of secure, reliable and interoperable solutions. This while paper outlines the work of Pro-MPEG Forum in developing codes of practice in this area, including an overview of the Media Dispatch Protocol (MDP): a standards-based means of automating and managing deliveries. Case studies of the implementation and use of MDP are presented, together with an investigation of transfer performance and a discussion of security best practice. This white paper is a revised version of a paper from the International Broadcasting Convention in 2006 (orginal title 'File-based delivery using the Media Dispatch Protocol'). This version includes information about relevant activity in the following year, including the standardisation of MDP, further research studies, and a consideration of how this work relates to the BBC's current file delivery agenda.