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Next week's themes...

Thought I would try and get next week's themes up at the end of what's been another really enjoyable week of Get It On. In particular the 'celebrity connections' show was a hoot. Try and listen again if you missed it. I've also put some of the best e-mails on the blog. It's a theme I want to return to in a couple of week's time. In the meantime here's what we're up to from Monday...

Mon 9th:
Keen Gelly will be donning his cape and wearing his pants on top of his tights tonight, as he’s suggested ‘superheroes’ for tonight’s show. What do you want to hear? I Can See for Miles or maybe theme from Wonder Woman. E-mail

Tues 10th
Rachael in Invergordon fancied a ‘nautical’ theme on Get It On. That could mean anything from In The Navy to Handel’s Water Music. Leave a comment on the blog with your suggestion or e-mail

Wed 11th
Mike Whyte has come up with short titles as tonight’s theme. Cry, War, Ben and Bad may all feature tonight. So if we’re doing short song titles tonight then…

Thurs 12th
… it must be long song titles tonight. You can text or call with your suggestions or send an e-mail to

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