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Amnesia - the 2004 Chain Gang story

head with brain

The story's called Amnesia.. We wrote the first episode, and there have been five new episodes written by the Chain Gang (that's you lot). You can read these episodes here.

Episode 1

Patrick's eyes snapped open. The usual, brief sensation of disorientation came and... didn't go. Even after several moments, Patrick couldn't recall anything about his surroundings.

His head pounded. He sat up slowly, realising he was in a hotel room. There was the single bed he lay on, a chair, a cracked mirror hanging precariously above a heavily scored desk. Cheap room, he thought. Outside, there was the sound of traffic, or maybe the sea.

His arms ached. The left sleeve of his suit was torn and bloody, his hand ... wait. His suit. He owned a few, but not this one. His right arm was handcuffed to a black, scuffed briefcase. It was locked.

Before he could search for a key he was startled by a sudden, heavy banging at the door. A fist, or the flat of the hand, urgent and insistent. Somebody was very keen to come in.

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