var series = new Route("predicted-route","Predicted Route",{ file: 'default.png', size: [46, 46] }, "#a67a82", true, true); series.addPoint(24.609375, -27.059125784374054, 1204588800000, "predicted-route", "", ""); series.addPoint(-2.724609375, 54.52108149544362, 1207612800000, "predicted-route", "", ""); series.addToMigration(mi); = "Swallow";mi.summary = "Hirundo rustica";mi.override_centre = "53.8007, -4.7461";mi.override_zoom = "5";var reports = new Markers("reports", "Reports", { file: 'map-icon-report.png', size: [24, 34] }, true, true);reports.addPoint(35.035400390625, -1.4720060101903352, 1223424000000, "simon-king-on-swallows-in-africa", "Simon King on Swallows in Africa", "Simon King joins us for the last time from the Masai Mara in Kenya where he has been presenting Big Cat Live. This week, he and Phillipa discuss the presence of Swallows.");reports.addPoint(-0.126236, 51.500152, 1223251200000, "cultural-significance-of-swallows", "Cultural Significance of Swallows", "");reports.addPoint(-2.801513671875, 51.16556659836182, 1221609600000, "swallows-on-the-move", "Swallows on the Move", "Swallows up and down the country are preparing for their epic migration back to southern Africa. Phillipa speaks to Mark Thomas from the RSPB and Paul Collins from Spurn Bird Obser…");reports.addPoint(-2.775421142578125, 51.47967237816338, 1214352000000, "two-swallow-fledglings", "Two Swallow Fledglings", "More than a month has past since my first update from our Swallow nest on the Mendips; at that time the pair had repaired last year's nest and laid 4 eggs. Now, in June, we have tw…");reports.addPoint(-2.7960205078125, 51.416338106400396, 1210291200000, "chris-sperrings-swallow-update", "Chris Sperring's Swallow Update", "I'm high on the Mendip Hills in south west England to catch up with a family of swallows that left for Africa last September. Amazingly, we've found four Swallows that have just co…");reports.addPoint(-0.126236, 51.500152, 1208217600000, "paul-the-scribbler-swallows", "Paul the Scribbler: Swallows", "");reports.addPoint(-2.87841796875, 51.43191235816599, 1207526400000, "submit-your-swallow-sighting", "Submit your Swallow Sighting", "For many people, the first glimpse of a swallow heralds the onset of summer. These birds are the epitome of summer and some of them have already filtered into Britain.");reports.addPoint(-2.454071044921875, 50.52041218671901, 1203033600000, "bird-observatory-competition", "Bird Observatory Competition", "As winter turns to spring in the northern hemisphere, so many of our British spring migrants including many of our songbirds which over-winter south of the Sahara migrate north. It…");reports.addToMigration(mi);var series = new Markers("sighting", "Sightings", { file: 'map-icon-sighting.png', size: [24, 34] }, true, true); series.addPoint(0.0945, 50.9786, 1229212800000, "", "Joshua Starkey (aged 7), 14 Dec 2008", "I saw at least 5 African Swallows this morning with my Dad (14/12/08)"); series.addPoint(-3.200000, 55.950001, 1226620800000, "", "Stephen Welch, 14 Nov 2008", "Still 3 birds today (14/11) on East Lothian coast between Port Seton and Longniddry; apparent family party, female and 2 juvs; feeding well around upper beach and over coast road i…"); series.addPoint(-2.1259, 53.8865, 1226534400000, "", "Jeremy Gott, 13 Nov 2008", "My brother saw a swallow in Lothersdale, North Yorkshire today November 3th! Surely this is unusual?"); series.addPoint(0.416700, 51.616699, 1226361600000, "", "Simon Flisher, 11 Nov 2008", "Sighted two swallows several minutes apart heading SW today in the afternoon. This is the latest date I have ever seen them still in the UK. I would have thought that there is very…"); series.addPoint(-4.0594, 57.8199, 1225411200000, "", "Alistair Jupp, 31 Oct 2008", "Family group of six swallows perched during a snowstorm in Tain, Ross-shire on tues 28th October 2008. Should they not have migrated by now?"); series.addPoint(-0.4449, 54.3341, 1224892800000, "", "Sue Jackson, 25 Oct 2008", "I have had a the great pleasure of hosting a swallow nest site for the first time ever, after living in the same house for 30 years they picked my car port and built mid August. Th…"); series.addPoint(-6.5643, 52.3236, 1224288000000, "", "Anne McLeod, 18 Oct 2008", "A group of ten or twelve swallows sighted on October 16th near the south coast of county Wexford. This is the latest I have seen them in this county. (I have seen some as late as t…"); series.addPoint(19.3021, -34.4119, 1223596800000, "", "Andrew Brooks, 10 Oct 2008", "I have a house in Hermanus Cape Town but am from the UK and 4 years ago a builder destroyed a nest above my back door! The mud brown shape remaining in stain on the white paint or…"); series.addPoint(-0.4147, 50.9117, 1223424000000, "", "Ted Merrikin, 08 Oct 2008", "Noticed 2 young being fed by parents 30/09/2008. This would be the third family this year. Parents arrived this year 07/04/2008 and soon started to lay eggs in their old nest in ou…"); series.addPoint(1.0931, 52.0761, 1223337600000, "", "Lynda Godfrey, 07 Oct 2008", "I reported a late brood of swallows in one of our stables here in Suffolk - first noticed Mon. 15th Sept. Four chicks successfully fledged and were last seen here on Sunday Oct. 5t…"); series.addPoint(-3.0103, 52.8409, 1223251200000, "", "John Evans, 06 Oct 2008", "Maesbrook, Shropshire. About six swallows feeding over a small lake near our house this morning and three - looks like one adult and two first years - preening on overhead wires by…"); series.addPoint(-1.783300, 53.650002, 1223251200000, "", "Stewart Heddle, 06 Oct 2008", "6th October. We live in the NE of Scotland and like some of your other listeners we have observed swallows still in this area. Will they eventually go or, like some geese that have…"); series.addPoint(-0.0027, 52.3672, 1222992000000, "", "Hal Chesterman, 03 Oct 2008", "3/10/08 Cambridgeshire. Five young swallows overhead at 1745hr. Later' at least one visible on camera in the stables. Almost certainly these are young from our two third-brood nest…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1222992000000, "", "Ian Gerrard, 03 Oct 2008", "Perhaps my last post would have made more sense if I had given the date of the sighting, which was Oct 2nd"); series.addPoint(0.4861, 52.7596, 1222992000000, "", "Toby Winteringham, 03 Oct 2008", "3/10/08 We still have an adult swallow feeding three youngsters. They take food on the wing. Getting concerned as they are the last here by some weeks. It's obviously been a good y…"); series.addPoint(-2.7576, 56.5050, 1222905600000, "", "Ian Gerrard, 02 Oct 2008", "I have a small farm near Perth, we activly encourage our swallows, and this year we had about 30 nesting pairs, they had all left us by 23 Sept. I was amazed to see around 10 swall…"); series.addPoint(-2.4472, 50.5274, 1222732800000, "", "Pam Evans, 30 Sep 2008", "Thank you! After listening to the programme which featured swallows leaving for the south, we got up around 4 am on the Sunday and drove down to the highest point of Portland Bill.…"); series.addPoint(-2.983300, 51.583302, 1222646400000, "", "Maureen Havers, 29 Sep 2008", "Last year I was very anxious because my second brood of three swallows didn't leave here (North West Leics.) until the middle of September. This year, having had two pairs breed in…"); series.addPoint(-2.8412, 53.6348, 1222560000000, "", "Phil Boardman, 28 Sep 2008", "Hello all at WOTM. Swallows still feeding young at WWT Martin Mere this weekend. I will post up a photo now. Thanks for a great program, t t f n."); series.addPoint(31.0446, -29.7594, 1222560000000, "", "Billy Meyer, 28 Sep 2008", "I think I saw the first swallows today, at uMhlanga Lagoon near Durban and also at least one when I got home to Pietermaritzburg. My brothers' farm near Nhlangano in Swaziland seem…"); series.addPoint(-2.6326, 53.6006, 1222387200000, "", "David, 26 Sep 2008", "I thought all the swallows from my area had migrated at least a week ago, but today I saw a group of about 15 young birds still feeding above a cornfield which has just started to…"); series.addPoint(0.0082, 52.3454, 1222214400000, "", "Hal Chesterman, 24 Sep 2008", "24 Sept, 08. Cambridgeshire. Whilst most of our swallows have now left, I am happy to say that the youngsters from our two third brood nests are now out and about. They are still b…"); series.addPoint(-7.7371, 54.7880, 1222128000000, "", "Billy Patton, 23 Sep 2008", "At this time of year, as the skies gradually empty and become quieter while our summer visitors head back to Africa, we were puzzled by a sudden increase in activity in our sheds o…"); series.addPoint(-0.8707, 51.0587, 1222128000000, "", "Richard Phillips, 23 Sep 2008", "This year our one pair of swallows have had 3 clutches and are still feeding the third"); series.addPoint(-1.3513, 52.7313, 1222214400000, "", "Mrs Sarah Ward, 24 Sep 2008", "We have a barn style double garage and each year swallows come to nest. Last year we thought we were lucky as two nests were built and two families of swallows nested, resulting in…"); series.addPoint(-1.9913, 52.7535, 1222128000000, "", "PATRICIA TURNER, 23 Sep 2008", "We have had swallows here since the 1940's. Most of them left us a couple of weeks ago except one pair who have been feeding twins. The twins have come out of the nest onto the roo…"); series.addPoint(1.3760, 51.3323, 1222128000000, "", "Sue Wilson, 23 Sep 2008", "Every year swallows nest in the field shelters, where they live happily with the horses. This year, we had one less nest, but otherwise everything was as usual, with the babies all…"); series.addPoint(-2.250000, 51.833302, 1222041600000, "", "Sue Macdonald, 22 Sep 2008", "Like a few other contributors, we will be converting our out buildings which have been successfully used by 2 pairs of swallows to breed this year. Could you please advise what we…"); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1221955200000, "", "Heather Verity, 21 Sep 2008", "21/09 - East Yorkshire - We still have one pair of Swallows left in our stable block. They hatched their third clutch of eggs last w/e 14/09 whcih seems a bit ambitious given the t…"); series.addPoint(-4.6967, 51.6282, 1221868800000, "", "Judy, 20 Sep 2008", "Swallows (1000s) seen on Caldey Island Pembrokeshire"); series.addPoint(-3.0075, 56.3135, 1216684800000, "", "DAVID MURRAY, 22 Jul 2008", "Swallows and all sorts of other birds in abundance here. A family of robins rule the roost. They love the peanuts and especially the fat balls."); series.addPoint(-0.183300, 51.116699, 1221782400000, "", "Lorraine Stark, 19 Sep 2008", "You asked how migration made us feel: Autumn Migrants at dusk, a bird-dark cloud descends to colonise the branches sketched against a blood-red sky around the city square. The dist…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1221782400000, "", "Katrina Brayshaw, 19 Sep 2008", "I saw, 3 miles east of York, three young swallows on a branch, still being fed by their mother. Will they survive and be able to make the migration?"); series.addPoint(-122.483299, 52.983299, 1221782400000, "", "Mary Ann Sturdy, 19 Sep 2008", "Sept. 15, 2008 Your show tonight asked for cultural contact between the swallows and humans. We have a placer mine on a river in central British Columbia. Last summer, a pair of ba…"); series.addPoint(-0.816700, 53.066700, 1221696000000, "", "Nick Grant, 18 Sep 2008", "By chance I listened to your programme about migrating swallows and it caught my attention immediately. A year ago I was in South Africa on a business trip and happened to find mys…"); series.addPoint(5.5975, 58.9769, 1221609600000, "", "James Milne, 17 Sep 2008", "While out fishing in the bay yesterday (16th September), weather was still and overcast. Hundreds of swallows came over the water, skimming the water to about 10 metres up in the a…"); series.addPoint(-3.8495, 51.0906, 1221609600000, "", "Peter Brown, 17 Sep 2008", "September 17th. 2009 has been a difficult year for our swallows on Exmoor. An early arrival (March 14th..) was a good sign and numbers arrived during the first week April. My farm…"); series.addPoint(-3.2684, 51.3855, 1221609600000, "", "Jane Clarke, 17 Sep 2008", "I have seen about 100 swallows leaving us this morning and heading over the bristol channel"); series.addPoint(-4.1975, 50.6621, 1221609600000, "", "Hilary Vivian, 17 Sep 2008", "I love all birds, but swallows are the ultimate for their grace and beauty - that colour scheme alone is so elegant! It sickens, saddens and angers me that these gorgeous creatures…"); series.addPoint(-1.8539, 51.4403, 1221609600000, "", "Dan Mace, 17 Sep 2008", "Swallows were nesting here in Wiltshire when we moved in a year ago; duly returned this year rebuilding their three nests which they rotate around-two broods about five each time.