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Picture This - the 2007 Chain Gang story

Close-up of digital camera

Picture This is a 13 part story, written by Doctor Who writer Robert Shearman and Radio 7's listeners.

Deena receives a digital camera from her boyfriend, Gary. But it's a camera with a difference, a camera that seems to tell the future - and a chilling future it is too.

For three months Radio 7 listeners created a story, week by week. You can catch up with this story here.

Episode 3, by Ric Treval

Deena realized that the camera's amazing pictures meant something important. But what?

The urge to take more shots was overwhelming. She felt exhilarated. Her finger hovered over the 'on' button but the phone stopped her.

It was Gary. He'd won some tickets for a concert and wanted to take her. It would be great to see her favourite band playing at Earl's Court and she hadn't been out in ages.

The journey in to Waterloo was full of photo-opportunities which she resisted, but Gary wanted to play with her new toy. "You do look beautiful Dee... in this light." His attempt at being charming didn't impress. Now alarmed, she found herself looking down a telescoping lens, Gary's finger on the shutter release. "No!" she screamed disturbing the other passengers, but it was too late.

Gary sniggered "you're pouting like a trout" he said, looking at the screen. Deena flinched... then giggled with relief. It was the silliest expression.

On the platform Deena pointed out the direction to the underground but Gary held up their passports. "Actually Dee... the concert's in Paris. It was a surprise, we've got the weekend."

"Really! No! Gary you can't go to Paris... you died there!"

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