Libby Miller


Libby Miller

Libby is a producer and developer working in the R&D Central Lab. She currently works on Radiodan, a project about cheap, rapid prototyping for radios. She also works on the VistaTV EU project on the use and visualisation of real-time IPTV statistics, and the MediaScape project, which is about developer-friendly standards for connected devices. Before that, she led the BBC's part of NoTube, including work on APIs to TV for second screens, resolution of broadcast metadata to web metadata, synchronised social experiences, and recommendations and serendipity.

Before joining the BBC she worked as a product and project manager at the IPTV company Joost, and prior to that worked on the Semantic Web, co-creating the FOAF vocabulary and writing and implementing one of the first RDF query languages.

She holds a PhD in Economics.

Photo by Paul Clarke.

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