Maxine Glancy (BA, MA, MPhil, BSc)

Senior Research Scientist

Maxine Glancy

Maxine Glancy is a Senior Research Scientist for BBC R&D’s User Experience team, researching and developing innovative user experiences throughout the service -production - audience chain.

After several years as an interaction designer in CD-ROM publishing and at TwoWay Media (formally TwoWay TV), she joined the BBC interactive TV department in 1999, moving into Research & Development full-time in 2001.

During her time at the BBC she has been involved with research and development work on the UI of Red Button services, Freeview, i-player, and YouView. Current areas of research include mutli-screen experiences, new editorial & broadcasting formats, UGC frameworks, intergenerational experiences, and media behaviour modelling.

Maxine holds a BA in Design (Leeds), an MA in Computer Aided Design (Middlesex), an MPhil ‘Design & Response In Multimedia GUIs’ (Open) and a BSc in Environmental Studies (Open).

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