Radio broadcasting has entered the digital era, where services are delivered from the studio to the listener entirely in the digital domain. The Digital Radio system developed within the European Eureka 147 Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) Project and standardised[1] by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute, provides the means to broadcast high-quality digital radio services to the listener. (The Eureka 147 Project is a consortium of manufacturers, broadcasters and research institutes, and was established as part of the European 'Eureka' technology programme in 1987.) Through the use of digital technology, the Eureka 147 DAB system provides both broadcasters and listeners, with significant potential benefits and exciting opportunities. The system is now well established as the European standard, and is fast emerging as the global system for Digital Radio. Eureka 147 DAB is Digital Radio for today, to complement the existing AM and FM analogue radio services; and it will eventually replace these analogue delivery systems.