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Who Runs Britain?

Who Runs Britain: 2005 Vote

After counting all of your votes the top 10 list of where the power really lies in Britain is:

1:  José Manuel Barroso                        22% 
2:  Rupert Murdoch                            15% 
3:  Parliament                                   14% 
4:  The British People                         12% 
5:  Sir Gus O'Donnell                          10% 
6:  Terry Leahy                                 7% 
7:  Tony Blair                                    7%  
8:  Google                                        6% 
9:  Gordon Brown                              4% 
10: Shami Chakrabarti                        3% 


The job of our panel of experts is to consider listeners' nominations and to create a shortlist of 10 - where power really lies in Britain. Panel members will take into account the number of nominations for any individual - but will use their own judgement to create a list which reflects the complexity of power in Britain and the breadth of the debates and ideas we've heard on the programme.
The Who Runs Britain Panel

The panel members are: (1) Kevin Marsh, Today Programme Editor; (2) Dame Stella Rimington, former head of MI5; (3) Sir Bill Morris, former head of the TGWU; (4) Will Hutton from the Work Foundation; and (5) Dr James Sanders who co-researched the book 'Who Runs This Place' with Anthony Sampson.

Listen Again:

19/12:Julia Langdon , John Cole and John Sergeant discuss the Christmas poll question; Who runs Britain?

20/12: The historian Linda Colley and Anthony Seldon , headmaster of Wellington College and biographer of Tony Blair, discuss who runs Britain.

21/12:  Baroness Greenfield, Kathy Sykes and Dr Ian Gibson try to decide about the most influential people in Britain.

22/12:  The novelist Frederick Forsyth and Jenny Watson of the Equal Opportunities Commission give us their thoughts on who runs Britain.

23/12:  George Galloway , Shami Chakrabarti and PJ O'Rourke present their nominations for our vote on Who Runs Britain?

24/12:  Our Christmas poll panel, including: Dame Stella Rimmington , Will Hutton , Sir Bill Morris , Dr James Sanders , and chaired by our editor Kevin Marsh , has been deliberating on Who Runs Britain?

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