…"); series.addPoint(127.3343, 37.0661, 1221523200000, "", "YOU GIL SANG, 16 Sep 2008", "When I was young, I was able to encounter a herd of swallows all around in the hometown but the species seemed to have dropped to the figure that very few are found in springs. Tho…"); series.addPoint(2.9910, 41.9842, 1221523200000, "", "John Milne, 16 Sep 2008", "Less swallows than in previous years, I love these birds and have raised chicks"); series.addPoint(-1.0602, 51.8222, 1221523200000, "", "Paul, 16 Sep 2008", "16/09/08 1700hrs skies empty of swallows and like over Foxholes North Yorkshire, just gone to shut horses up and still 2 swallows in rafters."); series.addPoint(-1.7221, 55.3120, 1221523200000, "", "Elizabeth Sells, 16 Sep 2008", "On sunday I discovered a nest of swallow chicks 2/3 days old in my tack room. Today I have discovered another clutch in another part of my stable block. Not really showing over the…"); series.addPoint(-5.0345, 55.7959, 1221523200000, "", "Tim O'Brien, 16 Sep 2008", "One pair and two youngsters still feeding in the garden, having nested in old byre (in the doorway and not particularly bothered about people coming and going), which also houses t…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1221523200000, "", "C Flynn, 16 Sep 2008", "I live in south london near tooting common. Every year the swallows pass through about the begining of the third week of April. They never stay as municipal management of parks and…"); series.addPoint(-0.650000, 51.916698, 1221523200000, "", "Katie M M Rae, 16 Sep 2008", "Travelling back to East Lothian today (Tuesday 16/9/08) from Greenlaw I saw swallows flying round farm buildings; the weather conditions - the light rain and mist. Can you let me k…"); series.addPoint(-0.2637, 51.2069, 1221523200000, "", "Jenny Curtis, 16 Sep 2008", "We have had swallows for many years, we have old barns and stables, but this year we seem to have had many more than usual. Some of the pairs have had three broods and we still hav…"); series.addPoint(-2.6806, 53.4985, 1221523200000, "", "Galatas, 16 Sep 2008", "I have been swallow watching throughout the summer. Some disappeared from their nest sites about ten days ago. Today (16/09/08) I counted 20 perched on overhead wires at a location…"); series.addPoint(1.0712, 52.0694, 1221523200000, "", "Lynda Godfrey, 16 Sep 2008", "Since we moved here 17 years ago the number of swallows that nest in our barn, stables & outbuildings have increased annually. (I reported their arrival here in April.) However…"); series.addPoint(-2.9279, 54.2002, 1221523200000, "", "Jean Adams, 16 Sep 2008", "We have swallows (and house Martins) nesting on our property in Field Broughton, Cumbria every year, this year we had 3 swallow nests with 2 broods each."); series.addPoint(-4.0430, 52.4225, 1221523200000, "", "Barbara Landeg, 16 Sep 2008", "I saw four swallows circling in the field about four times on Monday 22nd ,then they soared away westwards to the sea.In which direction would they then fly to migrate, and to whic…"); series.addPoint(18.416700, -33.916698, 1221523200000, "", "Peta Dunn, 16 Sep 2008", "I look forward every year to seeing swallows arriving here Cape Town South Africa from the northern hemisphere. Such an amazing distance for these small birds to fly. When we see t…"); series.addPoint(-2.1664, 57.3865, 1221523200000, "", "Robert Hill, 16 Sep 2008", "We have lived here for the last five years, every year swallows visit and breed two batches of chicks.Had two batches of chicks this year, all very active, One of the second batch…"); series.addPoint(-2.2659, 57.6601, 1221523200000, "", "Pat Souter, 16 Sep 2008", "Originally there were four nests in old outhouses in my garden and two years ago three nests were used with 18 chicks fledged. Two nests had second broods and one pair had their se…"); series.addPoint(-2.7576, 57.6836, 1221523200000, "", "Bob Cranwell, 16 Sep 2008", "I moved into my house at Sandend on the Moray coast 7 years ago and one of the things which tipped the balance was the sight of several swallows perched on the roof. Having spent m…"); series.addPoint(-4.4330, 55.9046, 1221523200000, "", "Catherine, 16 Sep 2008", "On Saturday 13th September between 9.30-12noon, whilst at my place of work Golden Jubilee Hospital, Clydebank, Dunbartonshire G81. I witnessed, as did my colleagues in NHS24 West C…"); series.addPoint(-4.1309, 52.1588, 1221523200000, "", "Elly Foster, 16 Sep 2008", "Have been listening to your programme from day one but this is my first time on the web. I have been monitoring 'my' swallows for 5 seasons, since the first nest was built in our n…"); series.addPoint(4.850000, 46.783298, 1221523200000, "", "Paula Clements, 16 Sep 2008", "Sorry when I sent my e mail, i forgot to add my name and place...Paula Clements, Selles 70210 Haute Saone France"); series.addPoint(-1.583300, 53.799999, 1221523200000, "", "joe prosho, 16 Sep 2008", "i heard the radio 4 show in passing and believe we could share stories on the way people live there life to do with swallows or something of that nature, i watched the bbc 4 docume…"); series.addPoint(5.9601, 47.9828, 1221523200000, "", "Paula Clements, 16 Sep 2008", "Swallows, oh how happy they make me! I moved to a rural part of France six and a half years ago. Two years alter swallows were exploring one of my entrance rooms at the front of th…"); series.addPoint(-4.6005, 51.7814, 1221523200000, "", "Vivienne Morris, 16 Sep 2008", "We look forward to the first swallows to appear on our smallholding in West Wales. It is the start of summer and when we are outside we know we will hav company. You willcatch us t…"); series.addPoint(-3.200000, 55.950001, 1221523200000, "", "Regina Blachford, 16 Sep 2008", "You asked for stories about swallows and people. I live on a hill in an ex-coal mining village called Chopwell which is in the Gateshead district. We have large areas of wet meadow…"); series.addPoint(-0.1566, 52.3439, 1221523200000, "", "Margaret Baldry, 16 Sep 2008", "Listening to the programme today reminds me of a curious sight that I have been meaning to ask about.In France (Burgundy)in early June we stood 8under a row of nests - I can't reme…"); series.addPoint(-1.0107, 51.1606, 1221523200000, "", "Julie Harrison, 16 Sep 2008", "I am passionate about swallows! We have had them nesting in our barn for around 12 years now and over the past few years I have kept a detailed diary of their lives with dates of a…"); series.addPoint(1.250000, 51.250000, 1221523200000, "", "Gill Chesney-Green, 16 Sep 2008", "I returned from Gibraltar late last week and saw numerous swallows AND swifts returning south whilst I was there. Gibraltar is a great place to see migrating birds including the va…"); series.addPoint(-2.3099, 50.9679, 1221436800000, "", "Eloise, 15 Sep 2008", "The swallows that came to our barn in Marnhull, North Dorset in early April went on to have one successful brood of three chicks. Their second attempt failed: we found two dead chi…"); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1221350400000, "", "John Dealtry, 14 Sep 2008", "All swallows have left our smallholding here at Rawcliffe,East Yorkshire, on or around 10/8/08. Earlier than normal, we think the prolonged wet spell kept the flying insects ground…"); series.addPoint(-0.2142, 52.2244, 1221091200000, "", "Hal Chesterman, 11 Sep 2008", "I have just been reading Sheena Duncan's entry. Without doubt numbers are decreasing now and a good number must be on their way south. Like Sheena, we have young which have recentl…"); series.addPoint(-0.583300, 51.500000, 1221091200000, "", "Sheena Duncan, 11 Sep 2008", "The swallows at the stables in South Gloucestershire where I keep my horse appear to have started departing early this year. Last year they were all gone by 15th September but it's…"); series.addPoint(-2.8674, 55.4742, 1220832000000, "", "Kate Foster, 08 Sep 2008", "Swallows first appeared over a nearby loch in mid April this year, but seem to have been part of a flock moving on, as \"our\" swallows did not appear till mid May. A pair nested in…"); series.addPoint(0.0055, 52.3437, 1220400000000, "", "Hal Chesterman, 03 Sep 2008", "I have been monitoring a breeding colony of barn swallows in stables for a number of years. In 2004 there were four breeding pairs and this has increased annually so that this year…"); series.addPoint(-2.4711, 55.3736, 1220140800000, "", "Ian Taws, 31 Aug 2008", "Wooplaw Farm. Plenty of swallows around and lots of young. Week ending 300.08.08"); series.addPoint(-3.0678, 54.2469, 1220140800000, "", "Graham Robinson, 31 Aug 2008", "Just come across this site while looking for information on swallows. We've had swallows nesting on our house for the first time, we've been here 30 years now. It's an old house wi…"); series.addPoint(-2.6038, 51.3203, 1219449600000, "", "Junko, 23 Aug 2008", "4 young swallows and their mother at Bishop Sutton, near Chew Valley Lake"); series.addPoint(-2.1863, 51.7525, 1219190400000, "", "Lydia Savage, 20 Aug 2008", "We had only one solitary swallow this year, who returned at the usual time (first sighted roosting on 22 April but heard swallows before that date). Within a week she had gone and…"); series.addPoint(-2.150000, 53.400002, 1218240000000, "", "Ian Oades, 09 Aug 2008", "I am late reporting this but I have had a pair of Swallows nest for the first time in a new oak barn built this year. They hatched x7 young, x2 died and are the remainder are now c…"); series.addPoint(-4.7461, 50.6616, 1217894400000, "", "Stephanie Brewis, 05 Aug 2008", "A family of swallows has nested in our porch, immediately outside backdoor, for last 3 years. This year, however, they have built a second nest after rearing one brood and now sitt…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1217635200000, "", "dennis saul, 02 Aug 2008", "I have 5 pairs of swallows breeding in my garage and under my eves. some are here every summer. This year one pair in the garage got lazy and only built half a nest and there were…"); series.addPoint(27.3717, 43.0343, 1217289600000, "", "Carol, 29 Jul 2008", "We have 5 nests a record, the biggest broodfledged one week ago. At least they have stoppedliving in the house!"); series.addPoint(-4.6307, 52.1048, 1217030400000, "", "June James, 26 Jul 2008", "A pair of swallows have been busy over the last 3 days and have built a nest on top of hte kight in the shed next to the garage.They have ignored the other nest which had a pair of…"); series.addPoint(-0.6619, 52.2816, 1216944000000, "", "mandie clark, 25 Jul 2008", "Hi, we found a fledgling in the garden we think it might be a swallow. How can we tell and the mother has not fed it. Can we give it something and what? thanks"); series.addPoint(-2.3401, 48.1533, 1216771200000, "", "eloise morgny, 23 Jul 2008", "this year birds here in april 20. they have raised 4 babies to adults and have returned to the nest. think she is sitting on eggs again. there is a pair of local kestrels and the s…"); series.addPoint(-3.2986, 53.2767, 1216080000000, "", "Pamela Barratt, 15 Jul 2008", "It is a rare sight to see a swallow in my area these days (North east Wales), and the housemartins who have nested in my eves for about 16 years did not arrive this year until 2nd…"); series.addPoint(-1.3156, 53.4570, 1215993600000, "", "t myers, 14 Jul 2008", "Today i was sat out in my garden and experienced the sight of what appeared to be hundreds of swallows or swifts ? . could`nt decide which because they were a mixture of young and…"); series.addPoint(-0.7333, 53.2734, 1215216000000, "", "Julie Storey, 05 Jul 2008", "5th July 08, we have a swallows nest in the eaves of our summer house with five quite large and apparently healthy chicks. I would like to know roughly when they will leave the nes…"); series.addPoint(0.4724, 50.9152, 1215043200000, "", "Adrienne Norbury, 03 Jul 2008", "swallow seen flying low"); series.addPoint(-5.0400, 50.2015, 1214956800000, "", "lynn crook, 02 Jul 2008", "we have 4 fledglings at the moment, busy parents! They were later back this year but seem to be doing well.Hopefully time for another brood."); series.addPoint(-1.3019, 53.4194, 1214956800000, "", "Mike Corden, 02 Jul 2008", "Our first sightings of the swallows at Ulley was early this year on 5th April (last year it was the 11th). We have swallows visiting our small wildlife pond and garden on a daily b…"); series.addPoint(-0.5328, 51.4899, 1214870400000, "", "sue horton, 01 Jul 2008", "Our Swallows returned this year on 28th April(10 days later than 2007) Their first brood fledged yesterday and all 6 look very healthy. By the activity in the wood shed - we suspec…"); series.addPoint(-1.7358, 51.9629, 1214870400000, "", "Tana Johnson, 01 Jul 2008", "Only moved in 8 weeks ago, but there are 4 swallows very locally, don't know where the nests are, but today (first time) saw them taking their young out for flying lessons - 9 swal…"); series.addPoint(0.1730, 51.1089, 1214870400000, "", "Tony Ginman, 01 Jul 2008", "A pair of swallows have are breading this year after an absence last year. This area was almost devoid of swallows last year."); series.addPoint(0.3598, 51.1638, 1214870400000, "", "zoo mum, 01 Jul 2008", "First time swallows nesting in barn. Could this be cos I planted a meadow? Arrived 16th May. Hatched 26th June. 4 chicks but one has fallen."); series.addPoint(-0.0934, 50.9273, 1214870400000, "", "David Phillips, 01 Jul 2008", "We have had no swallows nesting this year. This is our 11th year in the house & the first without usually 2 pairs at least of nesting swallows in out buildings. Also no nesting…"); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1214870400000, "", "Keith Ward, 01 Jul 2008", "While on holiday in the north of Scotland from 14 to 28 June we saw swallows in many places, particularly in Hopeman, Nairn and Loch MorlichAlso many House Martins, notably in Avoc…"); series.addPoint(-2.2728, 51.1729, 1214697600000, "", "ob, 29 Jun 2008", "5 chicks just fledged. This ib the first brood this year. 3 successful last year,15 chicks. It's a good shed,that."); series.addPoint(-80.1278, 41.1321, 1214524800000, "", "Amy Walsh, 27 Jun 2008", "We have barn swallows that have built a nest on a light fixture in the loafing area of our barn and tree swallows that have nested in our bluebird boxes. We really enjoy watching t…"); series.addPoint(0.7361, 51.0051, 1214438400000, "", "Peter Leach, 26 Jun 2008", "We regularly play host (in our field shelter) to a pair of swallows. The first nesting, this year, has produced four chicks - all of whom survived. Just yesterday, 25 June 08, afte…"); series.addPoint(-3.2080, 57.0885, 1214352000000, "", "SJ Melton, 25 Jun 2008", "5 pairs of nesting swallows at our place this year"); series.addPoint(-3.6914, 52.6114, 1214265600000, "", "Kym ap Rhys, 24 Jun 2008", "Swallows arrived April 26th - a couple of weeks later than last year. The pair that nested successfully (3 young, second attempt) in our shed last year are back at using the same n…"); series.addPoint(-2.100000, 52.799999, 1214179200000, "", "John Dealtry, 23 Jun 2008", "Swallows arrived 10/4/08 here on our small holding at Rawcliffe, East Yorkshire a tad earlier than normal.We have 12 nests around the stables and buildings more or less the same as…"); series.addPoint(-2.9306, 54.3694, 1214006400000, "", "philip allen, 21 Jun 2008", "Nesting swallows seen in holiday cottage at Lakeside, Newby Bridge, (Lake Windermere) during 9-16 May. Wonderful!"); series.addPoint(-2.1835, 51.5087, 1213920000000, "", "Colin Farlow, 20 Jun 2008", "Travelling to London, I spotted a solitary swallow above Leigh Delamere services on the M4, on 13th April. Since then I have since more, of course, but not in the usual numbers.Is…"); series.addPoint(139.4687, 35.7955, 1213833600000, "", "Mary, 19 Jun 2008", "Here on our house in Tokorozawa, Japan we have 3 swallow nests. About two weeks ago a chick fell out of one them . We would have liked to return it to the nest but it was too high.