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Picture This - the 2007 Chain Gang story

Close-up of digital camera

Picture This is a 13 part story, written by Doctor Who writer Robert Shearman and Radio 7's listeners.

Deena receives a digital camera from her boyfriend, Gary. But it's a camera with a difference, a camera that seems to tell the future - and a chilling future it is too.

For three months Radio 7 listeners created a story, week by week. You can catch up with this story here.

Alternative Ending 1

Written by Jacqueline Saville.

Deena refused to believe what she was hearing.

"So you're telling me I'm an android? AI?" She sounded scared rather than scathing as she'd intended.

The old man smiled. "Where are your parents, Deena?"

"They died years ago."

"Old friends?"

"People lose touch! What are you getting at?" demanded Deena.

"When I was a boy, Turing had just devised his AI test: if you can interact with a computer and not realise it's a computer, then it passes. Deena, you passed."

"I'm not a computer!"

"You and Gary were my greatest achievement. With Susan's ring tracking yours, she knew when to step in and nudge you in the right direction. You became human, Deena: you can lie and cheat, love and hate..."

"No," moaned Deena. "Gary and I met at college."

"False memories: some implanted, some created by stimuli like the camera. Didn't you wonder about the device from the camera? Essentially a sophisticated radio receiver."

Deena began to back away.

"I'm sorry about the faulty memories Deena, you'll have to be wiped now."

Both of them were advancing on her and Deena panicked. As she fell from the tower, she wondered if the pictures should have been of her.

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