Mark Glanville (BSc, AMInstP)

Research Technologist

Mark Glanville

Mark is based in our South Lab where he is working within the Advanced Media Workflow Association to develop a modern approach to file format specification development. Mark also provides technical support to the Digital Production Partnership's Compliance Programme, which drives interoperability of equipment involved in file-based delivery of programmes submitted for television broadcast.

Mark worked on the periphery of the video industry for a few years before studying Physics with Satellite Technology at the University of Surrey. His degree course included a year at the Home Office Scientific Development Branch, testing computer vision for CCTV. That rekindled his interest in video technology. He began his career with us as an Industrial Trainee and progressed to the Trainee Research Technologist scheme.

Trainees move around the various parts of R&D during their training. In his first few years here Mark worked on a variety of projects ranging from RadioDNS, which is a system for combining broadcast radio with Internet content, to tools for automatically generating metadata for video as it’s recorded. He researched ways in which Internet-connected TVs might implement the HTML5 video element, and he expanded the department’s understanding of the particular file format used in the BBC’s file-based video preservation archive. He also worked briefly with team that develops Raven, a tapeless recording and playout video server used by the BBC's newsgathering operation and for covering events such as Glastonbury.

Mark’s professional interests are pretty equally divided between computer vision, energy efficiency and archive preservation. He maintains his passion for science through membership of the Institute of Physics and enjoys contributing to science and technology outreach schemes.

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