…"); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1213747200000, "", "Rae Story, 18 Jun 2008", "i have seen quite a few swallows in my garden in Withington manchester, but yesterday i was amazed at how many there were swooping around at ground level in Salford on the a6 by th…"); series.addPoint(-2.8922, 51.3272, 1213747200000, "", "Dr Philip Cox, 18 Jun 2008", "Swallows came to Locking later this year . Numbers are about 20ish as counted last evening.(17th June) which are lower than last year."); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1213660800000, "", "Mike, 17 Jun 2008", "Pair of Swallows arrived back in my Garage near Swindon, Wilts on 19th April, (same weekend as last year). First brood of 4 chicks fledged by 14th June and going strong. All still…"); series.addPoint(-0.6039, 52.1895, 1213660800000, "", "Douglas Neil, 17 Jun 2008", "There is a long used Swallow's nesting site in a pitched roof outhouse in my garden. This year the Swallows arrived late on 5th May. Last year's nest was in good order but had only…"); series.addPoint(-2.216700, 53.500000, 1213660800000, "", "Mrs Lesley Brandon, 17 Jun 2008", "Swallows arrived on time here on the dairy farm on 15th April and are busy now with several nests of young. Last year House martins returned for the first time in many years and su…"); series.addPoint(-4.1089, 52.8608, 1213660800000, "", "VAL PARRY, 17 Jun 2008", "Further to my earlier comment and after listening to the programme on 17th June : Our house was built in the early 70s with a wooden cladding on the front gable, overlooking Cardig…"); series.addPoint(-4.1144, 52.8492, 1213660800000, "", "Val Parry, 17 Jun 2008", "We have a House marten's nest at our house in Llanfair (LL46 2RS.) It is in the gable of the house overlooking Cardigan Bay. There are young in the nest. It is wonderful to watch t…"); series.addPoint(-2.1451, 52.5964, 1213056000000, "", "Emma J Robinson, 10 Jun 2008", "Each year around the middle / end of May 'Our' birds return. Most houses in our street have a nest. It fascinates us to watch thm swooping around the street in pairs. They wake us…"); series.addPoint(0.566700, 51.400002, 1213056000000, "", "V Roderick, 10 Jun 2008", "Glanmarch, West Wales. Our Garden is full of swallows."); series.addPoint(23.6634, 39.1093, 1212624000000, "", "ed, 05 Jun 2008", "built a nest in a cafe, we could see the babys inside"); series.addPoint(76.8549, 11.3696, 1212278400000, "", "dhanapalrangasamy, 01 Jun 2008", "i have seen some 100 of swallows in our forest college mettupalayam .during the june month every year.we are recording this event for past ten years."); series.addPoint(-4.6774, 55.6140, 1211932800000, "", "graeme robertson, 28 May 2008", "Loads of swallows nesting at my work in Irvine. Great to watch them darting around all over the place"); series.addPoint(-0.5273, 51.5378, 1211932800000, "", "Linda Denham, 28 May 2008", "There are many Swallows that live on the farm in Cookham, Berkshire along the Thames River. They come every spring and leave around October. They live in the barns and outbuildings…"); series.addPoint(-6.9818, 53.3424, 1211846400000, "", "Peter Abbott, 27 May 2008", "Our swallows started to arrive back on 16th April We have 700 sq ft of barns that were semi derelect but have been rebuilt each winter once the swallows have gone South. Both this…"); series.addPoint(-2.1191, 53.4352, 1211500800000, "", "Donna Brooks, 23 May 2008", "first sighting this year 1/5/08, they nest in my horses stable every year"); series.addPoint(2.8125, 56.9450, 1211500800000, "", "Nick Haigh, 23 May 2008", "On the oil rig Haewene Brim (actually an FPSO- basically an oil-boat) halfway between Aberdeen and Norway. Seen Swallows, a lesser whitethroat, a whinchat (yesterday) and a short e…"); series.addPoint(-4.601, 51.10, 1202860800000, "", "Lucy Swabey, 13 Feb 2008", "Our swallows arrived 26th April. The house martins are usually first back and nest on the house with the swallows mostly in the byre next door. This year the house martins were a n…"); series.addPoint(-4.501, 51.20, 1202860800000, "", "Sian Griffin, 13 Feb 2008", "I have a pair of swallows that nest in the stable and they arrived back this year on May 1st. DATE: Sun 18 May 2008 22:09:32 GMT"); series.addPoint(-4.501, 51.20, 1202860800000, "", "Lindsay, 13 Feb 2008", "Swallow flying up the road ahead of us near to Woolacombe, North Devon. DATE: Sun 18 May 2008 22:09:32 GMT"); series.addPoint(-2.501, 55.70, 1202860800000, "", "nikki barker, 13 Feb 2008", "located nesting at friends stables they come back every year sometimes they lay twice with at least three to four eggs at a time all fly the nest when ready its great to watch them…"); series.addPoint(-2.501, 5.70, 1202860800000, "", "John Underwood, 13 Feb 2008", "Swallows arrived here at least three weeks ago and a busy builing theirnest in the farm buildings. However we normally have several pairs of House Martins nesting on the house - la…"); series.addPoint(-0.001, 53.70, 1202860800000, "", "Susan Smith, 13 Feb 2008", "We live on a common in Hawkerland, East Devon. Our swallows arrived the 6 May. In our open barn we have four nests and the swallows are wonderful. When they arrived it sounded like…"); series.addPoint(-0.001, 53.70, 1202860800000, "", "Richard Norden, 13 Feb 2008", "Swallows have nested in our garage for the past 5 years in Clavering, Essex The first of the pair returned on 3rd May, its mate a few fays after - later than usual.Last year they u…"); series.addPoint(-1.40, 53.70, 1202860800000, "", "Ailsa Spindler, 13 Feb 2008", "A pair of swallows arrived to begin nesting in our barn on 3rd May DATE: Mon 12 May 2008 14:32:32 GMT"); series.addPoint(-1.40, 53.75, 1202860800000, "", "Francesca Spencer, 13 Feb 2008", "The bird ID group at Attenbrough Nature Reserve spotted a swallow perched on a wire on Saturday 10th May at just after 10am! DATE: Sat 11 May 2008 16:32:32 GMT"); series.addPoint(-1.783300, 53.650002, 1209600000000, "", "Derek Golding, 01 May 2008", "My work is at a littoral site at the side of the Gareloch in an office facing south. Today 1 May I saw the arriving swarm of swallows appear for the first time this year. There was…"); series.addPoint(-122.6074, 46.9371, 1209600000000, "", "Colin Carpenter, 01 May 2008", "The tree swallows were the first to arrive 3 weeks ago. They seemed confused by our unseasonably cold weather (Snow? In April?), flying around the newly constructed birdhouses, end…"); series.addPoint(-2.3483, 53.4144, 1209513600000, "", "John Hatton, 30 Apr 2008", "Saw swallows feeding on the wing over Sale Water Park on Wednesday 30/4/08"); series.addPoint(-4.6747, 55.7503, 1209513600000, "", "Derek Golding, 30 Apr 2008", "...and last night the mate turned up so I now have the nesting pair that have used our stables for the last few years and successfully raised two broods each time. They respond to…"); series.addPoint(-0.9723, 51.9984, 1209513600000, "", "Mrs J Hurl, 30 Apr 2008", "We have had a pair of swallows regularly nesting in our stables for the past four years. Last year they raised 10 young altogether in three 'nestings'. They arrived home on Sunday…"); series.addPoint(-1.2195, 52.8874, 1209513600000, "", "Tania Berry, 30 Apr 2008", "Swallows came back to my friends barn this year on the 22nd April. Last year it was the 24th.Lovely. It means spring is official!"); series.addPoint(-2.4033, 48.2027, 1209513600000, "", "Peter Omer, 30 Apr 2008", "First sighting locally, April 20th. Male returned to the nest on the house on the 25th. As it is only 2 ft from the bedroom window, wont be able to open window again this summer!!…"); series.addPoint(-1.5546, 52.1217, 1209427200000, "", "Andrea Polden, 29 Apr 2008", "I saw my first swallows of the year at the National Trust's Upton House on 21 April. Today (29 April) in Chesham on our local pond I saw a family of seven mallard ducklings with th…"); series.addPoint(-0.9421, 52.7695, 1209427200000, "", "Elaine Goodwin, 29 Apr 2008", "2 swallows have returned to the barns so far..."); series.addPoint(-0.3708, 51.4129, 1209427200000, "", "Trisha Woods, 29 Apr 2008", "17th April 2008 about 12.30 at Hampton over the Thames just upstream from Hampton Court 4 swallows"); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1209427200000, "", "Huw Jones, 29 Apr 2008", "Swallow sightingsFirst swallows seen here were on the 7th April.A group of 4 or 5 were seen flying over hedges adjoining fields grazed by dairy cows in post code area SA33 4AR. Thi…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1209427200000, "", "glynis, 29 Apr 2008", "2 swallows seen fying around hay on wye 27th April - is spring really nearly here!!?"); series.addPoint(-5.3641, 50.1382, 1209427200000, "", "Kassie Mason, 29 Apr 2008", "Two swallows later this year but arrived safely on a beautiful Sunday morning 27th April."); series.addPoint(-2.1918, 50.9377, 1209427200000, "", "Pam Evans, 29 Apr 2008", "Single swallow sighted flying very low over a meadow on Sat 19 April 2008. Is this earlier than usual?"); series.addPoint(-3.3014, 58.9628, 1209427200000, "", "Helen Leek, 29 Apr 2008", "Swallow sighted skimming the ground over the fields behind Stromness at the weekend (26th April)"); series.addPoint(-5.1563, 50.0662, 1209427200000, "", "Aaron Brown, 29 Apr 2008", "Seemed to take a while this year. Saw first Swallow on Sunday 27 April. 5 more had arrived by the next day. Great to see them back! The Sand Martins have been back for while down a…"); series.addPoint(-4.6774, 55.7503, 1209427200000, "", "Derek Golding, 29 Apr 2008", "The first of our returners arrived last Thursday 24 Apr. Usually one arrives early to recce and start to set up home and await the arrival of its mate. Last year the parents and a…"); series.addPoint(-3.5101, 52.3840, 1209427200000, "", "Janet Martin, 29 Apr 2008", "Several Swallows seen in Tylwch over the last ten days"); series.addPoint(-4.3890, 53.3325, 1209427200000, "", "Virginia Teague, 29 Apr 2008", "I saw my first swallow this morning - 29th April. I was beginning to worry since if we do not have swollows by 1st May I reckon there is a problem. I welcomed him/her back and we h…"); series.addPoint(-2.967800, 51.345798, 1209427200000, "", "Yvonne Manicom, 29 Apr 2008", "There were two swallows in my garage the night before last (around 1:00 a.m. I found them) and I must admit I panicked as I thought they were going to hurt themselves as they kept…"); series.addPoint(-2.6367, 55.8753, 1209427200000, "", "Alison Butler, 29 Apr 2008", "I saw my first swallow in Inveresk in East Lothian last year on the 23rd April. Today, 29th April 2008 I have seen several swallows for the first time this year. It is cold and hai…"); series.addPoint(-8.4720, 52.5991, 1209340800000, "", "David Ellsmore, 28 Apr 2008", "Saw on Friday 25/04/2008. Hoping that they will take up residence in my sheds again this year."); series.addPoint(-4.6807, 57.1448, 1209340800000, "", "Baggins, 28 Apr 2008", "3 Swallows seen flying/swooping feeding 1400hrs 27 Apr 08 by the Lock Gates in Fort Augustus first sighting of them this year.."); series.addPoint(-2.4534, 57.2712, 1209340800000, "", "Niall Robertson, 28 Apr 2008", "2 swallows sighted at 0700 on Friday 25th April."); series.addPoint(-3.0212, 50.9809, 1209340800000, "", "Val Pritchard, 28 Apr 2008", "First swallow I have seen in Poltimore, Nr. Exeter, Devon was early morning on the 25th April 2008. A few more have arrived over the weekend, together with house martins which also…"); series.addPoint(1.0657, 52.9536, 1209340800000, "", "candida meaney, 28 Apr 2008", "seen 6 swallow at cly on 24"); series.addPoint(5.6744, 58.9571, 1209340800000, "", "Alice, 28 Apr 2008", "At last, after a weekend of fantastic, warm, dry weather - the swallows arrive just as the rains start. Heard a few calls over the weekend, but today is the first sighting from my…"); series.addPoint(5.750000, 58.966702, 1209340800000, "", "Alice, 28 Apr 2008", "At last, a sighting of Swallows from my office window. Have heard swallow calls over the weekend, but these are first visual contacts."); series.addPoint(-4.1830, 55.7750, 1209340800000, "", "Matt Cross, 28 Apr 2008", "Saw my first swallow flying into a barn this morning on my way to work"); series.addPoint(-5.3394, 55.9061, 1209340800000, "", "Chris/PA21, 28 Apr 2008", "Two arrived back on the 23rd April (11th last year).on the 28th April, numbers seem down on last year"); series.addPoint(0.0000, 52.8077, 1209254400000, "", "Laura Rutland, 27 Apr 2008", "Last year a pair of swallow nested in one of our sheads for the first time and we were all very excited watching the young swallows as they grew. We ended up with five swallows. We…"); series.addPoint(1.3376, 52.0812, 1209254400000, "", "John Ireland, 27 Apr 2008", "Single swallow seen at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge 3.30 p.m. Sunday 13th April, 2008. In previous years the earliest I've seen them is 21st April"); series.addPoint(-1.9693, 51.4146, 1209254400000, "", "Sophie Miles, 27 Apr 2008", "Sunday 27th April Yippee! Today the swallows have returned to their nest under the car porch - it is always so good to see they have made it back! They visited their nests and then…"); series.addPoint(-0.3214, 52.9139, 1209254400000, "", "Sally Woodhead, 27 Apr 2008", "First sighting by my husband on April 26th in South Lincs"); series.addPoint(0.483300, 51.733299, 1209168000000, "", "Eileen Abell, 26 Apr 2008", "Pair of swallows over farm (location Sapcote, Leics) seen about 4.45pm Friday 25 April. First ones seen in this area but still none in Stoney Stanton yet. Rather late this year ?du…"); series.addPoint(-6.9434, 54.9918, 1209168000000, "", "Denis Feiler, 26 Apr 2008", "Though watching every day for thre weeks, my wife and I saw the first swallow between Limavdy and Dungiven last sunday. 