var series = new Route("predicted-route","Predicted Route",{ file: 'european-eel.png', size: [46, 46] }, "#a67a82", true, true); series.addPoint(-74.1797, 27.6835, 1210809600000, "predicted-route", "", ""); series.addPoint(-7.3828, 49.9512, 1228867200000, "predicted-route", "", ""); series.addToMigration(mi); = "European Eel";mi.summary = "Anguilla anguilla";mi.override_centre = "";mi.override_zoom = "";var reports = new Markers("reports", "Reports", { file: 'map-icon-report.png', size: [24, 34] }, true, true);reports.addPoint(-9.0966796875, 53.30462107510271, 1229040000000, "eels-in-earrings", "Eels in Earrings", "To try to answer some of the many questions about Eel migration and to find out why the smartest Eels this season are wearing earrings, Mike Dilger set off to Galway, Ireland to jo…");reports.addPoint(-2.88116455078125, 51.04679026362247, 1224028800000, "the-odyssey-of-the-eel", "The Odyssey of the Eel ", "The migration of the Eel is one of natural history's great mysteries - it is assumed that they migrate between the UK and the Sargasso Sea off Bermuda but beyond that we know very…");reports.addPoint(-3.123807907104492, 52.07507488941148, 1212364800000, "your-questions-answered-at-hay", "Your Questions Answered at Hay", "When asked the question “what’s it like making wildlife programmes for radio..?” answers roll off the tongue of people like myself: “give our audiences close encounters with wildli…");reports.addToMigration(mi);var series = new Markers("user-comments", "Comments", { file: 'map-icon-comment.png', size: [24, 34] }, false, false);series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1, "", "Ben, 13 Feb 2008", "I'm afraid you may think me quite dense but I don't quite understand something - perhaps I missed it in the report? If, as I think I heard, no European Eel has been caught outside…");series.addPoint(-1.8814, 50.7990, 1, "", "phil bournemouth, 13 Feb 2008", "the eels i catch (not by design) in my local river are very slimey indeed. Do they carry that thick layer of slime during their travels in the sea?");series.addPoint(-0.8240, 51.5139, 1, "", "Kitty Cooper, 21 Feb 2008", "my sister looks like this animal.");series.addPoint(-81.3153, 28.2391, 1, "", "Manuel Rodriguez, 02 Mar 2008", "I believe that millions (?)of years ago Europe and the Sargasso sea were much closer together and as time pass they keep drifting apart.");series.addPoint(-2.5873, 54.1351, 1, "", "John Salmon, 07 Mar 2008", "I am fairly confident that about 20 years ago I heard a BBC Radio programme in which it was stated that elvers which reach British Rivers from the Sargasso Sea are the offspring of…");series.addPoint(-2.5214, 54.1287, 1, "", "John Salmon, 19 Mar 2008", "Many thanks for the very helpful reply from Julian Metcalf: it seemed very unlikely at the time, for the reasons you suggest. Perhaps I misheard/misunderstood the broadcast, though…");series.addPoint(-1.000000, 51.433300, 1, "", "chris webster, 30 Mar 2008", "John Salmon is right about that Radio 4 programme, though I can't remember if it was a single programme or a little series of 15-minute pieces. Anyway, it was rather over-romantici…");series.addPoint(-2.000000, 54.000000, 1, "", "Andy Don, 17 Apr 2008", "I am a Fisheries Technical Officer working for the Environment Agency concerned with eel issues locally and further afield. The bulk of our eel work is carried out in the Somerset…");series.addPoint(-0.50, 53.75, 1, "", "David Byng, 11 May 2008", "Members of the international scientific community may be interested to know that I have recently copied the eel pages on the WOtM web site to Dr Denys W Tucker, now aged 85, (menti…");series.addPoint(2.183300, 41.383301, 1, "", "Laura, 04 Jun 2008", "Can I sea pikchures of the European Eel.");series.addPoint(-77.1185, 38.9103, 1, "", "Rob S, 14 Jul 2008", "Spotted an American Eel, Anguilla rostata on the end of a fisherman's pole on the Georgetown Waterfront in Washington D.C a few weeks ago. Eel was just short of 2 feet long.My firs…");series.addPoint(-4.250000, 55.833302, 1, "", "Angela Anderson, 27 Aug 2008", "Spotted from our yacht, on Saturday 23rd August 2008 near to navigation buoy \"C\", north of Great Cumbrae on the river Clyde, about the \"L\" for Largs on your map, a sea gull siting…");series.addPoint(-0.700000, 52.033298, 1, "", "Malcolm Padmore, 02 Sep 2008", "I heard recently from an Environment Agency officer that the River Gowy in Cheshire is one of the best rivers in Europe for eel but that she had no idea why. Is this the case and i…");series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1, "", "Etienne Gilfillan, 10 Sep 2008", "I was interested in DAVID BYNG's message regarding Dr. Tucker. We'd very much like to contact him to ask him a quick question for an article in the Fortean Times. If David Byng hap…");series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1, "", "David Byng, 13 Sep 2008", "Dear Etianne Gilfillan,We've just returned from our holiday in France. We spoke to Denys a couple of times on the telephone and he seemed strong having had a recent brush with ill…");series.addPoint(-0.116700, 51.500000, 1, "", "Chris, 16 Oct 2008", "Hello, I've just finished listening to your programme [great], but it left me a bit puzzled. The commentator mentioned some eels leave the British rivers only after 20 years, to sp…");series.addToMigration(mi);