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Painted Lady Butterfly from the Nature Picture Library

Comments: Painted Lady Butterfly

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User comments

Mr. Smith
I need to know about Painted Lady Butterflies ANY INFO IS GOOD LOCATION: 43.666698,-79.416801 DATE: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 15:14:22 UTC

Annabelle Tipper
Spotted a Painted Lady butterfly yesterday (7th October) near my home in Norfolk. LOCATION: 54.066700,-2.833300 DATE: Wed, 8 Oct 2008 09:51:09 UTC

Chris Hazell
Sighted 16.8.08 in garden LOCATION: 51.8436,-0.5219 DATE: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 04:26:28 UTC

For the past 3 years we have bought painted lady caterpillars from "Insectlore" which we release when they have turned into butterflies. I suppose lots of other people must too. Is this important for your results? (They haven't migrated have they?) LOCATION: 51.583302,-2.983300 DATE: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 16:01:51 UTC

Steve Platt
1 Painted Lady seen moving up and down the nettle banks on each side of my back garden in East Molesey, Surrey. (Nr. Hampton Court) Saturday 14th June @ 14.00hrs. LOCATION: 53.549999,-2.116700 DATE: Sun, 15 Jun 2008 08:58:27 UTC

Eric Rowe
13th June 2008 First sighting this year at this altitude 1000m+ LOCATION: 43.7949,6.5973 DATE: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 16:41:58 GMT

John Broomhall
2 Painted Lady butterflies seen on the nature trail at PONT LLOGEL, on the B4395, Mid Wales on Monday 9th June 2008 at 16.30hrs. LOCATION: 53.416698,-3.000000 DATE: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 20:21:24 UTC

Class 1, The Coppice School
The Coppice school is a special school in Bamber Bridge near Preston in Lancashire. The pupils in class 1 are aged between 2 and 7. As a class project we bought 5 Painted Lady Caterpillars from a recognised caterpillar farm. The caterpillars arrived in school on April 23rd. One butterfly has yet to emerge, but we released 4 Painted Lady Butterflies into the school's sensory Garden today at 1.30pm, May 16th. WOtM team: That's fantastic! Maybe other people will spot your Painted Lady Butterflies and submit their sighting to the Butterfly Conservation survey: LOCATION: 53.83,-0.50 DATE: Fri, 16 May 2008 23:25:32 GMT

Eric Rowe, Valderoure, France
On the 24th of April 2008, watched 3 rather tattered Painted Ladies close to the mouth of the Rhone and the 25th 3 more on the other side of the river LOCATION: 43.533298,6.466700 DATE: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 17:28:09 GMT

Adrian Neil
We saw painted ladies in the South of France last week (Var Department), so hopefully they are on their way. LOCATION: 50.6355,-2.4005 DATE: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 10:55:16 UTC

Janet Adetunji
In the mid 1980s (not later than 1986) I was living near Zaria, in northern Nigeria. I came to Britain during the summer, and stayed with my brother near Nottingham. His garden, in September, was full of painted ladies. I think there was a big migration of them that year.To my surprise, when I returned to Zaria in late September or early October, I found our garden there was full of similar numbers of what also appeared to be painted ladies. They had, presumably, migrated south across the Sahara. (I don't remember noticing them at any other time, although there were usually a variety of other butterflies).I clearly can't prove anything after this lapse of time, but it would be worth watching out for a southward migration as well as a northward one, in suitable years. LOCATION: 53.533298,-1.116700 DATE: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 22:00:04 UTC WOtM team: The migration of the Painted Lady is fascinating and Butterfly Conservation have a brilliant new website with a special interactive map:

Nick Hindmarsh
Just spotted another one today - 27th Feb. I couldn't miss it as it nearly landed on my nose (which is not such a difficult thing to do). It was in the same valley as the first reported sighting which directly faces south to the Straits of Gibraltar and daylight sun, and was fluttering over species of buttercup and fern flora. Both sightings were within 10 days of each other and, not uncoincidently, were seen after two strong easterly 'levante' winds that blow on the Meditterean Sea along the north African coast. Warmer winds from the Sahara often merge with the unique levante wind and, as such, carry all kinds of migrating species directly across to Tarifa. LOCATION: 36.0113,-5.5811 DATE: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:58:03 GMT

William Neale
Spotted a painted lady butterfly at 11.50 this morning on a skimmia shrub in full bloom. I live in Leverton near Boston Lincolnshire. LOCATION: 52.483299,-0.666700 DATE: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:29:14 UTC

Dr David Tinling
On Frid 25th Jan,Leslie &Elizabeth saw a Painted Lady in their garden in Elson ,Gosport,Hants,where they had previously seen it on 6th Dec 2007,and so it had obviously overwintered and was not an early migrant.I am not convinced that the other isolated Painted Ladies had not overwintered and had been awakened from a semi-hibernation by the exceptionally warm recent weather,like the Red Admirals which I have seen in ones,twos and threes thoughout the winter;already I have had 12 sightings of Red Admirals in January and 27 in February. I saw 7 Painted Ladies basking in the early morning sunshine when I took a short walk along the Gosport coast on 7th Feb 2004 and obviously they were early migrants,but if I had seen only one I would not have been able to assume that it had not overwintered. LOCATION: 50.7695,-1.1426 DATE: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 11:33:39 UTC

Nick Hindmarsh
Spotted one on the 18th Feb - in a valley used by migrating bird species to recover, having just crossed the Straits of Gibraltar from Africa into Europe. They're on the way... Coming to a place near you! LOCATION: 36.0069,-5.6003 DATE: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 12:01:30 GMT