20th April 08. By the end of the afternoon between Dungiven…"); series.addPoint(-2.1808, 51.7882, 1209168000000, "", "Lydia Savage, 26 Apr 2008", "There has been a solitary swallow roosting in our barn since 24 April; normally we have twittering displays on the telephone wires outside our house (which is on an old farm) by 15…"); series.addPoint(-3.3014, 50.8588, 1209168000000, "", "Katherine Jonas, 26 Apr 2008", "Swallows returned here to EX152ET on 14/4/08, to nest again in our barn as they did last year. One week later this year."); series.addPoint(-2.4542, 57.2716, 1209168000000, "", "Niall Robertson, 26 Apr 2008", "Two swallows seen at 0700hrs on Friday 25th April."); series.addPoint(-7.3334, 54.9839, 1209168000000, "", "S Alexander, 26 Apr 2008", "Swallows arrived, exhausted, at Ballykeel near Dromore, Co Down, 23 April. Yesterday, 25th, I visited Drumahoe, Londonderry. No sight of swallows all day until about 6 pm when, aft…"); series.addPoint(-3.4415, 56.3713, 1209168000000, "", "Douglas Gillespie, 26 Apr 2008", "First swallow seen on Saturday 26th April in Bridge of Earn in Perthshire."); series.addPoint(-4.5044, 54.2267, 1209168000000, "", "Dan Walker, 26 Apr 2008", ""); series.addPoint(-1.9528, 54.5402, 1209168000000, "", "MS, 26 Apr 2008", "First seen this year 26th April between Barnard \Castle and Cotherstone"); series.addPoint(-1.1700, 51.5258, 1209168000000, "", "Margaret and David, 26 Apr 2008", "Upper Basildon, Berkshire.Arrived back on 22nd. Always a relief. We have had swallows nesting in our stables for over 30 years. A great day each year when they arrive 'home'!"); series.addPoint(0.8926, 52.2547, 1209081600000, "", "Liz Robotham, 25 Apr 2008", "The swallows are already sprucing up the nests in the stables here at Bardwell, near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, so although it is good to see them back, we've got all that mess to…"); series.addPoint(-1.916700, 53.250000, 1209081600000, "", "Jennie, 25 Apr 2008", "Lone swallow spotted above Killen on the black isle IV7 on the morning of the 23rd April. Another lone swallow above Munlochy today."); series.addPoint(-0.3461, 50.9204, 1209081600000, "", "derek taylor, 25 Apr 2008", "Spotted on april 1st 3 days earlyer than last year plenty to eat as flys have been around all winter. there was two sets of three"); series.addPoint(-3.0377, 57.1958, 1209081600000, "", "Jean Goodfellow, 25 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow seen in Strathdon on the 25th April AB36 8UJ"); series.addPoint(-3.5898, 51.1638, 1209081600000, "", "BC, 25 Apr 2008", "First swallow seen 24th April, Exmoor."); series.addPoint(-6.5588, 52.3253, 1208995200000, "", "Anne McLeod, 24 Apr 2008", "I saw my first swallow this year on April 2nd flying over the Slaney in Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford."); series.addPoint(-1.7606, 53.9383, 1208995200000, "", "David Thompson, 24 Apr 2008", "Arrived yesterday 23rd April. Quite a few today darting about."); series.addPoint(-2.0105, 55.5411, 1208995200000, "", "Alison M, 24 Apr 2008", "First swallows over the garden just as your reporter was talking about them on \"World on the move\" @11am on 23rd April. What a coincidence! They flew straight into next door's shed…"); series.addPoint(0.1730, 52.2648, 1208995200000, "", "Martine Hogan, 24 Apr 2008", "Swallows (4 off) seen at Cambridge Research Park off the A10"); series.addPoint(-2.5186, 51.1225, 1208995200000, "", "a.le cornu, 24 Apr 2008", "seen 21.4.08"); series.addPoint(-2.100000, 57.133301, 1208995200000, "", "Susan Hall, 24 Apr 2008", "First swallow this year seen hawking over a small pond at New Byth in Aberdeenshire. 645pm April 22nd"); series.addPoint(-0.0698, 52.6912, 1208995200000, "", "S. Blencowe, 24 Apr 2008", "1st swallow arrived 22nd april - Previous 2 years arrived on same day (21st). Observed 2 days later inspecting old nest site"); series.addPoint(-2.150000, 53.400002, 1208995200000, "", "r.d.evans, 24 Apr 2008", "swallows seen in anglesey and cookoo heard"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208995200000, "", "Jane Bright, 24 Apr 2008", "Saw first swallow on a walk in Stillington"); series.addPoint(-2.4692, 51.2877, 1208995200000, "", "alexis palmer, 24 Apr 2008", "first swallow seen this year at Manor Farm Chilcompton on the 23rd swallows migrate at the same time each year regardless of weather conditions or does their departure var…"); series.addPoint(-0.9531, 51.4026, 1208995200000, "", "Jane, 24 Apr 2008", "Yesterday,( St. George's Day), skimming the ground past grazing horses, catching the flies which were bothering them. Nature has good timing! Later same day, scooping up mud and ha…"); series.addPoint(-6.0562, 54.5179, 1208995200000, "", "Geoffrey Allen, 24 Apr 2008", "Swallows spotted."); series.addPoint(-0.750000, 51.416698, 1208995200000, "", "Belinda C-R, 24 Apr 2008", "13th April, West Cranmore, near Shepton Mallet, Somerset: heard a swallow but wasn't fast enough to see it before it flew out of sight. Actually saw one 2 days later."); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208995200000, "", "Stephen Ward., 24 Apr 2008", "Have seen two swallows this morning, at 9am, 24th April. This was near Dunkeld in Perthshire, Scotland."); series.addPoint(-3.850000, 55.549999, 1208995200000, "", "Angela Dryland, 24 Apr 2008", "Spotted first swallow flying across my donkey field in Ballasalla Isle of Man 10 April"); series.addPoint(-1.3130, 54.5191, 1208995200000, "", "Michael Sadler and Jane marie…, 24 Apr 2008", "Saw our first swallow out of our family room window 23rd April 2008"); series.addPoint(-1.3131, 54.5191, 1208995200000, "", "Michael Sadler and Jane marie…, 24 Apr 2008", "Saw the our first Swallow out of our family room window 23rd April 2008"); series.addPoint(1.2442, 51.9697, 1208908800000, "", "Ian Griffiths, 23 Apr 2008", "Single swallow coming off the stour estuary and heading North 22nd April"); series.addPoint(-0.5249, 53.1744, 1208908800000, "", "Steve, 23 Apr 2008", "The RAF Waddington swallows are back!"); series.addPoint(-3.5156, 56.1700, 1208908800000, "", "miranda macdonald, 23 Apr 2008", "Saw my first swallow fly over my house in Chance Inn, Cupar, Fife tonight at 6.30pm. The weather had warmed up today and the persistent east wind dropped. We had soft light rain sh…"); series.addPoint(-0.8871, 51.7236, 1208908800000, "", "Alison Phillips, 23 Apr 2008", "First pair of swallows seen early morning Tuesday 22nd April. Returned to nest site by my home North shore of Loch Rannoch, Highland Perthshire"); series.addPoint(-1.0756, 51.5655, 1208908800000, "", "C Horton, 23 Apr 2008", "Swallows first seen in Ipsden on 9 April. Here in Checkendon on 21 April. I have been told by a South African friend that when swallows were gathering in Johannesburg the temperatu…"); series.addPoint(-0.7581, 50.8632, 1208908800000, "", "Mike Clark, 23 Apr 2008", "First lone swallow seen on a farm near Lavant, West Sussex on 14th April"); series.addPoint(0.9256, 51.2619, 1208995200000, "", "avril patterson, 24 Apr 2008", "2 swallows on telegraph wires"); series.addPoint(0.000000, 0.000000, 1208908800000, "", "A Fool in the Desert, 23 Apr 2008", "I am working near Tazerbo in south western Libya. I arrived here on 22nd March and have been watching swallows passing overhead and occasionally landing, since my arrival. I am not…"); series.addPoint(-3.7875, 55.2228, 1208822400000, "", "K.T., 22 Apr 2008", "Group of three flying along river Scaur near Keirmill on Saturday 5th of April"); series.addPoint(-10.0964, 54.0981, 1208822400000, "", "Terry Swinson, 22 Apr 2008", "Swallows three days late this year. First sighting today 22nd April in County Mayo"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208822400000, "", "Valerie Greenhill, 22 Apr 2008", "Saturday April 19th numerous swallows hawking low over the Stocking Pool, Mamble Worcestershire."); series.addPoint(-1.4622, 54.5053, 1208822400000, "", "Richard Walsby, 22 Apr 2008", "First single swallow spotted on 10th April. Since then there have been a couple investigating our front porch"); series.addPoint(-6.9159, 52.7778, 1208822400000, "", "Peta curthoys, 22 Apr 2008", "Our first pair were sighted feeding low over the fields at Killoughternane townland , Carlow on 19/04/08"); series.addPoint(0.9943, 51.0258, 1208822400000, "", "MR S J FLISHER, 22 Apr 2008", "TWO PAIRS OF SWALLOWS ARRIVED BACK ON SUNDAY 20TH APRIL THIS YEAR AT THIS SITE."); series.addPoint(-5.2158, 56.8595, 1208822400000, "", "Chris Pellow - Kinlocheil - Sc…, 22 Apr 2008", "As like every single year before, our swallows have returned on the 21st of April. It puzzles me that even in a leap year.. they manage to hit exactly the same date !They usually m…"); series.addPoint(-1.5958, 53.1072, 1208822400000, "", "Shirley Freeman, 22 Apr 2008", "First swallow sightings (1 then 3 later in the day) in the garden 21st April 2008"); series.addPoint(-1.500000, 52.933300, 1208822400000, "", "Ron, 22 Apr 2008", "22nd April Aberdeenshire. two swallows arrived today and immediately investigated previous years nest ."); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208822400000, "", "Noel Cunningham, 22 Apr 2008", "Small group of Swallows sighted on Wednesday morning the 2th of April at Cranfield Co Down."); series.addPoint(-0.0233, 45.5237, 1208822400000, "", "patricia gwilliams, 22 Apr 2008", "Saw the first swallows here in Poitou Charente on 29th March."); series.addPoint(-1.7029, 51.5566, 1208822400000, "", "Judith Cock, 22 Apr 2008", "Single swallow flying across the road to mud patch in a farm yard."); series.addPoint(-1.4227, 50.8701, 1208822400000, "", "ken grey, 22 Apr 2008", "Ive only just discovered this web page and my first swallow sighting of the year was on !st April (not joking) always look forward to my 1st sighting of the year find it very uplif…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208822400000, "", "Julian Leggett, 22 Apr 2008", "Swallows seen in Cotswold County Park on15th April together with returning Sand Martins"); series.addPoint(-3.4058, 56.9135, 1208822400000, "", "Jean Goodfellow, 22 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow in Glenshee 17th April."); series.addPoint(-4.2957, 51.9341, 1208822400000, "", "latchmere, 22 Apr 2008", "SA32 7RZ first swallow seen by me 4/4/08"); series.addPoint(-0.3598, 53.1286, 1208822400000, "", "Margaret Lockyer, 22 Apr 2008", "The swallows have arrived back to their nesting sites in our outbuildings either late yesterday or early today. The males are singing near the nests and on the top of an ariel - th…"); series.addPoint(-1.4584, 50.8007, 1208822400000, "", "Cherry Hayter, 22 Apr 2008", "First swallow seen on Beaulieu marches Sat 5 April, pointed out by bird warden"); series.addPoint(-1.9336, 53.4619, 1208822400000, "", "Andrew Hill, 22 Apr 2008", "2 swallows have returned so far to The Cottages, Long Sandall, Doncaster, on Tuesday the 22nd April. We usually have 30 to 40 with many nests under the eaves and in the porches of…"); series.addPoint(-1.6397, 55.5752, 1208822400000, "", "Colin Parker, 22 Apr 2008", "I saw a group of swallows flying around Seahouses golf course on the Northumberland coast on Sunday 13th April."); series.addPoint(-2.5461, 51.6674, 1208736000000, "", "Paul Davies, 21 Apr 2008", "Swallows seen at Sharpness Docks on the Severn on Sunday 20th April, flying low over the river. About 50 plus birds heading North on a very cold day. Birds stayed low on a gusty da…"); series.addPoint(-4.5428, 50.5920, 1208736000000, "", "mark taskis, 21 Apr 2008", "swallow spotted on the way to grannys"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208736000000, "", "Margaret Hallett, 21 Apr 2008", "During the day of April 3rd we were delighted to see a pair of swallows in our workshop [Cascob, Powys] investigating their old nest and favourite perches. They are still around an…"); series.addPoint(-1.8237, 51.7542, 1208736000000, "", "Steve Turner, 21 Apr 2008", "5 Swallows seen on the 17th April"); series.addPoint(-1.9611, 54.0630, 1208736000000, "", "Gordon Booth, 21 Apr 2008", "April 21st, 11.30am. One flying in Hebden Ghyll."); series.addPoint(0.1439, 53.4390, 1208736000000, "", "Roger Sanderson, 21 Apr 2008", "Swallows arrived yesterday,Sunday 20th April,in North Somercotes, Lincolnshire.This is the latest arrival I have logged in the last 24 years(28 years recording)."); series.addPoint(-1.5408, 54.0723, 1208736000000, "", "Charles Carter, 21 Apr 