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Picture This - the 2007 Chain Gang story

Close-up of digital camera

Picture This is a 13 part story, written by Doctor Who writer Robert Shearman and Radio 7's listeners.

Deena receives a digital camera from her boyfriend, Gary. But it's a camera with a difference, a camera that seems to tell the future - and a chilling future it is too.

For three months Radio 7 listeners created a story, week by week. You can catch up with this story here.

Episode 2, by Ian MacKenzie

Numbly, her eyes shifted between the image on-screen and the camera in her hand, not knowing what to look for, what might be significant: it was like a thousand other cameras. Absent-mindedly, she took a couple of shots and loaded them into her computer which greeted her again, "Welcome back, Deena" it flashed.

Her room was reassuringly as she expected, the usual clutter of her life filling the screen, her notice board a kaleidoscope of the 'things to do' that she never quite got round to.

But where she'd zoomed in on the park up the road, the image made her gasp. The park she could see from her window was a bit unkempt, a bit of down-at-heel gentility in an area that constantly aspired and regularly failed to be upwardly-mobile. But this park, in the image on her screen, was a thing of wonder: incredibly tidy flower beds, huge trees with branches spreading over picnic benches, a swirling track on which a group of garish in-line skaters were racing. So many times as she waited for the bus, she had thought of ways to improve the park, but had never imagined this...

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