Andrea Pegler
Having caught a little of your initial programme a fortnight ago and then going skiing in the Swiss Alps last week, I thought you may be interested in this : I caught sight of a butterfly at 2140m flitting along. Unfortunately it did not come close enough to identify, but it reminded me that at a very similar time last year in the same place I saw a butterfly, which could well have been a painted lady, resting on the snow!I was also aware 2-3 weeks ago of seeing a butterfly in Cheltenham, but again it was too far away to identify. LOCATION: 51.516701,-0.700000 DATE: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 10:52:46 UTC

Eric Parsons
It is not clear to me if you are interested for competent folk to contribute to these surveys. Assuming you may be inviting public participation I am having difficulty in understanding how folk like me go about helping you... unless it is just making a comment like this? LOCATION: 52.083302,1.166700 DATE: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 22:31:10 UTC WOtM team: Well, if you go to the Butterfly Conservation website, you can put a peg into their map to highlight your sighting. They are running a project called Migrant Watch, which is designed to build up a picture of how the PLB is migrating this year.

I saw a Painted Lady in a back garden (North Wiltshire) on the very warm Sunday 10th Feb. It had settled on a rose bush growing againt a south facing wall. I'd assumed this was an over-wintering insect rather than a migrant. LOCATION: 51.5941,-1.8594 DATE: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 19:55:01 UTC

Dave Wood, Bexhill
Spotted a Painted Lady butterfly early Sunday afternoon in woods just north of Catsfield LOCATION: 50.8476,0.4642 DATE: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 19:54:23 UTC

Christine Mumford,Little Ness, Shrewsbury Shropshi
Sighted a painted lady in garden, afternoon of 13th February 2008 LOCATION: 53.0247,-2.8235

Eric Rowe, Valderoure, France
I was wondering, with all these 'early' sightings, if they were really overwintering insects, or those that didn't make it back? LOCATION: 43.7929,6.6248 WOtM team: It is obviously possible but the recent warm weather coupled with the volume of sightings leads us to believe that these are early migrants.

Eric Rowe, Nr Grasse, France
Will any sightings interest you from this area? Also will be in the Camargue area at the end of AprilEric LOCATION: 46.5589,2.1094 WOtM team: Any sighting of the PLB in northern Europe at this early point in the year is ineresting

Saw Painted Lady in DECEMBER!!!Also...found a WASP on my kitchen floor today!!! LOCATION: No location

Tristan Palmer, Epping, Essex
I saw one in my garden yesterday. It was hot in the sun, I was digging out compost bins and wearing short s, in February! . It felt like summer!. It flew past me and settled for a minute. Just the one spotted. LOCATION: 51.6180,-1.4063

Chris Elkins - Tadley Hampshire
Having listened with interest to your programme this morning, yuou might be interested to know that my daughter and I watched fascinated as a painted lady butterfly visited flowering shrubs surrounding a very busy roundabout in Basingstoke on Saturday 9th Feb. It was a beautiful cloudless ansd sunny day and the butterfly was evidently enjoying the warmth pausing frequently to sit and warm its wings in the sun. A sign of climate change? I don't know but we were both concerned as to where the butterfly would spend what turned out to be a very cold and frosty night. LOCATION: 52.0525,-4.2188

Arlene Adkins Colchester, Essex
Having heard the programme this morning, I thought I would let you know of two separate sightings of the Painted Lady Butterfly. Both sightings were on Saturday 9 February 2008 during the mid afternoon, between 12.00 and 13.15. The weather was superb; cloudless skies, full sun and very warm - enough to walk without coats. My husband and I were walking alongside the Thames on the footpath between Coalhouse Fort and Tilbury Fort, and saw one butterfly resting on some weeds, and the second flew between the small plants on the side of the path and landed to rest on the mud. The tide was going out. The path we were walking is directly by the river, and is very small. There is also a small reserve being created by the power station. There is a pair of nesting Peregrine Falcons at the power station. We were both surprised to see the butterflies and were able to watch them for plenty of time as they were sunning themselves. As we get these butterflies in our garden in Colchester every year, we are sure about the species that we saw. Pretty convincing evidence of climate change I think!Hope this has been helpful. LOCATION: No location

Roy Burlinson Southampton
There was a Painted Lady in my garden on the 7th. Feb. LOCATION: No location

Pauline Agnes Vine Maidstone Kent UK
Just after 18.00hrs on 25.08.2007 there were 100s of Painted Lady butterflies resting in the sunshine on the shingle at Walmer on the Kent coast. LOCATION: No location

Bian Lloyd Maidstone
Whilst taking part in Springwatch I briefly observed a colourful butterfly in my garden, I have never seen one so early, and there was no allowance on the Birdwatch report form for other unusual species . Is there a medium for naturalists to get together and exchange information on all areas of nature that come to their attention, do naturalists have a website to report anomalies outside their own sphere of interest for instance? LOCATION: No location

Winton Plowes / Leeds
Last year on 11th June. Painted Ladies were first seen here in Calderdale. On a very windy day (40mph plus) on the exposed moors around Stoodley Pike, a local high spot, two Painted Ladies had no problem flying in the winds. Such strong flyers but it is still amazing that these insects can migrate from France or possibly North Africa! LOCATION: No location LOCATION: No location

Fleur Adcock, London
I saw a Painted Lady on 23 January on the bird sanctuary of Kapiti Island, off the coast of New Zealand north of Wellington. How much is known about migration of butterflies in the Southern hemisphere? LOCATION: No location

Jennie Chambers Montauban South West France
I saw several painted ladies whilst taking my daily walk on the 8th February 2008 LOCATION: 48.4584,14.0625

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