2008", "Markington, N.Yorks : Return of four resident swallows on the 12th April."); series.addPoint(-4.0155, 50.3980, 1208736000000, "", "Mr D Humphreyson, 21 Apr 2008", "5th April our swallows returned 6 in all at about 10.00am 2 for the shed and 4 neighbbours6th April a lot of swallows passing through about 30 all day and in the evening about 20 h…"); series.addPoint(-3.2997, 50.7128, 1208736000000, "", "Robin Brereton, 21 Apr 2008", "Friday 4th April: two swallows were seen sitting on the telephone wires outside the house (Venn Ottery, near Ottery St Mary, Devon) and (others?) have been seen occasionally since…"); series.addPoint(0.0742, 52.4560, 1208649600000, "", "Colin Turner - Cambridgeshire, 20 Apr 2008", "Saw my first swallow of the year at about 5:30 on 20th April, skimming a fenland wheat field near Chatteris,"); series.addPoint(-2.9800, 53.4112, 1208649600000, "", "j steele, 20 Apr 2008", "on a walk round sefton park on the 13th of april i showed my children a pair of swallows flying over the lake. a sure sign of warmer weather soon.."); series.addPoint(-4.7131, 56.2617, 1208649600000, "", "ben lowdell, 20 Apr 2008", "out walking across open farmland between Aylesham and Adisham on sunday 20th, saw one single swallow skimming above the wheat field,"); series.addPoint(0.7910, 52.3488, 1208649600000, "", "Stuart Acey, 20 Apr 2008", "I have see my first two Swallows at Great Bradley in Suffolk."); series.addPoint(0.6949, 51.5498, 1218585600000, "", "Barbara Goddard and Ian Middle…, 13 Aug 2008", "Swallow sighted over the reservoirs at the end of Daws Heath Road in Leigh on Sea."); series.addPoint(-0.4916, 52.1369, 1208649600000, "", "Deborah Blackie, 20 Apr 2008", "Two swallows seen separately flying low over fields near the River Ouse."); series.addPoint(0.6949, 51.8884, 1208649600000, "", "Dennis Marcinkowski, 20 Apr 2008", "First Swallow did a high speed flight through our stables today at 14:00. Only one spotted at the moment. Arrival approx 11 days later than last year."); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208649600000, "", "Threave Mitchell, 20 Apr 2008", "3 very excited swallows swooped over the garden today in Wivelsfield Green, Sussex, Sunday 20th April. Welcome back! Shortly afterwards one lone swallow arrived from the opposite d…"); series.addPoint(-1.1591, 51.4318, 1208649600000, "", "Tony Powell, 20 Apr 2008", "Swallow seen at Bradfield Southend Sunday 20th April 2008"); series.addPoint(-2.3428, 53.3128, 1208649600000, "", "viv saunders, 20 Apr 2008", "flying in and out of the cow sheds"); series.addPoint(-3.0652, 54.9886, 1208649600000, "", "Jennifer Stott, 20 Apr 2008", "First swallow spotted this morning 20/004/2008 landed next door roof. Gretna"); series.addPoint(-2.6889, 51.1001, 1208649600000, "", "Brian Marshall, 20 Apr 2008", "09/04/08: Solitary swallow dipped and drank from our garden pond. An uplifting moment. Have seen none since."); series.addPoint(-1.8787, 55.2963, 1208563200000, "", "Jen, 19 Apr 2008", "Saw my first swallow of the year in the UK - sitting on a high wire behind our terrace in rural Northumberland."); series.addPoint(-1.5244, 53.3932, 1208563200000, "", "Catherine Palmer, 19 Apr 2008", "1 pair swallows flying over snow covered fields at Moscar nr. Sheffield. Thursday 17th April."); series.addPoint(-2.6889, 53.8282, 1208563200000, "", "Jane Shaw, 19 Apr 2008", "A couple of swallows sighted today. 4 hatched in garden shed last year."); series.addPoint(-0.3406, 52.5697, 1208563200000, "", "Helen Sillitto, 19 Apr 2008", "I saw 1 swallow down by the Nene- it was so cold I think it must have wondered why on earth it had traveled all those miles!"); series.addPoint(-7.4982, 52.5613, 1208563200000, "", "Des Burke, 19 Apr 2008", "4 swallows flying low to nort on 17th. 2 more on 18th"); series.addPoint(-4.266800, 55.450001, 1208563200000, "", "Christine Pugh, 19 Apr 2008", "Yes! They've arrived here in Portabello Edinburgh. Two arrived this morning (Saturday 19th) seen flying over garden a t 5am and I saw them 10,30am. Hope they nest under our teneman…"); series.addPoint(-3.8809, 58.0139, 1208563200000, "", "Nicki, 19 Apr 2008", "2 Swallows seen at my cottage, 60 miles North of Inverness, this morning 19th April.We have had a pair nesting in our open garage the last 4 years, hopefully they will again. Last…"); series.addPoint(-3.2152, 51.5292, 1208476800000, "", "Phil Baker, 18 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow seen flying over on 14th April, mid afternoon, in Rhiwbina, Cardiff."); series.addPoint(-0.7855, 50.7260, 1208476800000, "", "Stephen Brown, 18 Apr 2008", "Small groups (8-20 birds) seen coming in from over the Channel from about 5:00am. None seen after 1:00pm"); series.addPoint(-2.9855, 52.0609, 1208476800000, "", "mike blythe, 18 Apr 2008", "Bredwardine HR3 6BU,4th April, small group house martins seen circling over bridge crossing river Wye.None seen in area since"); series.addPoint(-2.365600, 51.379398, 1208476800000, "", "Lianne, 18 Apr 2008", "I saw a number of swallows (at least 5) over Grafham Water in Cambridgeshire on Sunday 13th April."); series.addPoint(-1.6205, 52.8476, 1208476800000, "", "Gillian Coates, 18 Apr 2008", "Just sighted a group of swallows flying in the fields outside Rolleston on Dove. Its fabulous to see them back home. Really hope there are no more frosts and that warm spring days…"); series.addPoint(-0.800000, 51.816700, 1208476800000, "", "Andy Waldwyn, Somerset, 18 Apr 2008", "One lone swallow has returned so far ( 17/4 ) . He spent the night in the wood shed where we many new-borns last year."); series.addPoint(-2.9443, 54.4269, 1208476800000, "", "Alastair O'Riordan, 18 Apr 2008", "4 swallows flying around"); series.addPoint(-2.216700, 53.500000, 1208476800000, "", "Simon Artley, Stockport, 18 Apr 2008", "On swallows, Salmon and Ospreys .Was up fishing on River Tweed below Kelso last week 7/4 Usually see 2 ospreys each year, for last 5 years . Saw none this.Spring salmon were moving…"); series.addPoint(-2.2247, 52.2950, 1208476800000, "", "Geoff Newman, 18 Apr 2008", "swallow seen 17th April flying swiftly and fairly low towards destination"); series.addPoint(-2.733300, 53.450001, 1208390400000, "", "Stephen, 17 Apr 2008", "4 swallows above a pool by River Tame near Hyde greater Manchester 15th April, but even better today (17th) at Roman Lakes near Marple - c.60 swallows + 6 house martins + c. 30 san…"); series.addPoint(-4.2929, 55.8121, 1208390400000, "", "Fraser Gordon, 17 Apr 2008", "First swallows seen near Glasgow on 15/04/08. A group of 3 zooming about above the house roofs."); series.addPoint(-5.6964, 54.3614, 1208390400000, "", "Jill, 17 Apr 2008", "1st lone swallow 2 days ago 15th April near Killyleagh, Co Down"); series.addPoint(-3.1750, 55.9477, 1208390400000, "", "christine pugh, 17 Apr 2008", "Have been looking out for the swallows we have here in Portabello in Edinburgh (we are on the Forth estuary/sea) I have not seen any yet, can't wait. Hopefully they will be here so…"); series.addPoint(-2.1973, 51.1914, 1208390400000, "", "mark thorpe, 17 Apr 2008", "First swallows seen 9th April. At least four birds - catching insects low over the boating pond."); series.addPoint(-3.7216, 40.4240, 1208390400000, "", "Cecilie Brown, 17 Apr 2008", "Saw my first three swallows yesterday just outside Madrid in the Parque Natural del Cuenco del Alto Manzanares."); series.addPoint(-3.5376, 50.4977, 1208390400000, "", "Paul Carter, 17 Apr 2008", "First swallow of 2008 seen this morning, 17th April 2008 at Kingskerswell"); series.addPoint(-0.9311, 52.2295, 1208390400000, "", "Andrew Diment, 17 Apr 2008", "My first Swallow of 2008 - 16 April 08 along Northampton arm of Grand Union Canal."); series.addPoint(-2.5845, 51.4745, 1208390400000, "", "Catherine, 17 Apr 2008", "Swallow flying near Bristol City football club stadium 3.4.08 at 1900"); series.addPoint(0.4861, 51.7321, 1208390400000, "", "Karen, 17 Apr 2008", "Saw a lone swallow sitting on a telephone line at our local farm shop. This was on Sunday 13th April at approx 10.45am."); series.addPoint(-2.8702, 52.9039, 1208390400000, "", "George Rook, 17 Apr 2008", "Several swallows flying over and around Colemere lake last Wednesday, April 9.Also a pair of swallows flying over farmland near Lyneal (sy120le) on Friday April 11."); series.addPoint(-1.7578, 52.4828, 1208390400000, "", "Jonathan Whitfield, 17 Apr 2008", "Swallows spotted in Wolverhampton 16/04/2008 at 15:00 Hours"); series.addPoint(-3.0432, 53.1319, 1208390400000, "", "John Growcott, 17 Apr 2008", "First swallows flyying over a large pond and surrounding fields just outside Hope Flintshire 7 April"); series.addPoint(-7.4185, 54.0964, 1208390400000, "", "al smith, 17 Apr 2008", "swallow arrived this morning April 17th."); series.addPoint(-1.916700, 52.466702, 1208390400000, "", "simon, 17 Apr 2008", "17th April - I'm watching 2 deer from my office in the Forest of Dean (GL15) and a swallow has just flown past. I love my job!"); series.addPoint(-2.7054, 51.2860, 1208304000000, "", "Marianne McAleer, 16 Apr 2008", "Have seen swallows on Brean Down, Black Down (highest spot in the Mendips), Wavering Down and on top of the Quantock Hills over the past week.Question: When I was in Nepal 25 years…"); series.addPoint(-1.7194, 53.1253, 1208304000000, "", "Jacob & Pamela, 16 Apr 2008", "First swallow seen today 15 4 08 near Hopton village, mid Derbyshire"); series.addPoint(-1.8237, 51.1750, 1208304000000, "", "Noel Ketterer, 16 Apr 2008", "We spotted our first swallows of the year on our way to Longleat on Saturday the 5th of April."); series.addPoint(-1.400000, 50.900002, 1208304000000, "", "Bobbie May, 16 Apr 2008", "1 swallow sighted April 2nd at Wacton, Norfolk, while we were looking for a rare type of Barn Owl about 4.00 p.m.Also 1 pair of brambling in my garden in Spencers Wood near Reading…"); series.addPoint(-0.0302, 51.1225, 1208304000000, "", "Francis Torrilla, 16 Apr 2008", "3 Swallows over Weir Wood Reservoir in Sussex"); series.addPoint(0.0769, 52.2127, 1208304000000, "", "L, 16 Apr 2008", "First Swallows in CB3, 16 April"); series.addPoint(-61.4376, 10.6255, 1208304000000, "", "Barrie Roberts, 16 Apr 2008", "2 swallows flying over the airfield in Trinidad"); series.addPoint(-4.4632, 51.7457, 1208304000000, "", "caroline, 16 Apr 2008", "5th April saw a small group of swallows fly in from the sea and settle on the trees below Llansteffan Castle. The weather was cold, and snowing, not a nice welcome for these amazin…"); series.addPoint(-2.616700, 53.533298, 1208304000000, "", "David Milton Whitehead, 16 Apr 2008", "On the 15th April I saw 4 swallows flying around the old bridge which crosses the river Bain in Kirkby on Bain in Lincolnshire. I had just been listening to your report on swallows…"); series.addPoint(-1.9968, 53.9173, 1208304000000, "", "Richard Law, 16 Apr 2008", "Not seen here yet - possible lack of open water - will be watching the canal. Still very cold here at night."); series.addPoint(-0.9915, 53.9027, 1208304000000, "", "Susan Marsh, 16 Apr 2008", "6 resting on a phone wireI don`t blame them after their long journey"); series.addPoint(-2.7713, 50.9307, 1208217600000, "", "l marsden, 15 Apr 2008", "2 seen on 8th apr. 1 stayed and roosted in one of last year`s nests. 5 seen on 13th, one of which stayed and is roosting with the earlier one."); series.addPoint(-1.9171, 52.8127, 1208217600000, "", "Steve Smith, 15 Apr 2008", "I spotted my first three Swallows of the year whilst driving through Admaston in Staffordshire on Monday 7th April."); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1207958400000, "", "david dalton, 12 Apr 2008", "swallows feeding on insects around a sewage treatment works at Welwyn garden city AL7area in small number at the moment"); series.addPoint(-1.6397, 50.9844, 1208217600000, "", "Laurie Osborne, 15 Apr 2008", "While looking out of my window near West Wellow,near Romsey I saw my first swallow of summer, It was flying south west, the time was 6-45 pm , d/date; tuesday 15th april, 2008."); series.addPoint(-2.9059, 51.2825, 1208217600000, "", "Lynda Stahl, 15 Apr 2008", "Two swallows flying over Brent Knoll services on 6th April."); series.addPoint(-3.4250, 50.6320, 1208217600000, "", "Chris Sperring, 15 Apr 2008", "Brent Goose all alone in the Exe estuary 14.04.08 I have pictures which I will submit."); series.addPoint(-1.1810, 53.5354, 1208217600000, "", "Catherine Palmer, 15 Apr 2008", "A pair of swallows were feeding over winter wheat by Cusworth Park, Doncaster on Saturday 5th April"); series.addPoint(-1.283300, 51.666698, 1208217600000, "", "Norman Eggleton, 15 Apr 2008", "It was a pleasure to hear and see my first swollow of the year on Sunday morning the 13th April at 10.00hrs perched on its usual resting point (the safety rail of a static oil tank…"); series.addPoint(-3.0322, 54.5211, 1208217600000, "", "Mrs D McMeeking, 15 Apr 2008", "Our first scout swallow arrived 14th april to check out our barn at Naddle, Nr Keswick CumbriaLast year arrived 16th April"); series.addPoint(-4.8587, 50.5152, 1208217600000, "", "Dave Thomas, 15 Apr 2008", "April 10th. 08.6 Swallows, 80+ Sand Martins and 6 Chiffchaffs at the Walmsley, Nr Wadebridge, Cornwall Bird-watching & Preservation Society (CBWPS) natare reserve. April 11th.L…"); series.addPoint(0.1775, 51.2907, 1208217600000, "", "Josh Jenkins Shaw, 15 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow over today , also 15+ House martins, 4 Willow warblers and 6 Blackcaps."); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208217600000, "", "Sue Mackrell, 15 Apr 2008", "I'm still looking out for swallows in Leicestershire this year, but I thought you might like this poem, written during the swallows' departure last year - SwallowsGreen summer