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In November 2013 BBC R&D will be hosting a session of lightning talks at Media City UK as part of the 300 Seconds initiative.

October the 15th marks Ada Lovelace Day, an annual celebration of the achievements of women working in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). It pays tribute to Ada Lovelace, widely held to be the first ever computer programmer, and since it was founded by Suw Charman-Anderson in 2009, a big part of the event has been about women sharing their experiences and influences with each other.

"Ada Lovelace Day is about sharing stories of women — whether engineers, scientists, technologists or mathematicians — who have inspired you to become who you are today. The aim is to create new role models for girls and women in these male-dominated fields by raising the profile of other women in STEM." []

With this goal in mind, in seems fitting to announce that BBC R&D will be hosting the next 300 Seconds event at Media City, Salford on the 14th November 2013. 300 Seconds is a series of lightning talks for the digital community, which aims to give women in the field a platform on which to gain experience (and confidence) of public speaking. 10-12 speakers will each talk for five minutes about a subject that interests them, in front of an audience of around 100 people. The talks will be filmed, and there will be networking opportunities throughout.

“Our field is better when we hear from the brilliance of the many rather than the few. If you work in digital and would like to get some experience in public speaking in a safe and friendly environment, I’d urge you to apply to be a speaker at 300 Seconds.”  [Sharon O-Dea, co-founder of 300 Seconds]

Working with BBC North, BBC R&D are proud to be part of an initiative that aims to give support and a voice to those who find it a challenge to make themselves heard, and to promote the role of women in the digital community.  We know that the north-west is home to some fantastic talent, and we’re excited to welcome them to MediaCity to share their ideas and insight with us.

If you would like to attend, either to speak or to listen, or to find out more please visit the 300 Seconds website to find out how. Tickets are released in batches and assigned on a first come first served basis.