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M8 Timeline

Kingston Bridge - J15 119111

Start: Edinburgh (A720)
Finish: Bishopton (A8)
Length: 61 Miles

This is the timeline of the M8 build.

1965J4-5Harthill Bypass
1967J5-6Harthill - Newhouse
1968J26-29Renfrew Bypass
1968J15-16Glasgow IRR, Townhead Section
1969J3-4Dechmont - Whitburn
1970J29-30Bishopton Bypass Stage I
1970J19-20Glasgow IRR, Kingston Bridge Section
1971J2-3Newbridge - Dechmont
1971J16-17Glasgow IRR, Woodside Section
1972J18-19Glasgow IRR, Charing Cross Section
1972J17-18Glasgow IRR, Woodside - Charing Cross
1975J12-15Monkland Motorway Stage I
1975J30-31Bishopton Bypass Stage II
1977J20-26Renfrew Motorway
1979J11-12Monkland Motorway Stage IIa
1980J8-9Ballieston - Glasgow City Boundary
1980J8-11Monkland Motorway Stage IIb
1995J1-2Edinburgh City Bypass – Newbridge

The M8 connects Scotland’s two largest cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh and is 61 miles long – excluding a six-mile (10 km) gap between Baillieston and Newhouse.

The M8 was designed to replace the A8 road as a high-capacity alternative for intercity travel and was constructed to bypass towns, the first being the Harthill Bypass which was constructed in 1965. This was followed by the Renfrew Bypass in 1968, it was opened as the A8(M), but became part of the M8 when the motorway to the west was connected.

Between 1968 and 1972 the Glasgow inner city section was constructed using a scheme outlined in the Bruce Report. This was a report authored by Robert Bruce who was the Glasgow Corporation Engineer at the time. The Glasgow Corporation was the former local authority area for the city and published two reports for the regeneration of the City of Glasgow as the Second World War was ending.

Under the M8

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