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Interacting with Digital Media in Connected Environments

R&D has recently started an Internet of Things (IoT) workstream, exploring the opportunities and implications of the IoT for the BBC and media.

Previously our research in the IoT area has been limited to Internet connected toys and storytelling and had not addressed the area of interaction. Our work is currently focused on how IoT can provide intuitive ways in which people can discover, access, control and share our content.

Internet technology and the flood of connected devices continues to change the face of broadcasting. Touch points for media now extend far beyond TV & Radio. Programme makers can use mobile platforms and connected physical objects (IoT) to tell richer stories. 

The opportunity to present IoT as a future platform for media delivery comes with its challenges. This September at the BCS HCI conference we are hosting a one-day workshop, which will explore these challenges, and discuss and evaluate how connected objects might amplify and simplify everyday interactions with media.

The workshop will part of the conference program running on 10th & 11th September at Brunel University in London. We would like to invite academics and practitioners experienced in this topic to submit a position paper and a short bio by 14th June in order to participate in this workshop. Information on how to submit your contribution is available on the event page.

We invite contributions that address the concepts related to physical interactions with digital content. Position papers should attempt to address one or more of the following:

  • Simplified physical interactions
  • Affordances and real-world digital
  • Digital metaphors
  • A connected world

Our workshop seeks to increase the scope and quality of HCI research around tangible media affordances (the internet of things and media) through the discussion and practical application of methodologies, tools and approaches. For IoT to be credible as a future platform for media delivery, we need robust research methodologies and processes for designing products, and techniques for evaluating them. 

The output of the workshop will be evaluated in a business context and applied to BBC projects before being disseminated for the benefit of the wider HCI and design research community.

Further details about submissions can be found at the workshop event page.