World On the Move

Throughout 2008 our worldwide legion of reporters, scientists and amateur naturalists have added to this record of Planet Earth's most awe inspiring natural spectacle - great animal migration.


  • Humpback Whale from the Nature Picture Library
    31 Dec 2008

    Humpbacks bubble netting

    Have you ever heard the siren-like songs of Humpback Whales? Our reporter, Joe Stevens, has just returned with some amazing audio of these whales feeding.

  • Osprey from the Nature Picture Library
    30 Dec 2008

    Logie's Run

    Logie the Osprey's migration between Africa and Scotland had us on the edge of our seats. In 43 days she traversed 9 countries and covered 3619 miles.

  • Monarch Butterfly by Nature Picture Library
    29 Dec 2008

    Monarch Butterflies

    In this video clip you can see what it's like to walk through the forests of central Mexico with millions of Monarch Butterflies preparing to migrate through North America.

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