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Brief (and late - sorry!) weeknotes from me week - lots of people away, or, like me, just back so trawling through admin/ meetings. Very close to initiating lots of new projects, so this round-up will get more exciting again soon - but here's what we've been up to so far.

Monday: Sean finished the Zeitgeist installation notes, whilst Chris N finished documenting the RadioDNS work system and writing up learnings. Chris G and Tris had a catchup and then tweaked questions for one of our open jobs that they were about to begin interviewing for..

Tuesday: Sean, Vicky and Theo did last minute preparation for a large demo. Chris and Tris did some interviews.

Wednesday: Chris N bug fixing in a RadioDNS client - slightly harder than first appearances led us to believe. Tony talked us through his work on the mind-controller headset and the single button remote work he's scoping out. I met my boss to walk through a very interesting new project.

Thursday: Sean modified the Zeitgeist app to use the new short URLs. Theo, Vicky and Chris B were off to Bristol to do their large demo - sounds like it went well.

Friday: Chris N documented the authentication process in the Digital Friends application. I struggled through 6 telcos in one day - the last of which was a great pan-BBC and external liasion opportunity which went surprisngly well given the multiple possible views on the project.