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Today BBC R&D launch an experiment into a new editorial format. Breaking Out is an audio play that has been created in a rather novel way.

The drama is set in an apartment block lift, where Harriet (who suffers from agoraphobia) decides to venture outside for the first time since moving in. The lift in which she is travelling gets stuck, and she begins to have second thoughts about going outside.

I am not going to go into much detail about why this is a novel editorial format, I'm being vague intentionally, but in a few weeks I'll publish a follow up post which will give a bit more detail of how it does what it does, and how we made it. This is because we want the people who listen to the play to provide us with some feedback (there is a link at the end of play).

Until then, plug in your speakers or headphones and head over to this link to hear it. One thing I will say is the play uses a new audio standard, the Web Audio API. This is so new that the only browser to support our implementation fully at the moment is Chrome (FireFox and Opera work a bit). So for the best experience the latest version of Chrome is recommended.

Follow this link to hear the audio play. Ian Forrester talks more about this type of content here.