This technical note describes an API designed and written by the authors to allow applications to access and process TV-Anytime data. The API provides a Java representation of TV-Anytime data and an easy-to-use interface to TV-Anytime XML, delivered in a file, a stream or over IP. Note that at the current time the API does not support the entire scope of the TV-Anytime standards. This document is intended primarily as reference material for those requiring an understanding of the structure of the API, and for those who are intending to make use of it. The API is accompanied by Java API documentation in an electronic form that describes the API in full. A number of applications written at BBC Research & Development, running on PC and STB platforms have already made use of the API. Some simple illustrative code examples are included in this technical note. An understanding of TV-Anytime data and Java programming is assumed. The API is written for use with Java version 1.1 and any later releases. XML processing requires the Java API for XML processing (JAXP).