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Picture This - the 2007 Chain Gang story

Close-up of digital camera

Picture This is a 13 part story, written by Doctor Who writer Robert Shearman and Radio 7's listeners.

Deena receives a digital camera from her boyfriend, Gary. But it's a camera with a difference, a camera that seems to tell the future - and a chilling future it is too.

For three months Radio 7 listeners created a story, week by week. You can catch up with this story here.

Episode 13, by Robert Shearman

It was only when the elderly man moved that Deena recognised him. The awkward half-smile, the way he didn't know where to put his hands.

"The happiest day," he repeated, "when they invented a camera that could bring memories back to life. So I could pop into a little computer and see you again. That's why I created you. All my fault, putting another camera into the fantasy. Stories within stories, all the memories got jumbled up." The old man shrugged. "They warn you in the instruction booklet."

"I saw your death," Deena breathed.

"Not mine," said Gary. "We had an affair thirty years ago. In Paris I finally broke it off, told you I was going back to Susan. You didn't... take it well. You killed yourself."

"The death I saw, back in that first picture..."

"Was yours. I'm sorry." And Deena knew he meant it. Gary snapped his fingers, and both Susan and Paris disappeared.

"Got to reboot the camera, he said. "Any final image you want to see before you go?"

"Deena looked into the viewer, constructing a picture of her wedding to Gary, confetti, smiles, true love.

"That's sweet," smiled Gary, kindly. And snapped his fingers.

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