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This week in the 7th Dimension

Nick Briggs presents the 7th Dimension

Presented by Nick Briggs

Charles Kay

Midwich Cuckoos
When the village of Midwich is found to be in the grip of an unknown power, it is just the beginning of a terrifying ordeal for its inhabitants. John Wyndham's disturbing sci fi novel is dramatised by William Ingram. Starring William Gaunt, Charles Kay, Pauline Yates, Rosalind Adams, Gordon Dulieu and Jenny Quayle, directed by Gordon House and first broadcast in 1982.
Monday to Wednesday at 6pm and 12midnight

Deborah McAndrew

Project Raphael
In Jenny Stephen's thriller, British Intelligence is fighting a secret war against the mysterious and dangerous Nablovski Colony. An enemy agent has taken his secrets to the grave - and Agent Raphael has volunteered to try and retrieve them by going after him. Starring Deborah McAndrew, Aneirin Hughes, Dan Hagley, Emily Chennery and John Flitcroft and directed by Peter Leslie Wild..
Thursday and Friday at 6pm and 12midnight

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