This report gives the results of television and v.h.f. sound transmitter site tests at Nether Button, Orkney. With the effective radiated powers (e.r.p.s) proposed at Nether Button a satisfactory service will be provided to a very large proportion of the population of Orkney and the north coast of Caithness, including most of Thurso. Reception tests of the Meldrum television transmission showed that the field strength at Nether Button was not adequate for r.b.r. purpose. As a result of testing a number of sites, G.P.O station at Thrumster, in Caithness, was found to be most suitable location for the first link in feeding the programme to Nether Button. The field strength of the Meldrum v.h.f. sound transmission was also found to be strong enough at Nether Button to provide a reasonable, temporary v.h.f. service.