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Mike is Research Lead in the User Experience group at R&D, in which human-computer interaction (HCI) engineers and behavioural scientists investigate the impact of interaction technologies on BBC services, audiences and production.

Mike and team have to be experts, not only in the enabling technologies for audio-visual processing and user interfaces, but also the capabilities of human perception and cognition.

Mike is very experienced in developing innovative tools for critical creative tasks, including the production of subtitles and shot planning for multi-camera TV direction.

Before joining the BBC in 1999, Mike co-founded the Signal Processing Laboratory and lectured at the University of Reading; leading research there into auditory interfaces.

Mike gained a DPhil in spatial audio and psychoacoustics at British Telecom Labs in 1997 and is a Chartered Engineer and a member of ACM and the IET. His publications include papers on spatial audio, signal processing, accessibility and HCI research methods.

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