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Picture This - the 2007 Chain Gang story

Close-up of digital camera

Picture This is a 13 part story, written by Doctor Who writer Robert Shearman and Radio 7's listeners.

Deena receives a digital camera from her boyfriend, Gary. But it's a camera with a difference, a camera that seems to tell the future - and a chilling future it is too.

For three months Radio 7 listeners created a story, week by week. You can catch up with this story here.

Episode 9, by David Hutchison

Deena touched the scratch running down her cheek as she looked at her reflection in the window. The carriage lurched into another station, her window drawing parallel with a glass display of haute couture shoes. Further down the platform a man urinated against the wall. Chic and sordid. That was Paris.

People entered and left. The doors swished shut and the carriage accelerated out of the metro station.

Deena turned round. Gary was still in a huff and didn't meet her gaze. He was still tinkering with that damned camera.

Deena thought back to the cat fight on the Eiffel Tower. She had had enough of Susan and flipped. Hair pulling, screaming and scratching. Gendarmes separating them. The shame of being banished from the Tower. At least Susan had made herself scarce.

"Dee, what's this?" said Gary. Deena saw that Gary had taken the cracked casing off the camera. There was a small black rectangle in his palm.

"The memory stick?"

"No. It was slotted underneath the memory stick. Feel it." Gary dropped it into her palm. It was extremely cold and pulsed. She turned it over. Deena could just make out the tiny writing: 'Turing Corporation'.

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