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Alex Riley

Alex Riley

Tall, sleek and unconventionally handsome, Alex Riley is not from Wigan. Alex loves comedy so much he has tried to do funny stuff on many occasions. He is particularly proud of his ability to incorporate mildly suggestive phrases, such as 'polishing his heads', 'nibbling my maggot' and 'young women desperate for a go on his toffee apple' into his scripts for the Comedy Club.

Before working in the media Alex rode the gravy train as a Euro-funding Quangocrat; sold aerial photographs to unemployed farm labourers in Lincolnshire and counted cars for Sheffield Council. His first media job was with Top Gear, where he slipped words into the mouth of Vicki Butler Henderson and began a succession of appearances on the programme, often in a white coat. He now presents TV programmes in his own clothes and has a series out in the summer. But only if you live in Devon.

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