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The latest prototypes, data and code from the BBC

About R&D Labs

This page features the latest prototypes, source code, open data and APIs from BBC Research & Development.

They are generally work-in-progress and new developments so we make no guarantees as to their availability, reliability or performance. But we do our best.

Latest prototypes

Sibyl Recommender

Sibyl is a personalised recommender system using a novel drag and drop interface to elicit user preferences and a fast client-side recommender engine.

Little Sun Light Graffiti

A participatory art experience created by BBC R&D in conjunction with internationally renowned artist Olafur Eliasson. It ran at the Tate Modern in London for 6 weeks. During that time, our installation captured over 10,000 "light graffiti" created by the general public, all of which can be explored online.

Perceptive Media: Breaking Out

Perceptive Media takes storytelling back to something aligned to the storyteller and audience around a camp fire. It uses Internet technologies and sensibility to create something much closer and engaging for the audience. "Breaking Out" - the audio drama - is our first demo of this concept.

The Programme List

A little list to help you find, store and retrieve the TV and radio programmes you want to remember. We are using this to learn about and explore how people remember programmes.


Try out our second screen application for exploring how groups of friends can work together to find interesting things to watch.


A web application that will convert any BBC URL into a QRCode with the BBC logo embedded within the image. As used by BBC London News.


A new technology to connect radios to the web. When you press a button on your radio you can have that song or programme added to your list on the web. We have been working on the technical specification and you can download our reference implementations from Github.


RadioDNS is open technology that lets broadcast radio and the internet work together: enhancing the listener experience, and making radio better. RadioVIS uses this technology to add visual information to radio and we have released a reference client and code to test RadioVIS services.

R&D Labs is currently a prototype, we make no guarantees about its reliability or performance.

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