mead…"); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1208217600000, "", "Jane Goodland, 15 Apr 2008", "2 swallows at St. Martins Oswestry 12/4/08"); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1208217600000, "", "John Griffiths, 15 Apr 2008", "Last year's swallow aarrived in Wick, South Wales, on the same date as last year, 10th April. It is on it's own at the moment, but is flying in and out of the barn very happily."); series.addPoint(-2.4142, 53.8671, 1208217600000, "", "Melissa Sagar, 15 Apr 2008", "I thought I spotted one swallow on Sunday 13th in the late afternoon, but then yesterday, around 5:00pm there were at least ten, swooping and circling over our suburban garden on t…"); series.addPoint(-2.4994, 51.0871, 1208217600000, "", "Tim & Jo Coomber, 15 Apr 2008", "Castle Cary, Somerset - I saw our first Swallow of the season this morning 15/04/2008, circling our field shelter where there are existing Swallow nests from previous years."); series.addPoint(-3.7381, 52.8260, 1208217600000, "", "Nicola Davies, 15 Apr 2008", "Sunday 13th April 2008. As I stood at the top of the Bwlch y Groes pass in mid Wales, just south of Bala Lake, I saw a single swallow. It was very cold and windy as I stood there l…"); series.addPoint(1.0025, 51.8171, 1208217600000, "", "Elayne Storeck, 15 Apr 2008", "On Sunday, 13th April, around 7pm, my husband and a friend saw 4 swallows alongside river Colne between Wivenhoe and Alresford. Then at 7.45pm a flock of martins roosting in the re…"); series.addPoint(-0.9311, 51.1432, 1208217600000, "", "Kate, 15 Apr 2008", "First swallow seen zooming past the nest site on our hop kiln this morning, 15th April, then landed on the telephone wire"); series.addPoint(8.000000, 47.000000, 1208131200000, "", "bob molloy, 14 Apr 2008", "swallows seen in newtowncunningham area of co.donegal rep of ireland"); series.addPoint(-3.5527, 51.8116, 1208131200000, "", "Owen Richards, 14 Apr 2008", "Single swallow, 12 April, flying over the Mellte River, near the pot-holers' entrance at Ystradfellte."); series.addPoint(-3.0487, 53.9173, 1208131200000, "", "Peter Moreton, 14 Apr 2008", "Rossal point. Great place to see migrating swallows from now until well into May. Coast from Blackpool swings eastwards and birds can be seen following the coastal wall then flying…"); series.addPoint(-1.1618, 52.7147, 1208131200000, "", "Mark, 14 Apr 2008", "I saw a large number of swallows on Swithland Reservoir Leicestershire on the 7th of April feeding.No sign of the house martins which nest in the village of Swithland as yet(14th A…"); series.addPoint(-1.4227, 50.7747, 1208131200000, "", "Patricia Langfelder, 14 Apr 2008", "One swallow sitting in the sun on a farmyard overhead cable."); series.addPoint(1.2827, 51.2757, 1208131200000, "", "Nick & Barbara Shimmin, 14 Apr 2008", "First swallow sighted in Staple (CT3 1JX) on the morning of Thursday 10th April, flying over horse paddocks."); series.addPoint(1.5353, 52.3345, 1208131200000, "", "Sue and Barry Norrington, 14 Apr 2008", "Two Swallows sitting on electricity cable beside the road at Blyford, Suffolk"); series.addPoint(0.9009, 52.3034, 1208131200000, "", "Philip Mizen, 14 Apr 2008", "14th April. Langham, Suffolk. Following a thunderstorm this afternoon I looked up to see a pair of Swallows wheeling above me."); series.addPoint(-1.6232, 51.7661, 1208131200000, "", "Stuart Scott, 14 Apr 2008", "One swallow seen near the village of Shilton, Oxfordshire on 14 April 2008"); series.addPoint(-2.083300, 52.500000, 1208131200000, "", "Jill Walker, 14 Apr 2008", "Pair of swallows on telegraph wires at Charney Bassett Oxfordshire Sunday 13th April. Our resident house martins arrived at Lockinge, Oxfordshire on 8th April but no sign of swallo…"); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1208131200000, "", "Keith Rogers, 14 Apr 2008", "2 Swallows seen at Kates Bridge on the A15 North of Peterborough, South of Bourne"); series.addPoint(-4.5099, 51.8324, 1208131200000, "", "Chrissie Hill, 14 Apr 2008", "Two swallows circled the garden yesterday April 13th. A pair nests every year in the barn."); series.addPoint(-3.1393, 51.8561, 1208131200000, "", "Jennifer Burgos, 14 Apr 2008", "Hello,I do love your programme !I saw a swallow at 5.15pm on Friday the 11th in the valley where I live in Llanbedr, near Crickhowell, NP8 1 SY.Hurrah !"); series.addPoint(-3.5156, 51.1793, 1208131200000, "", "Peter, 14 Apr 2008", "Saw a single swallow on April 9 (about 4pm), just upstream from Deepdale Bridge (over the River Warfe) in Langstrothdale (a NW branch of Warfedale), Yorkshire Dales. On April 10 a…"); series.addPoint(-1.2964, 51.5941, 1208131200000, "", "Mike Waring, 14 Apr 2008", "April 14th, 6.25am: Single bird sitting on telephone wire near to Didcot Parkway Railway Station."); series.addPoint(-2.5186, 53.2159, 1208131200000, "", "sandy, 14 Apr 2008", "seen over pools by whitegate way,cheshire on 12th april"); series.addPoint(0.7539, 50.9368, 1208044800000, "", "Josh Jenkins Shaw, 13 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve this morning"); series.addPoint(-0.0412, 50.9775, 1208044800000, "", "John A, 13 Apr 2008", "Two swallows seen flying into an open garage that was used for nesting in last year."); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1208044800000, "", "jenny nicholson, 13 Apr 2008", "Our first swallow sighting was in the afternoon of 10th April. It was visible until evening. We live on the edge of the Pennines in the west of Shefdfield."); series.addPoint(-6.2492, 54.3546, 1208044800000, "", "Brian Buchanan, 13 Apr 2008", "April 13th. Single swallow."); series.addPoint(-2.0819, 51.0535, 1208044800000, "", "Danuta Tagg, 13 Apr 2008", "We saw swallows on the telephone wires on 8th April, and the first of our resident swallows returned to the stables today - 13th April. Donhead, Nr Shaftesbury, Dorset.Question: Do…"); series.addPoint(-4.1638, 55.9369, 1208044800000, "", "Graham, 13 Apr 2008", "Swallow perched on telephone line, 11/04/08, Kirkintilloch, Glasgow"); series.addPoint(-3.0817, 52.1941, 1208044800000, "", "Paul Tarling, 13 Apr 2008", "Saw the swallow this morning at Huntington nr Kington Herefordshire on the Wales/ England border at about 1100 feet above sea level."); series.addPoint(-3.1181, 53.3784, 1208044800000, "", "roger penney, 13 Apr 2008", "First swallow seen here at 0930 13th April. (just one on his or her own!)"); series.addPoint(-2.5876, 53.1109, 1208044800000, "", "Angela & John, 13 Apr 2008", "First Swallow sighting here today 13 April 2008, a marathon journey!"); series.addPoint(-0.0192, 51.1328, 1207958400000, "", "jenny scarfe beckett, 12 Apr 2008", "swallows have been feeding along with house martins and sand martins at Weirwood reservoir over the last week"); series.addPoint(-2.8139, 53.8177, 1207958400000, "", "Brendan Tracey, 12 Apr 2008", "Saw my first swallow of the year on the 7.4.08 just heading past springfields power station at around 3.30 pm . It lifts my spirit when i see these little chaps come back , it feel…"); series.addPoint(-1.016700, 50.866699, 1207958400000, "", "Robin Hart, 12 Apr 2008", "Another pair of swallows seen flying low over a field of oil-seed rape in km. sq. SU7225 by Stoner Hill, Petersfield, Hampshire on 12th April AM"); series.addPoint(-2.3895, 52.7662, 1207958400000, "", "Jon, 12 Apr 2008", "10+ house martins flying North over house 09 April, no swallows seen yet.Re; Stephen Green's question earlier; Why do all migrants nest in the Northern Hemisphere? getting extreme,…"); series.addPoint(-1.9171, 52.6314, 1207958400000, "", "Jan T, 12 Apr 2008", "3 seen over the mere at Pelsall just North East of Walsall West Midlands"); series.addPoint(-2.7823, 52.0694, 1207958400000, "", "Ian Phllipson, 12 Apr 2008", "Single Swallow seen at Stretton Sugwas circling above house at 5pm Saturday 5th April 2008"); series.addPoint(1.1857, 52.1206, 1207958400000, "", "Eric, 12 Apr 2008", "One lone Swallow sited on April 3rd. It circled a number of times then flew of on northerly direction. No sitings since."); series.addPoint(-2.6669, 51.8018, 1207958400000, "", "Jenny S, 12 Apr 2008", "While visiting a friend in the Forest of Dean on 3rd of April we saw a swallow, probably female, fly in from the south, mid to late afternoon. My friend said she had swallows nesti…"); series.addPoint(-4.3032, 51.9015, 1207958400000, "", "MR ROBERT A EVANS, 12 Apr 2008", "One very sad swallow arrived 8 April in barn nest site and sat on perch for day. three years ago 10 plus pairs nested declined to 1 pair last year. House martins nested on house fo…"); series.addPoint(-2.7215, 51.4724, 1207958400000, "", "Peter Shellis and Chris Halsal…, 12 Apr 2008", "Lone swallow flying low this morning 8:30"); series.addPoint(0.1181, 51.3274, 1207958400000, "", "Josh Jenkins Shaw, 12 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow seen flying around the farm this morning(12/4/08) and yesterday evening at TN14 7NS, I think they are staying now and are checking out the barns for nesting."); series.addPoint(-4.1473, 51.1087, 1207872000000, "", "Jane Connor, 11 Apr 2008", "Last Saturday afternoon several hundred martins and swallows flew over high flying east. I was very concerned for their welfare in view of the appalling weather forecast. Since the…"); series.addPoint(-1.9363, 53.9302, 1207872000000, "", "Martin Taunton (Bardford Ornot…, 11 Apr 2008", "Silsden Reservoir2 on 5th April then 12 on 11th April"); series.addPoint(-2.3827, 51.3538, 1207872000000, "", "Mrs. M. Hampton, 11 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow seen on the 10th April"); series.addPoint(-2.4005, 54.1624, 1207872000000, "", "Ken Young, 11 Apr 2008", "1st swallow seen on Wednesday 9th April at Hinton Blewett Nr Bristol"); series.addPoint(1.1014, 52.0373, 1207872000000, "", "mark, 11 Apr 2008", "male flying purposefully,he appeared just after a huge thunder/hailstorm,i've read that they follow storms as the winds are stronger behind them? he was flying north"); series.addPoint(-4.0402, 55.6652, 1207872000000, "", "Michael Pink, 11 Apr 2008", "1 swallow was reported to me beside its nesting barn near Sandford, Lanarkshire on Wednesday 9th April"); series.addPoint(-4.4110, 51.7661, 1207267200000, "", "Caroline, 04 Apr 2008", "We saw a small flock of swallows flying in from the sea and settle on the trees below the castle at Llansteffan, Carmarthen"); series.addPoint(-3.0230, 54.4489, 1207872000000, "", "Ian Rodgers, 11 Apr 2008", "April 10 2008. Dozens of swallows flying low over the lake, feeding."); series.addPoint(-4.1913, 51.6811, 1207872000000, "", "John Hopkins, 11 Apr 2008", "Approximatly 12 swallows seen scooping up water off lake at 11am Sun 6th April 08, Millenium lakes, Burry Port , nr Llanelli,"); series.addPoint(-2.7754, 53.2691, 1207872000000, "", "C C Taylerson, 11 Apr 2008", "Single bird, teatime 10 April, over rooftops"); series.addPoint(-1.2799, 51.8782, 1207872000000, "", "Kate Clarke, 11 Apr 2008", "Saw two swallows on 3rd April 2008 while fishing at kirtlington estate nr Oxford"); series.addPoint(-2.133300, 52.583302, 1207872000000, "", "Gelhi Jones, 11 Apr 2008", "A friend of mine went for a walk on the afternoon after the heavy snowfall last Sunday, in the fields just south of Newdigate village in Surrey - where we both live. She and her hu…"); series.addPoint(-3.7766, 50.4977, 1207872000000, "", "Alex Hudson, 11 Apr 2008", "Saw 3 swallows swooping around near the River Dart."); series.addPoint(0.1236, 51.3014, 1207872000000, "", "Josh Jenkins Shaw, 11 Apr 2008", "1 seen flying around fram at TN14 7NS at 10:48am 11th April 2008"); series.addPoint(-2.8400, 52.5396, 1207872000000, "", "Andy Blythe, 11 Apr 2008", "Saw a swallow on 4th April in Minton on The Long Mynd, South Shropshire and then on the 11th in Smallwood, South Cheshire. In both cases there was only one swallow although the one…"); series.addPoint(-6.3281, 53.7487, 1207872000000, "", "Lauren Hoey, 11 Apr 2008", "Saw swallow today at 8 am at this location. I am a pupil of Milverton N S Skerries Co Dublin"); series.addPoint(-6.3281, 52.4828, 1207872000000, "", "Lauren Hoey, 11 Apr 2008", "Saw swallow today at 8 am at this location."); series.addPoint(-6.3281, 52.9089, 1207872000000, "", "shay mcguinness, 11 Apr 2008", "Saw 3 swallows at Ballykea at 7 30 on Friday 11 April.Three swallows does nt make a summer."); series.addPoint(-1.000000, 51.433300, 1207785600000, "", "Pat Bartholomew, 10 Apr 2008", "6 April - Saw about eight swallows flying on field edge - probably feeding on insects from the nearby sewerage works in Keevil, Trowbridge, Wiltshire. A fly-past for my birthday!"); series.addPoint(2.1753, 41.3954, 1207785600000, "", "Sarah-Jane Stewart, 10 Apr 2008", "Yesterday I heard and saw the first 'Golondrinas' (Swallows) of summer here in Barcelona. They are so punctual, I wrote down when they arrived last year; April 13th, almost a year…"); series.addPoint(-0.6454, 48.6746, 1207785600000, "", "Margaret Lefever & Brian D…, 10 Apr 2008", "Small group of swallows flying over at St Clair de Halouze at midday on Tuesday 8th April"); series.addPoint(-0.1923, 48.4675, 1207785600000, "", "Margaret Lefever & Brian D…, 10 Apr 2008", "One swallow spotted close to La Ferte-Mace on Monday 7th April."); series.addPoint(-1.4455, 53.6157, 1207785600000, "", "Mike Howden, 10 Apr 2008", "10 April, 8.30am. Lone swallow sat on a telegraph wire in Old Royston, a quiet village in West Yorkshire."); series.addPoint(-2.9883, 54.7627, 1207785600000, "", "Claire Godfrey, 10 Apr 2008", "From Raughton Head, Cumbria.First swallow has arrived 10th April to check out the nests in the barns next door. They usually arrive around 12th-13th April.Sand martins arrived 31st…"); series.addPoint(-2.6975, 50.8315, 1207785600000, "", "Lisa Hammett, 10 Apr 2008", "One