This paper, which is in some respects a sequel to the previous BBC Monograph on colour television, opens with a brief historical account of the programme of work on experimental colour television so as to place in perspective the work described in this paper.

The experimental programme transmissions which took place from Alexandra Palace between October 1957 and April 1958 are described in some detail and the results obtained are assessed and compared with the previous year’s results. Some of the more important technical and operational experience obtained at Alexandra Palace is described. The experimental work and the experience obtained in connection with the application of colour to television from the point of view of the programme producer are reported.

The results of experimental work to determine the suitability of the existing distribution network for television programmes is given and is followed by an account of the small amount of experience gained in outside broadcast work. The paper ends with a description of the type of colour transmissions which have been radiated since the end of 1958, and are continuing at the present time.