30 Days In Europe

A colourful journey across the continent in a season of programmes

BBC Radio Scotland will take listeners on a colourful journey across the continent in a season of programmes - 30 Days in Europe – during the month of June, discovering more about the connections and celebrating the links between Scots and their fellow Europeans.

From Music to News, Features, Sport and Religion, plus all the regular shows and strands - with political coverage from the Euro Elections - BBC Radio Scotland will take listeners on a continental adventure every day during June.

Jeff Zycinski, Head of BBC Radio Scotland, said today: “This will be an interesting, fun and informative way for the audience to engage and interact with BBC Radio Scotland programmes on issues that affect and interest everybody across Europe from a distinct Scottish perspective. Including topics such as travel, art, languages, weather, expats, history, sport, cooking, politics, and music - providing a taste and insight into the rich cultural offerings from our continental neighbours.”

On the news front, editions of Good Morning Scotland will feature despatches from roving reporter David Miller from various locations across the continent. The Investigation will look at why Scots are so poor at foreign languages and in the five-part series European Breaking News, Colin Blane talks to European journalists about the major stories that made an impact not just on a particular country but on the whole of Europe. Morning Extra will run special editions focussing on the listener’s views and questions on European issues.

Amongst other programme highlights are a four-part series EuroScots which will look at the varied experiences of Scots living in different parts of Europe and a special Classics Unwrapped, which journeys down three major rivers on the continent and explores the great classical music they inspired. Regular strands such as MacAulay & Co will be the listener’s guide to Europe - looking at the best places, best food and restaurants, school exchanges, penpals and national anthems.

There will be a Euro edition of Songlines; Out of Doors will pick up on European subsidies to agriculture; The Jazz House will feature the best of jazz from across Europe plus more music with a European twist will be featured in Tom Morton, Get it On, Take the Floor, and Reel Blend will all have a distinct European flavour and content.

Also on the menu during the European season will be Artichokes Chalk and Hoat Cuisine on the transformation of Scotland from a culinary desert to a gourmet paradise while Radio Café will explore the growth of cultural getaways to cities such as Prague, Warsaw and Nice.

Online, there will be full coverage of the Euro issues and the Campaign on bbc.co.uk/scotland, plus the audience can listen again to all programmes in the BBC Radio Scotland 30 Days in Europe season for seven days after broadcast on BBC iPlayer on bbc.co.uk/radioscotland.

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