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Audio faqs

Where can I find Radio 7 listings

Radio 7 listings are in the News, Sport and Spoken Word section of Radio Times and some national newspapers

1. Full details on BBC1 Ceefax, page 658
2. On the Radio 7 website, select Schedule
3. Through BBCi (digital text service) on digital TV.
4. You can subscribe to Radio 7's free weekly newsletter for our pick of forthcoming programmes. You can also view the latest edition online here.

I missed a programme. Can I hear it again?

Yes! You can listen to all the last six days' shows through our comprehensive listen again page. Programmes also appear on the BBC iPlayer and on the Programmes A-Z page too.

Do you have plans to broadcast a programme called ...?

Although we do not have the resources to provide a research service, we are interested in your programme suggestions. Please bear in mind that the BBC does not own all of the copyright to the archive, therefore permission has to be sought before any programme can air.

I am having trouble hearing or receiving Radio 7?

Give the BBC's Reception Advice Line a call on 03700 100123.

I have a really funny comedy idea. Who do I send it to?

Your first port of call should be: BBC Writersroom for details.

Why does Radio 7 repeat programmes so often?

Radio 7 is set up as a repeat digital network with a small budget and limited resources.

It can take around 3 months to research, gain permission from contributors, clear copyright and digitally remaster every programme before it can be scheduled.

Therefore to make it economically viable, we buy 6 broadcast rights spread over 3 years (excluding the 24 hour repeat). In order to provide value for money, we broadcast most programmes twice a year.

However, we do stagger repeats, mixing the old with the new so our audience has a fresh listening experience every day.

Perhaps when we near the listening figures of Radio 4 we will have a similar budget but, in the meantime, we do our best within available resources.

How can I interact with Radio 7?

You can join in programme discussions on our lively message board or you can contact us directly.

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