Rosie Campbell (BSc, MSc)

Research Technologist

Rosie Campbell

Rosie is a Research Technologist in the UX team currently working on 'Smart Wallpaper' as part of the Unconventional Screens project.

Rosie joined the Trainee Research Technologist scheme in 2011, and still can't believe her luck at landing such an awesome job.

During the scheme she worked on mood metadata classification, adaptive bitrate streaming over TCP/IP for home networks, Super Hi-Vision Olympic trials, and a browser-based immersive experience for navigating live music events.

Before joining the BBC, Rosie studied BSc Physics at Bristol University where she discovered a love of technology (especially programming!) and went on to complete an MSc in Computer Science.

She is passionate about promoting science and technology and runs a blog with her colleague Becky on these topics. She is a STEM ambassador and has spoken at a number of outreach events, including the BBC Academy's 'Young Technologist' initiative.

Her main interests lie where technology and creativity meet - both in terms of computer graphics and design, and in terms of applying creative thinking to solve technical problems.

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