lone swallow flying west, about 2 miles south west of Corscombe at 11.40am. Bringing glad tidings to my heart."); series.addPoint(-1.583300, 53.799999, 1207785600000, "", "lorelie fox, 10 Apr 2008", "I am not sure whether I saw a swallow or a house martin in Crastor northumberland april 9th - one sighting only"); series.addPoint(-3.850000, 55.549999, 1207785600000, "", "Mrs Pam Gawne, 10 Apr 2008", "Say 1 swallow at Peel Bay, Isle of Man yesterday, 9 April.The above map does not include the Isle of Man!"); series.addPoint(-2.9691, 53.5028, 1207785600000, "", "Phil boardman, 10 Apr 2008", "ones and twos passing though aughton /maghull and skelmsdale from 31 03 08 on ."); series.addPoint(0.3076, 51.4335, 1207785600000, "", "mik hayes, 10 Apr 2008", "not seen any swallows in cobham yet, but i saw the first \"house martin\" on april 9th, the same day as last year."); series.addPoint(0.7690, 51.2757, 1207785600000, "", "mik hayes, 10 Apr 2008", "i saw a few swallows on april 3rd in the minster area of the isle of sheppey in kent."); series.addPoint(-3.0762, 51.0276, 1207785600000, "", "Bob Winn, 10 Apr 2008", "2 Swallows on Telephone wires near River Tone on 5th April plus 2 Sandmartins. Today on the 10th surrounded by Swallows, Sandmartins and the first House Martins have arrived.One ve…"); series.addPoint(-8.4375, 51.6180, 1207785600000, "", "Nigel Brown, 10 Apr 2008", "Saw a swallow flying low over a country lane in Cornwall on 7th April."); series.addPoint(0.7036, 51.3250, 1207785600000, "", "Jon Woolley, 10 Apr 2008", "Solitary swallow spotted preening on telegraph wire 10th April"); series.addPoint(-3.600000, 54.549999, 1207785600000, "", "Chris Kieser, 10 Apr 2008", "Two swallows first seen at about 4.30pm, 9th April in Longsleddale, Cumbria, LA8 9AZ. Then on the morning of the 10th April one swallow sitting on telephone wire resting in the sun…"); series.addPoint(-1.4832, 53.0164, 1207785600000, "", "keith allen, 10 Apr 2008", "two swallows seen in belper 7.30 am thursday 10 04 08"); series.addPoint(-1.8320, 51.7627, 1207785600000, "", "Anne Sing., 10 Apr 2008", "Wed. 9th April. Delighted to see my first swallow of the season at Bibury, Glos. It was skimming over the river catching insects & made my day!"); series.addPoint(-5.1224, 50.3823, 1207785600000, "", "tim hodder, 10 Apr 2008", "Spotted two swallows in Ellenglaze Lane TR8 5JN during a snow shower on Saturday 5/4/08. This was one week earlier than last year."); series.addPoint(-4.138600, 50.396400, 1207785600000, "", "don morrison, 10 Apr 2008", "2 swallows seen at rame head on 8th april"); series.addPoint(-1.0794, 53.9932, 1207785600000, "", "Carol Pascoe-Harrison, 10 Apr 2008", "one pair of our swallows returned today 10th April ,about 5 or 6 days earlier than usual, just north of York .We normally end up with several hundred by the end of the season…"); series.addPoint(-6.2207, 54.8082, 1207785600000, "", "Maurice Agnew, 10 Apr 2008", "One swallow spotted flying around the house 8th April"); series.addPoint(-1.0794, 53.9932, 1207785600000, "", "Carol Pascoe-Harrison, 10 Apr 2008", "pair of pur swallows returned today 10th April about 5 or 6 days earlier than usual"); series.addPoint(-2.3401, 50.9723, 1207785600000, "", "Eloise Chant, 10 Apr 2008", "One swallow has returned (9th April) to our small barn, in Marnhull, North Dorset, to roost. A pair bred there for the first time last year, producing one brood of four chicks. I h…"); series.addPoint(0.1071, 51.2963, 1207785600000, "", "Josh Jenkins Shaw, 10 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow seen flying about the farm at TN14 7NS"); series.addPoint(-3.6330, 51.5480, 1207785600000, "", "Philip Hardwick, 10 Apr 2008", "''Our Swallows'' should be back in the garage any day, last year they arrived on April 12th. I have started to see more regular movement of birds in the last few days with about 6…"); series.addPoint(-1.2689, 50.5867, 1207699200000, "", "Hazel Watson, 09 Apr 2008", "Saw my first swallow while driving to work on 2nd April, then spotted two whizzing over my house near Niton the day after."); series.addPoint(-4.0814, 53.1830, 1207699200000, "", "G S TURNER, 09 Apr 2008", "Lone swallow seen on telephone wire mid-afternoon Tuesday 8th April 2008. Close to small group of houses in rural location, near Bethesda, N Wales. Weather very cold and bright. Bi…"); series.addPoint(-0.5630, 51.1983, 1207699200000, "", "Carolyn Woods, Farley Green, G…, 09 Apr 2008", "4 swallows came home to their usual nest sights on 31st March. More have joined them since. I felt very concerned when it snowed heavily, as there were no insects for them to eat…"); series.addPoint(-0.9641, 51.0120, 1207699200000, "", "Robin Hart, 09 Apr 2008", "Two swallows seen over Petersfield Heath pond with house martins and sand martins on Sunday 6th April 2008"); series.addPoint(-3.9221, 52.0187, 1207699200000, "", "Henry Lamb, 09 Apr 2008", "Swallows flying low over surface of Talley lakes during a hailshower; April 9 2008"); series.addPoint(-2.0105, 52.3706, 1207699200000, "", "Mr. Michael Liley, 09 Apr 2008", "I saw a small flock of about 6 swallows circling and hawking insects at low level around a farm pond near Himbleton (grid ref SO957581), this afternoon, Wed 9th April 2008. Later d…"); series.addPoint(-2.8317, 51.0431, 1207699200000, "", "John Bebbington, 09 Apr 2008", "We saw one bird just north of Langport in the morning and two more about a mile further south in the afternoon. There was a flock of about 50 Fieldfares at the same time!"); series.addPoint(-1.1398, 53.5860, 1207699200000, "", "Mr Graham Moss, 09 Apr 2008", "First Swallow sighted today 9th April at approx 17-30 hours in the village of Moss"); series.addPoint(-1.4172, 52.6980, 1207699200000, "", "Roy, 09 Apr 2008", "2 swallows feeding over lake at Sence Valley Forest Park, Ibstock - 9 April"); series.addPoint(-4.4632, 53.1846, 1207699200000, "", "Jan Owens, Aberffraw, Anglesey, 09 Apr 2008", "Single swallow sighted today 9th April, flying low over the hedges near LLyn Coron."); series.addPoint(-1.7166, 52.0288, 1207699200000, "", "Paul Adams, 09 Apr 2008", "Saw a swallow this evening, at about 6pm, at a height of about 30 ft, heading south, flying very straight -perhaps it had lost its nerve ."); series.addPoint(-1.2854, 53.8428, 1207699200000, "", "Ian Young,Selby, 09 Apr 2008", "Single swallow flying at low level over the village,1 day later than last years first sighting which was in Ireland."); series.addPoint(0.6674, 50.8978, 1207699200000, "", "Liz Jury, 09 Apr 2008", "One swallow sighted in Pett, East Sussex, checking last years nest site."); series.addPoint(0.6674, 50.8996, 1207699200000, "", "Elizabeth Jury, 09 Apr 2008", "One swallow, checking last years nest site 09.04.08"); series.addPoint(1.1941, 52.6997, 1207699200000, "", "Roger Steele, 09 Apr 2008", "It was sitting on a telegraph wire that went across Medlar's Yard (brick wholesalers) at Fir Covert Road, Taverham, Norfolk, 10.00 am on 09.04.2008."); series.addPoint(-1.4722, 52.9288, 1207699200000, "", "Sarah Barkham, 09 Apr 2008", "We have seen a couple flying around over the weekend but we are not sure where they are nesting"); series.addPoint(0.1318, 51.2120, 1207699200000, "", "Josh Jenkins Shaw, 09 Apr 2008", "3 Swallows seen over Bough Beech Reservoir this morning heading North, also 10+ House martins"); series.addPoint(-110.360703, 31.527300, 1207699200000, "", "Gordon Adam, 09 Apr 2008", "Two Swallows, Hirundo Rustica, spotted in Germany over orchards west of the City of Mainz, 2 April 2008"); series.addPoint(-0.9393, 48.6329, 1207699200000, "", "christine Goldsmith, 09 Apr 2008", "Two swallows sighted saturday and Sunday (5th, 6th of April). They are flying around but have not gone back to their usual nesting site yet. Have not seen them since cold weather m…"); series.addPoint(-2.0847, 51.7185, 1207699200000, "", "G Hornby, 09 Apr 2008", "Today we have a swallow checking out the old nest sight in stable in Frampton Mansell. 9 April 2008."); series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1207699200000, "", "Roger A. Stansfield, 09 Apr 2008", "I have just returned from delivering Cornwall Wildlfe magazines around the village, and saw my first swallows of the year today (9 April). There were at least twenty resting on wir…"); series.addPoint(-4.7993, 50.4123, 1207699200000, "", "Phillip Gale. Sunnyview Crigga…, 09 Apr 2008", "One Swallow sited in my garage on 3.4.2008. They have nested in my garage roof for the past six years.Last year they had one brood that all died, then went on to build / restore ne…"); series.addPoint(-3.4689, 51.6947, 1207699200000, "", "Kerry Evans, 09 Apr 2008", "Lone Swallow spotted on high ground near Aberdare in Glamorgan on the morning of April 9, within minutes two more flew past."); series.addPoint(-3.0405, 51.0466, 1207699200000, "", "Katharin Dalton, 09 Apr 2008", "Saw 6 swallows flying over fields at back of house at 6.30pm last evening 8 April."); series.addPoint(0.7141, 45.6371, 1207699200000, "", "John Macdonald, 09 Apr 2008", "I saw a swallow about 7 weeks ago when it was very warm in February never before as early as that. The first swallows usually arrive on the 23 March but not this year. Over the las…"); series.addPoint(-0.1160, 50.9201, 1207699200000, "", "Joe, 09 Apr 2008", "Saw a lone Swallow over some farm buldings near Ditchling. The same place I saw my first last year too."); series.addPoint(-1.8649, 51.3546, 1207699200000, "", "Peter Moreton, 09 Apr 2008", "Wednesday 2nd of April. Two birds spotted migrating together while travelling on the Kennet and Avon canal. Same day saw groups of migrating martins and heared first willow warbler…"); series.addPoint(-2.7548, 54.2299, 1207699200000, "", "Peter Moreton, 09 Apr 2008", "Swallow seen feeding above the River Bela on Sunday 6th of April - trying to dodge the snow showers. First sighting for me in South Cumbria."); series.addPoint(-0.6839, 52.6547, 1207699200000, "", "Anne Fewings, 09 Apr 2008", "Swallows and House Martins seen at Lyndon Reserve Rutland Water Sat 5 Apr along with Ospreys"); series.addPoint(-4.7615, 50.6634, 1207699200000, "", "Gerald and Sarah McCauley, 09 Apr 2008", "I'm not sure that my marks took on the map, but on Monday, April 7th, we were just south of Tintagel on Gleeb Cliffs and saw two swallows. Then, on Tues. the 8th, we saw one in St.…"); series.addPoint(0.0302, 51.6317, 1207699200000, "", "Barry Jones, 09 Apr 2008", "6 swallows over Roding Valley Nature reserve, Loughton, Essex , on saturday, April 5th. Further small groups of swallows seen high for next three days."); series.addPoint(-2.2522, 51.9663, 1207699200000, "", "Bridget Farrer, 09 Apr 2008", "I saw a swallow on 30th March flying over the Hams at Ashleworth near Tewkesbury."); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1207699200000, "", "f.h.thomson, 09 Apr 2008", "first swallow Reigate, April 2nd moving north did not stop"); series.addPoint(-2.7328, 51.4865, 1207699200000, "", "GERRY GRIFFITHS, 09 Apr 2008", "WE SPOTTED A LOAN SWALLOW ON SUN 6TH APRIL ON THE CONSERVASTION AREA IN PORTISHEAD. IT WAS THE ONLY BIRD WE SEEN POSSIBLELY DUE TO THE VERY COLD WIND AND SNOW FLURRIES. WE MAY HVE…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1207699200000, "", "gareth clare, 09 Apr 2008", "There were 4 Swallows back @ their barn in the village of Steventon , south Oxfordshire onTuesday the 8th April, with 1 perched on the edge of its nest. These were my first Swallow…"); series.addPoint(-96.9269, 19.5184, 1207612800000, "", "Roberto Scott, 08 Apr 2008", "Dear friends from BBC.I spoted swallows in an old hacienda type houe in Banderilla,a small town near Xalapa in the ste of Veracruz.I saw about ten neste between the beams and the c…"); series.addPoint(-0.2335, 51.6572, 1207612800000, "", "Diana Nelson, 08 Apr 2008", "1st Swallow seen on 3rd April (1 day earlier than last year) - Northaw Nr Potters Bar. I had been watching a pair of buzzards and suddenly saw him. Did not see again for a couple o…"); series.addPoint(-2.5818, 52.3320, 1207612800000, "", "Mr.C.Morris, 08 Apr 2008", "Pair of swallows seen on the meadow by the river Teme on 5th April, p.m.I would also like to let you know that wheatears reached the north of Mull where we were last week, on 2nd A…"); series.addPoint(-2.6999, 53.7617, 1207612800000, "", "Marion Seed, 08 Apr 2008", "Saw our first swallows (2 or 3) on April 7th, about 2 pm, flying over the river Ribble. Also heard first chiffchaff loud and clear, first near river, then (another one?) as we ente…"); series.addPoint(-4.5257, 52.1343, 1207612800000, "", "P.Woollons, 08 Apr 2008", "First swallow seen hugging the cliff tops between Aberporth and Tresaith about 12.30pm last wednesday 2nd April 2008."); series.addPoint(-1.4529, 51.6500, 1207612800000, "", "Martin Smith, 08 Apr 2008", "The first swallow seen in our Oxfordshire village today, 8th April (two days earlier than last year)."); series.addPoint(-4.9631, 50.5588, 1207612800000, "", "gerry, 08 Apr 2008", "walked along the camel estury, and on trevone head today 7/4/08, several groups of swallows about."); series.addPoint(-0.7333, 51.0776, 1207612800000, "", "elaine mucci, 08 Apr 2008", "one swallow on telephone line durley so32 8 april 5.30 pm"); series.addPoint(-2.9004, 53.0759, 1207612800000, "", "Kim Paterson, 08 Apr 2008", "First single sighting 30th March, but since 3/4th April we have seen them in numbers everyday. We live right beside the River Dee and saw the sandmartins arrive in early to mid-Mar…"); series.addPoint(-3.0789, 51.1346, 1207612800000, "", "Pauline Aspel, 08 Apr 2008", "We saw the first 2 swallows flying around the farm about 10. 