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Commemorating 50 years of Today

1981-1987       Let's Make Lots of Money

Browse archive audio and memories of the Today Generation of an era that witnessed the Miners Strike, the Falklands War and a Royal wedding.

Charles and Di
Charles and Diana marry - 29 July 1981

600, 000 people line the London streets as Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer.

From the archive: a very Royal wedding
Beverly Tail on the Falklands War

"Living alongside a naval port, I distinctly remember when the Falklands War broke out. My husband and I had friends who were in the Navy and remember them going off to war."

Read more at Beverley's blog
Roger Troughton on a tranquil life in Cumbria

"I don't recall that any of the events of the 1980s or 1990s had a direct effect on me at all. I had a fairly secure job, no-one I knew had to go to the Falklands War or the Gulf War, the miners strike had very little effect on West Cumbria."

Read more at Roger's blog
The miners strike - May 1984

The police use riot gear to break up a picket of 5,000 miners at Orgreave, west Yorkshire.

From the archive: clashes at Orgreave
Steve Morris on his record company
New Order

"New Order's relationship with (their record company) Factory and Factory’s relationship with New Order was that they should be allowed to make mistakes."

Read more about Stephen
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