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Latest Reports
Science and Nature

darwinThe Darwin Archive
Charles Darwin’s private, unpublished papers are to be avaliable online to the public for the first time.
See the report and gallery

Cherry Blossom in Japan
The cherry trees blossomed six days earlier than usual in Japan. Chris Hogg visited the Yasukuni Shrine to take a look.
See the pictures and listen again

Pygmy Hippos Spotted
The pygmy hippos surviving in Liberia.
See the pictures.
Hear Tom Feilden's report

The Big Question
Your big science questions are answered by experts.
Go to the BA website

Paper Planes
The Japanese are testing a paper airplane they want to launch from the International Space Station to glide back to earth.
See pictures and listen to the report

Giant Salmon
Pictures from "The Domesday Book of Giant Salmon", a collection stories about the gigantic Atlantic salmon that didn’t get away. See pictures and listen again.

After The Flood
Nicola Stanbridge returns to the areas hit by recent floods to see how people are coping with the clean up operation. Read your stories and see photos.

After The Flood
Nicola Stanbridge returns to see the people coping with the aftermath of the floods. Read your stories and see photos.

The turbulent history of "green taxes" 
Government money grabbing or a clever way to make polluters pay?

Nature Iraq
The wildlife that is returning to the Iraqi marshes drained by Saddam Hussein in the 1990s.Listen to the item and view the picture gallery

Sleep Deprivation
How important is sleep? And are you storing up health problems for yourself by burning the candle at both ends? To find out if you're running up a sleep debt take part in our survey.

RSPB Urge for Marine Bill
The RSPB launch campaign to emphasise the need for a Marine Bill. Listen again and see the pictures

Climate Change Photos
The National Trust have asked photographers to capture some of the changes taking place to the coastline and countryside on their land in order to draw attention to the effects of climate change on the British landscape. See pictures from the exhibition and some of your own contributions.

Could Robots Turn On Us?
Just how clever do we really want artificial intelligence to be? The debate sparked by Isaac Asimov's1950 book 'I, Robot'.

Food Chemicals may harm
Chemical traces in food could be harmful when combined - Nicola Stanbridge reports.

Early Birds
Today ran a survey on the 21st December to look at the order in which birds arrive at bird tables early in the morning.

What's the point of committees?
Is there too much reliance in public life on decision-making by committees? Professor Susan Greenfield believes so.

Venus Transit
On June 8th 2004, Venus started to cross the face of the sun - an event which has not been witnessed by anybody alive on Earth.

Climate Change Panel
Today brought a panel of leading scientists together with the father of Gaia theory to debate his theories about global warming.

Renewable Energy
Roger Harrabin reports on a Yorkshire estate of the Duke of Devonshire powered almost entirely by renewables.

Global warming in the developing world
A Dfid report reveals the extent to which greenhouse gas emissions from rich countries are damaging the poor.

Renewable Energy
The conservatives say they want to revolutionise low-carbon energy in the UK. They are insisting that all but the smallest of new developments should be forced to build in some renewable energy.

Climate Change and Business
Despite calls from big businesses for more rigorous policy to combat climate change, the government has been reluctant to impose regulations on industry.

Bush on Climate Change
The White House says George Bush inadvertently exaggerated the amount the US is spending on clean fuel technology to combat climate change.

Childrens Teeth
Sanchia Berg investigates whether there's a rich-poor divide in the dental health of Britain's children under the age of five. 

Cracking the code
Bletchley Park's ace WW2 code-breakers have been called in to help solve the riddle of a 250 year-old inscription at Shugborough Hall. Click above to read more.

Lunar Eclipse
Many people missed out on seeing the lunar eclipse because of unfavourable weather. But if you managed to see it, send us your photographs. 

Field Study
Why on earth have 120 scientists just spent seven years and £6 million studying one field in the Scottish Borders?

Simple Science
Four students come into Today to blow up the universe, smash spinning eggs together, and make coke cans implode - why? To explain the laws of physics of course.

Bumblebee Watch
Fancy donating some of your time to help advance our knowledge of one of Britain's best known insects? The National Bumblebee Nest Survey gets underway.

Birdwatch 2004
It's good news for the wood pigeon but the song thrush is in trouble in the RSPB's 25th Big Garden Birdwatch.

The Solar Pyramid
As construction beings on a massive sundial near the M1 in Derbyshire, we ask just how much local communities benefit from such large scale architectural projects?

Climate Change solutions
Roger Harrabin reports on radical new ideas to reduce pollution being discussed by scientists around the world.

Forget recycling -are smaller households the main cause of Climate Change? Roger Harrabin.

Media hype over health?
New research accuses the media of hyping up health scares such as SARS while underplaying bigger risks to public health such as smoking.

Seeds of Love
The race is on to capitalise on the rare 'coning' of the cycad plant at Kew.

Shooting the Badgers
Why some farmers believe thathunting badgers is necessary to prevent their livestock contracting TB.

Science Funding
Should science be 'democratised', giving the public a greater say in where grant money goes?

HMS Beagle
Where space science and marine biology meet: as the Beagle 2 rockets towards Mars, can you help in the search for HMS Beagle?

Music on the brain?
Hear how some scientists are using brainwaves to improve musical talent.

Early Spring Blamed on Climate Change
There's long been a debate as to whether climate change would make any discernible difference to our world as a whole and Britain in particular. 

The Today experiment
Should 4x4 vehicles be banned? Would a 4x4 driver be able to swap a tank for a small city runaround?

The Ark, Circa 2003
Sir David Attenborough, chronicling the natural world for posterity.

Was Bill to blame for Kyoto failure?
The head of the world's top climate change body has blamed Bill Clinton for the failure of the Kyoto protocol on global warming.

The Science of Small Things
For now, nanotechnology exists almost exclusively in the laboratory. But it has the potential to revolutionise our lives. 

Big Garden Birdwatch
Join the national RSPB Survey on bird populations. Listen again

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