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Following my recent blog post about BBC R&Ds Ultra-High Definition Trials I want to give you a few updates on the progress of our trials.

BBC R&D tonight successfully transmitted the Columbia v Uruguay game in UHD at a resolution of 3840x2160 over both DTT and MPEG-DASH. The video bitrate was approximately 35Mbit/s on both DTT and MPEG-DASH.

UHD transmitted over DTT and MPEG-DASH side by side

We were able to successfully receive and decode the DTT transmissions from Arqiva's Crystal Palace site at our research laboratory in BBC Centre House, London W12. Transmissions also took place from Winter Hill in Manchester and Black Hill in Glasgow. We used specially modified receivers from three major consumer equipment vendors, plus development boards from a chipset vendor. I will provide more details of DTT transmission and TV reception later in the trial.

We also successfully decoded a two representation MPEG-DASH stream over the open internet at both our site and at the R&D site of a project partner. For decoding the MPEG-DASH streams we used development boards from different chipset vendors. One of the implementations uses software developed by BBC R&D.

The UHD coverage was up-linked from the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio de Janeiro by Eurovision. Globecast provided the downlink facilities and we used Ateme satellite receivers to decode the quad HD AVC/H.264 signal. I hope to describe more of the challenges of the contribution in a further blog post next week. 


Phil Layton,  Head of Broadcast & Connected Systems