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Click to try The Programme List - A little list to help you find, store and retrieve the TV and radio programmes you want to remember

There's so much to watch and listen to these days. We often hear about exciting new TV and radio programmes through friends, adverts or reviews. But do we remember to watch them? And how easy is it to find something we half remember? The Programme List prototype from BBC Research & Development helps you quickly make a list of programmes when you hear about them and then easily find them again later. We support all national BBC TV and radio channels as well as some partner TV channels. Until now the prototype has been invite-only but now it is open to anyone with a Twitter account (and a love of lists).

What can you do?

Having signed in with Twitter you can use The Programme List on your computer or your smartphone to:

Quickly search for recent and upcoming programmes on TV and radio Add entire shows, series or just episodes to your list See what programmes are on your list and when and where they are available; broadcast and online

The Search page for The Programme List

You can search for programmes by title, presenters, guests or other keywords. We include programmes from the past 7 days and the next 10 days and support all the main BBC national TV and radio channels plus some partner channels from ITV, Channel 4 and Five. From the search you can add anything to your list, from a single episode to every series.

Saved List for The Programme List

Your saved list shows every available episode for all the programmes you’ve added. For each programme it will show you when and where it is available, including links to where programmes are available online. Programmes remain on your list even if they are no longer available and then they become active again if a new series starts or the programme is repeated - so you don’t need to worry about missing them.

On Today screen for The Programme List

Finally “On Today” shows you which of your programmes are actually on TV or radio today. Something to use when you just want to sit down in front of the TV and watch something.


We are exploring how people remember programmes and how best to help them do that. So we’d like you to try using The Programme List and let us know what you think, how you use it and how you’d make it better. You can read more about the development of this prototype in our previous posts and you can follow our updates at @programmelist