Pete Warren

Interaction & User Experience Designer

Pete Warren

I have extensive experience in interaction and UX design for PCs, mobile devices and connected TVs, but I revel in designing user experiences for any physical, gestural or digital products.

I worked for ten years in the commercial sector before joining the BBC and developed specialist skills in interface prototyping, screen-based typography, type design and sound design. I have a particular passion for radio, audio and music projects.

While within BBC UX&D I was lead designer of the Embedded Media Player project, contributed to the BBC News redesign, advised on Global Experience Language, and redesigned ten of the BBC's national radio station websites.

As part of BBC R&D I contributed to RadioTAG, Future Internet, and designed the interfaces and website for our recent Audio API / BBC Radiophonic Workshop website and demos – it has been well received. I am currently lead designer on the BBC World Service Radio Archive project.

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