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We're chuffed to bits to announce that Tony Churnside has been awarded the RTS Young Technologist of the Year prize, and is traveling to IBC this year. Tony will be a familiar face to those of you who follow this blog, having appeared in our films from Maker Faire, and a number of the Ambisonics posts.

Tony Churnside and Richard Furse in studio 3 working out speaker placement

Tony Churnside and Richard Furse in studio 3 working out speaker placement for a large scale ambisonic demo earlier this year (Photo by Chris Baume)

This is from the official RTS press reslease:

"The Royal Television Society (RTS) has announced the winner of its annual RTS
Young Technologist Award, which is presented in memory of A.M. Beresford-Cooke.
Anthony Churnside, who is a member of BBC R&D team in Manchester, was chosen to
receive the award by a panel of judges chaired by Terry Marsh, Executive Director of
WISE (Women Into Science, Engineering and Construction).

The award was set up with the aim of advancing the science, practice, technology and
art of television, giving the winner the opportunity to attend the International
Broadcasting Conference (IBC) in September. Judges look for a winner who they feel
will be able to enhance their understanding of broadcasting technology at the
Conference and also share the knowledge gained with others.

The judging panel included Dr Agnes Segal, Head of Membership Services, The IET; Dr
Martin Thomas, Head of Regions, EngineeringUK and Peter Weitzel, until recently
Principal Technology Manager Media Systems, Siemens. The jury was impressed with
Anthony's career to date, particularly his work in ambisonics, creating 3D audio mixes
and his most recent work on accessibility for the disabled to massive media libraries.

Terry Marsh, Chair of the RTS Young Technologist Award jury. says: "Television
is thriving on new technologies, and Anthony's plan to make the most of a visit to IBC
to incorporate these into solving specific production issues was well thought through.
Bright young technologists like Anthony are vital to the future of broadcasting."

Anthony Churnside, winner of the RTS Young Technologist Award 2010 says:
"I'm thrilled to be awarded RTS Young Technologist 2010. Attending IBC is a fantastic
way to begin my third year in the broadcasting industry. I am particularly interested in
new ways of enhancing the audience's experience, using technology to make it appear
more magical. Attending IBC will provide me with the opportunity to deepen my
understanding of these areas and at the same time extend my awareness of the wider
broadcasting environment."

A.M. Beresford-Cooke, in whose memory the award is presented, was a distinguished
engineer who made a substantial contribution to British broadcasting technology,
helping to pioneer VHF and UHF transmition. The runner up prize, the Coffey Award for
Excellence in Technology, is to be presented to Steve Lee, who runs his own company,
Jelly Technologies."

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