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Hello. Weeknotes are a bit early this week. This morning was mainly taken up by an all-staff meeting and this afternoon I've decided to go round and ask everyone what they're doing...

Akua’s doing lots and lots of admin today; co-ordinating our trip to Manchester next week and making room bookings. She’s also been researching ways that news sites allow people to follow, tag and favourite. She says she had a nice lunch.

Pete’s not at his usual desk but has many orange sticky notes in front of him on which he’s sketching interfaces. They’re quick wireframes of a news site across devices for next week’s user evaluation. Actually he’s having a bit of a crisis with his permanent markers, I think he wants to go back to a computer.

Matt is trying to make broken computers work. He’s also planning for some engineering housekeeping on our systems. It doesn’t look like he’s got his usual laptop either, I think he might have sacrificed it for the good of the team.

Duncan is coding. Adding Twitter support to WTPS to grab recent links from our journalists and dump them into the main system. Simultaneously he’s writing a new app with the latest Rails version to keep his skills up to date.

Andrew’s having a go at a Labs-type site for listing our prototypes, his first project for the team. It’s a simple templated Sinatra app which he’s about to start populating with example content.

Sean’s trying to fix his computer - it looks like an OS upgrade broke the graphics adapter. He’s off to the PubSubHuddle tomorrow.

Yves is playing with audio feature extraction using Vamp to do speech/music segmentation. Right now he’s getting help from the guy who built the framework to get it set up. He shows me the results from his tagger, comparing his extracted tags to human-created tags and some other entity extraction services. His wins, though he notes that it’s working on low-quality text from speech recognition, which is fairly unusual for this kind of task.

Kat’s day has mostly been about logging in to her computer. (More tech problems! Honestly, it’s not usually this bad). She’s just come out of a RadioVIS update meeting and is now reading her own tweet as featured in the staff newspaper. Then she’s going to start writing up the RadioTAG trial that’s just finished.

Dan, Olivier and Chris L are having an intense discussion about the News Linking project so I don’t interrupt them. Now they’ve gone into a room.

Chris G and Barbara are huddled round a computer wondering who’s going to write “deliverable 2.1” and trying to navigate the collaboration software. Theo and Jo have disappeared somewhere and George is “in transit”. And I’ve just drawn Chris G a plan of the office, to help him with his telephony problems.

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