30 in the morning on the 2nd April but they were just passing over. Last year we had 23 nests around the farm they arri…"); series.addPoint(3.8370, 47.3946, 1207612800000, "", "J. Wegmann from Burgundy, 08 Apr 2008", "We live in northern Burgundy France, and we saw a swallow arrive in our village on the 31st March. Without succes it tried to find a place to stay on the outside corner of our loun…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1207612800000, "", "Bob Hogge, 08 Apr 2008", "!st 3 swallows sighted coming ashore 08:30 Jersey South coast.Weds 2 April. 3 more sighted hawking above Rozel on Jersey's north coast 16:30 Sat 5 April"); series.addPoint(-0.0577, 51.0431, 1207612800000, "", ", 08 Apr 2008", "3 swallows flying north at 16.oo on 3rd April"); series.addPoint(-2.0174, 53.1402, 1207612800000, "", "Ros Brett, 08 Apr 2008", "A number of swallows flying over Tittesworh reservoir 5th April 2008"); series.addPoint(-2.7603, 51.1380, 1207612800000, "", "Adrian Woodhall, 08 Apr 2008", "Saw numerous swallows feeding on the nature reserve at Ham Wall near Street in Somerset on the evening of 6 April 2008. Heard the first Sedge Warbler of the spring on the same even…"); series.addPoint(-5.4973, 50.1611, 1207612800000, "", "Francesca Wilkins, 08 Apr 2008", "Delighted to see one swallow occupying one of last year's nests on the evening of 6th April. Next morning there were eight on the telephone wire. We have three established nests in…"); series.addPoint(-4.1858, 52.9139, 1207612800000, "", "Mike Jenkins, 08 Apr 2008", "Black Rock Sands, Gwynedd. N.Wales, 5/04/2008 2 Swallows flying in off the sea atabout 11am."); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1207612800000, "", "Dave Ewer, 08 Apr 2008", "Many swallows and house martins seen flying over lakes on Sunday 6th."); series.addPoint(0.3461, 51.1621, 1207612800000, "", "Joshua Jenkins Shaw, 08 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow seen perched on wire at Hawkwell Farm, TN2 4H. Soon started feeding over the fields"); series.addPoint(-2.1094, 52.0525, 1207612800000, "", "Jan Gray, 08 Apr 2008", "Six swallows sighted at 17.00 hrs April 6th at Romsey Hampshire. They seemed to be feeding, inspite of the cold weather there are quite a few flying insects about. No sign of them…"); series.addPoint(-1.5573, 50.8874, 1207612800000, "", "Sharon Donaldson, 08 Apr 2008", "We have seen 2 or 3 swallows passing through in the last week but do not appear to be staying around.Today,however, our first swallow has returned to it's nesting site in our horse…"); series.addPoint(-2.1313, 51.7219, 1207612800000, "", "G Hornby, 08 Apr 2008", "We saw our first swallows on Sunday 6th April but I think they were passing through. Our usual couple of pairs usually arrive a little later and nest in our stable."); series.addPoint(-1.9913, 51.3272, 1207612800000, "", "Andrew Bray, 08 Apr 2008", "Sunday 6 April - one swallow hawking for food low in grass field."); series.addPoint(6.6385, 45.9416, 1207612800000, "", "Robin Bierton, 08 Apr 2008", "Spotted my first swallow in this area on 29th March 2008. It was flying over the nearby river \" le Giffre\"."); series.addPoint(-0.4724, 50.9082, 1207612800000, "", "Brian Christopher Thomas, 08 Apr 2008", "While out recording birds at Pulborough Brookes the RSPB site this morning I watched as three swallows flew across the fields south of the visitors centre. It was a very cold sunny…"); series.addPoint(6.6275, 43.7969, 1207612800000, "", "Eric Rowe, Valderoure, France, 08 Apr 2008", "8th April They've been on the Med coast for a couple of weeks now, one one or two here in the mountains last week, but yesterday coming over in waves"); series.addPoint(-3.5403, 54.6293, 1207612800000, "", "Ann Douglas, 08 Apr 2008", "Swallows at Siddick Ponds, Workington, 4 April 2008 onwards"); series.addPoint(-0.9998, 53.4439, 1207612800000, "", "Marion Merkens, 08 Apr 2008", "Spotted one swallow at Derbyshire Wildlife Site Hilton Gravel Pits at 6.30 on Friday 4th April."); series.addPoint(-0.4642, 52.9883, 1207612800000, "", "s binks, 08 Apr 2008", "1 male swallow (very long tail streamers) seen on phone line 2nd April"); series.addPoint(-2.4774, 51.6146, 1207612800000, "", "Nicola Watson, 08 Apr 2008", "Saw about 20 flying and catching flies over the lake of Tortworth Estate on Sunday 6th April morning."); series.addPoint(1.0767, 52.0829, 1207612800000, "", "Lynda Godfrey, 08 Apr 2008", "First swallow in our farmyard on Friday 4th April. It arrived in the morning and was around all day. We didn't see him ( long tail streamers ?) over the cold snowy weekend and fear…"); series.addPoint(-2.7383, 53.9383, 1207612800000, "", "ian hindle, 08 Apr 2008", "seen 5/4/08 six arches caravan site scorton"); series.addPoint(-4.1267, 54.8031, 1207612800000, "", "Janet Jones, 08 Apr 2008", "Swallows regularly sighted since March 31st in Kirkcudbright area. This is a full fortnight earlier than I saw any last year."); series.addPoint(0.633300, 51.783298, 1207612800000, "", "Ethne Tragett, 08 Apr 2008", "On my way to Rye yesterday saw my first swallow of the year flying over fields bordering the Military Canal, near Scots Float, just outside Rye. It was, I think, female, as it did…"); series.addPoint(-3.8603, 50.3446, 1207612800000, "", "Neil Cooper, 08 Apr 2008", "Three swallows arrived back at the barns on our farm on the 4th April exactly the same date as last year. We all stood outside and cheered as they explored the old nest sites and s…"); series.addPoint(-1.6370, 51.6317, 1207612800000, "", "Linda Green, 08 Apr 2008", "First swallow spotted here, i.e. Mynydd Bodafon, Llanerchymedd, Anglesey, on 4th April. Spring is here!!"); series.addPoint(6.1880, 46.3564, 1207612800000, "", "Suzanne Fletcher, 08 Apr 2008", "My husband and I were delighted to see about a dozen swallows as we walked along the Lake Geneva shore at the Versoix sailing club, 9 kms from Geneva, on Sunday afternoon (April 6)…"); series.addPoint(-2.4294, 50.5475, 1207612800000, "", "G E Cooper, 08 Apr 2008", "Several Swallows seen coming over the cliffs at Portland on Thursday April 3rd."); series.addPoint(0.1401, 51.3117, 1207612800000, "", "Josh Jenkins Shaw, 08 Apr 2008", "1 Swallow flew over heading East at approxamatly 10:00am, 8th April 2008"); series.addPoint(-2.2690, 52.4066, 1207612800000, "", "Wayne Nutter, 08 Apr 2008", "1 Spotted 2 pairs of swallows around 18:30 over the Farm roof tops .Quite a shock I thought it was very early."); series.addPoint(-4.7351, 52.1078, 1207612800000, "", "Rod Walker, 08 Apr 2008", "We saw 3 swallows whilst on Poppit Beach on Saturday 5th April"); series.addPoint(28.083300, -26.200001, 1207612800000, "", "Ghoo du Preez, 08 Apr 2008", "Where i work in Port Elizabeth, South Africa we are on a hill overlooking a valley. There is an open soccer field behind my office and every day twenty or more swallows congregate…"); series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1207612800000, "", "mr c p howard, 08 Apr 2008", "swallows spotted on woodoaks farm maple cross rickmansworth herts"); series.addPoint(-0.2755, 51.4420, 1207612800000, "", "Ross Wagner, 08 Apr 2008", "My family and I saw a swallow flying low over the ponds in Richmond Park on Sunday 6th of April."); series.addPoint(-0.2692, 38.6061, 1207612800000, "", "Stephen Green, 08 Apr 2008", "Swallows arrived here in Sella 2 weeks ago. A question - do swallows regard Europe as home and Africa as a \"winter\" refuge, or the other way about? How do we know? Do they have a f…"); series.addPoint(29.5313, 33.7243, 1222128000000, "", "Simon Allen, 23 Sep 2008", "We are liveaboards on a sailing yacht in Turkey. The swallows seem to be drawn to the marinas & give good entertainment; swooping low over the water, then suddenly rising up to…"); series.addPoint(-0.700000, 52.033298, 1221523200000, "", "Brian Horswill, 16 Sep 2008", "My family spent a weeks holiday in a farmhouse up in the Radnorshire hills in 1984. After putting my young son to bed I used to sit on the doorstep in the evenings taking in the in…"); series.addPoint(0.000000, 0.000000, 1221004800000, "", "A Fool in the Desert, 10 Sep 2008", "So - does one swallow mark the end of summer? Today (9/9/08) in Tazerbo, in the Libyan Sahara, I saw the first swallow arrive on its journey back south, quickly followed by a few t…"); series.addToMigration(mi);var series = new Markers("user-comments", "Comments", { file: 'map-icon-comment.png', size: [24, 34] }, false, false);series.addPoint(0.9476, 51.2808, 1, "", "Janice, 10 Apr 2008", "2 swallows arrived yesterday (9/4/08). They flew in and out of the stables where last years nest sights were. If one swallow doesn't make a summer, does two swallows mean we've jum…");series.addPoint(-1.9666, 53.4406, 1, "", "Jean, 12 Apr 2008", "I saw my first swallow of the year on Friday (11 April). A single bird flying over the train station on my way to work brightened up a dull journey to work.");series.addPoint(-0.566700, 51.216702, 1, "", "stephanie henley, 22 Apr 2008", "just heard your programme on swallows breeding. I grew up in east london, south africa where we had a pair of swallows who nested in our garage for nearly 15 years. we had to leave…");series.addPoint(0.116700, 51.083302, 1, "", "Mike Matson, 22 Apr 2008", "I have often seen swallow and martin nests in Botswana. The question to which I've yet to find an answer is whether these birds are the same ones that migrate to Europe and, if so,…");series.addPoint(-6.0370, 54.0562, 1, "", "Noel Cunningham, 25 Apr 2008", "Small flock arrived at Cranfield Co.Down BT34 4LQ on the 2nd of April 08");series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1, "", "Margaret Evans, 27 Apr 2008", "Each year we rcord the arrival of \"our\" swallows around the 16th/17th of April, this year being no exception.......but......only one pair. This is tragic as far as we are concerned…");series.addPoint(-6.248900, 53.333099, 1, "", "Albert Smith, 13 Jun 2008", "Comment: Swallows arrived very late to Kilmolin, near Enniskerry in Co Wicklow this year. First sighting was April 30 and there do not seem to be as many as usual. Question: Is the…");series.addPoint(-4.0924, 50.4890, 1, "", "Will Adams, 25 Jun 2008", "Fewer swallows than this time last year to West Devon and also late arriving.");series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1, "", "harry hutt, 01 Aug 2008", "What is the swallow's flight time from perth scotland to south africa?");series.addPoint(-2.1506, 52.6331, 1, "", "nicky cork, 17 Aug 2008", "We have had a family return and breed a clutch of 5. There are now more nests built around the original one and another clutch of 2 has appeared in one of these nests. Would this y…");series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1, "", "Jennifer Rebbeck, 01 Sep 2008", "Saturday august 30. had lots of swallows 200+ around the house on the 2 rooves facing the sun 1pm until sun went round laying in the grooves of tile roof 1 wing held up so sun warm…");series.addPoint(-3.4140, 51.4882, 1, "", "Sue Macdonald, 02 Sep 2008", "We have had two pairs of swallows nesting in various barns and who successfully raised 7/8 between them. We have also had other swallows joining the 2 families and I was interested…");series.addPoint(-2.7672, 56.6249, 1, "", "Lesley P, 03 Sep 2008", "VERY Late FledglingsI have had a pair of swallows nesting under my car port since late April. They raised their first family of 5 as soon as possible after their arrival, and conti…");series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1, "", "C. Azulek, 16 Sep 2008", "Sometime about the end of June this year, a pair of swallows flew into my living room and because the living room door to the outside is open most of the day they kept flying in. I…");series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1, "", "Thomas Edwards, 18 Sep 2008", "Will swallows leave any unready to fly second clutch young if the main pack leave to emigrate? We have young swallows still in the nest, when it looks like the parents have left wi…");series.addPoint(-2.250000, 51.833302, 1, "", "Sue Macdonald, Ystradowen, Val…, 23 Sep 2008", "Our swallows left us about 10th September - how we missed their chatter and antics! Imagine our pleasure and surprise when about 13 arrived on our wire yesterday morning, 22nd Sept…");series.addPoint(-1.783300, 53.650002, 1, "", "Elizabeth Ashley, 07 Oct 2008", "I crossed the Bay of Biscay on a small passenger ship last week en route for the Iberian Peninsula & we had some hitchikers on board in the form of small migrant birds, includi…");series.addPoint(-1.2332, 52.4560, 1, "", "Rob Paddon, 07 Oct 2008", "Last Sunday morning(Oct 5th) while watching my son play rugby (in the pouring rain) in Lutterworth, Leics., a lone swallow spent about 15 mins flying between the boys at ground lev…");series.addPoint(-6.0507, 54.0417, 1, "", "Noel Cunningham, 12 Oct 2008", "Sunday 12th October 2008. Swallows at Cranfield Co. Down N.Ireland. After a few weeks of very rare sightings, today Sunday the 12th Oct upwards of 30 swallows seen in the skies at…");series.addPoint(-0.450000, 52.133301, 1, "", "Bridget Wadey, 13 Oct 2008", "Although we are saying goodbye to this year's Swallows we should ensure that they have adequate nesting sites on thier return. Over the last 10 years many old style barns have been…");series.addPoint(-3.2327, 54.9461, 1, "", "Claire Godfrey, 04 Nov 2008", "Amazingly we saw two juvenile swallows happily feeding on 2nd November at the RSPB reserve at Campsfield Marsh in Cumbria. There were still insects around but we are assuming that…");series.addPoint(-2.6395, 51.7882, 1, "", "Christina Hollis, 10 Dec 2008", "On December 12th 1988 I watched two swallows flying low over a nearby field. They did several circuits before disappearing off toward the South East. The first two people I told ab…");series.addToMigration(mi);