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Logie is Missing

We've just got some very worrying news.

Logie has set off on the return leg of her migration back to western Africa but as soon as she was in the air we lost contact with her. The transmitter that is sending back her coordinates stopped working. What does this mean? Has Logie, heaven forbid, met her maker or is it simply a malfunctioning transmitter? We just don't know.

Osprey from the Nature Picture Library

Where is Logie?

Roy Dennis tells us his theories about what happened to Logie

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Report information

19th August

Logie was still at her nest at 11am but transmissions coming in late evening showed Logie was close to Tomintoul from 4pm to 5.30pm perched at the edge of a conifer plantation at Inchcape, two miles ENE of Tomintoul, 30 miles from home. She appears to be following last year's autumn route round the east side of the Cairngorms, but she chose a poor day to start her migration - low clouds and poor visibility. She's 15 days later than last year.

It's amazing to think she has been in Scotland for just under 4 months and now she's off on a 3000 mile plus flight to West Africa. Which way will she go? Will she stop-over in the Solway? Will she go to the same tree in Guinnea Bissau? Let's hope she has a successful migration.

21st August

No news yet - but it's been raining all night with thick clouds so it's likely the transmitter battery is not charged so no signals - probably sheltering somewhere near Glenlivet from heavy rain. Back home at Logie's nest her two young were being buzzed yesterday by two young ospreys from a nearby nest - one even sitting on Logie's nest in the hope of getting a fish from the male.

24th August

Still no news and it's getting worrying. Except for a very brief signal at 12.25pm on 22nd August, no signals have come through. That signal only showed that there was insufficient volts to carry out a GPS reading at 6pm on 21st August, so we do not know where she was.

The options are transmitter failure, because she has been in a location with no sun (an eagle in that general area has also failed to send out a signal in the last few days) or that the transmitter has suffered a fault, or very sadly that she has died and is in a place where the transmitter's solar panel is hidden from the sun.

Taking the optimistic view, I've emailed contacts in the Solway Firth to keep an eye open in her last year's haunts - maybe she is already there and her transmitter is not working. Her colour ring is a white ring with black AN on the left leg and the transmitter aerial would be visible on her back. Please email if you see her. Keeping fingers crossed that she is now in a sunny location so her transmitter is charging and we will get news of her location.

Have you seen Logie?

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User comments

John Holloway
I have seen an Osprey (possibly 20 on the Bealieu River at Bucklers Hard in The New Forest. I saw it yesterday afternoon from the pleasure boat on which I work, but other members of staff have seen it (them) on preceeding days. Could this be Logie?! It has successfully caught grey mullet on several occasions during the past week. Please let me know if you check this out. LOCATION: 50.8111,-1.4310 DATE: Tue, 7 Oct 2008 14:35:07 UTC WOtM team: We'll do our best to investigate but we imagine that if Logie is still around, she will probably have got to Africa by now.

Nick Lawrence
Spotted at Langley Park Lake SL3 6DS (approximatley) on 29/09/08 an Osprey, hung around for an hour, good Photographs taken which may allow recognition. Is it known to you? Any background info gladly received. From Nick Lawrence Langley Park Restoration Project LOCATION: 51.450001,-0.283300 DATE: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 19:31:09 GMT

Mr. Philip Slade
I was very interested to your World On The Move programme recently when you explained how weather conditions, in particular the wind direction and strength, can affect the migration of birds. It is often a rich topic of conversation amongst my friends, one of which is glider pilot, and he always has something to add about making passages in the air.Keep up the good work. Phil Slade. LOCATION: 53.700001,-1.483400 DATE: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 19:35:15 UTC

Ian Griffiths
I believe I saw an Osprey circling high over the Stour estuary in an Easterly direction on the 28th of August. LOCATION: 51.9663,1.2469 DATE: Mon, 08 Sep 2008 07:02:37 GMT

sheila simey
I saw a single osprey on Wednesday, september 3rd, at approx 5pm at Black Esk Resevoir, near which is between Lockerbie and Eskdalemuir. My binoculars had fogged up(!), and I was too far away to see any detail, but watched the bird for about half an hour, just resting on a conifer. The weather has been atrocious up here, which can't help migratory birds. This could have been one of many on the way south from Scotland, but I guess the more infromation about any movement helps with the search for Logie. LOCATION: 55.1538,-3.3481 DATE: Fri, 5 Sep 2008 12:02:09 UTC

On Wednesday 3rd sept 08 saw bird 300-400mm brown back, whitebreast and under also whitelegs. Location: Grangemouth to Boness Road beside the R. Avon south of petrochemical plant. It was sitting on a fence post at 10.45 a.m. the bird looked similar to one in photo and it looked fine. LOCATION: 56.0214,-3.7463 DATE: Thu, 04 Sep 2008 16:42:53 GMT

Linda Mepsted
I live on the southern side of the Solway Firth and on Sunday 24th my husband and I watched an osprey hunting [successfully] in the estuary near Anthorn. Unfortunately we did not see if it had a tag on but I thought you may be interested. Maybe it could have been Logie? LOCATION: 55.450001,-4.616700 DATE: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 20:48:43 UTC

Richard Purr
Is it possible Logie will visit Bough Beech resevoir located between Edenbridge and Tonbridge in Kent as other ospreys often do? LOCATION: 51.3358,0.0906 DATE: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 20:41:16 UTC WOtM team: Obviously it's possible but last year she flew down the Welsh border and across Somerset so it's more likely that she will take this route she knows is safe and can rely on.

Mrs Coralin Harrison
Heard your broadcast about missing logie. I saw a bird four days ago resting on next doors green-house roof (Harrogate) which looks with my untrained eye like logie. It was wet and tired and had nothing on it legs. Hope this is helpful.Coralin LOCATION: 53.983299,-1.533300 DATE: Tue, 02 Sep 2008 15:30:36 GMT

Mas Dubh
Logie is a wily bird. I fully expect next April that she pitches up at the nest with a defunct transmitter. I trust her native guile much more than a couple of grams of silicon sandwich. It would be extremely naive of a keeper to take out an osprey. Threats to the game estates livelihood are more likely to come from this present westminster government than any fish eating bird. If there was a proven case of destruction in this case then god help the landowner and the keeper. Of course the keeper would carry the can but the landowner should consider which shoulder to look over... for ever. LOCATION: 57.6454,-4.1528 DATE: Mon, 01 Sep 2008 20:35:32 GMT WOtM team: We think and hope you're right - Logie is certainly a wily old bird!

Jack Lindsey
Can it be pure coincidence that both Logie and a golden eagle have apparently disappeared in the same area, or is this indicative of something more sinister.I think that we are all aware that htere are those landowners and their keepers in that part of the world who wouldn't think twice about dispatching anything with hooked beak and tallons. LOCATION: 52.2295,-1.9418 DATE: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 17:42:14 UTC

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