var series = new Route("actual-route","Actual Route",{ file: 'default.png', size: [46, 46] }, "#a53630", true, true); series.addPoint(-58.7548828125, 75.70478638174052, 1220832000000, "actual-route", "", ""); series.addToMigration(mi); = "Narwhal";mi.summary = "Monodon monoceros";mi.override_centre = "";mi.override_zoom = "3";var reports = new Markers("reports", "Reports", { file: 'map-icon-report.png', size: [24, 34] }, true, true);reports.addPoint(-61.34765625, 75.49715731893085, 1222992000000, "narwhals-go-awol", "Narwhals go AWOL", "Narwhals are one of the planet's most elusive animals and they have proved it once again. Last month, Dr Kristin Laidre and her team tagged some Narwhals on the NW coast of Greenla…");reports.addPoint(-60.64453125, 76.01609366420996, 1220832000000, "tracking-the-narwhal", "Tracking the Narwhal", "In North West Greenland, as far as you can travel before hitting the sea ice, you will find the great fjord of Inglefield Bredning. It is here that the world’s most northerly indig…");reports.addToMigration(mi);