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What's a Storyline?

Want to join the Chain Gang and shape the story? Here are some tips.

A storyline is the basis of a tale which can then be dramatised for radio, stage, TV or film. Start by making sure you're completely up-to-date with all that's happened so far, and have a look at the storylines behind the episodes here on the website.

Bear in mind that you're not writing the script itself, or a novel. One way to approach this is to think of telling someone about something dramatic that has happened. You wouldn't say exactly what everyone said, but you should emphasise dramatic or relevant points. Try to bring out some of the tone and feel you want your episode to have, rather than just giving us 200 words of plot. You'll need to move the story along in an interesting way, and try to end on some dramatic moment, or cliff-hanger. And do keep in mind that your ideas will need to become a radio drama. Lots of 'backstory' or people thinking about things can be difficult to work with.

Don't forget to check out the Story So Far page for a summary of the tale, and some more tips for continuing it.

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