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What Makes A Great Flag Design?


North-West flagPeter Saville draws inspiration from St George
As the North West of England prepares to decide on whether it wants a regional assembly, a new flag has been unveiled to help spark debate.

The design for a North-West flag

This is designer Peter Saville's vision of a North-West of England flag ... can you do better?

Tony Wilson's 'The Necessary Group'

Yes For The NorthWest

The Northwest Development Agency

Campaign for an English Parliament

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Tony Wilson, flying the flag

Flying the flag ... former Factory Records boss Tony Wilson.
Peter Saville's design

What makes a great flag design?

Send us YOUR design ideas.

The Necessary Group is a coalition of people supporting devolution, launched by TV presenter and former Factory Records boss Tony Wilson.

With the help of designer Peter Saville, who designed (amongst other things) all of Joy Division's record sleeves, they've come up with a flag they think represents what it means to be from the North West.

Cynics may argue that it's just an off-centre St George's flag, but as the issue of regional identity becomes a hot topic of debate ahead of this October's referendum, symbolic images encapsulating what it means to be from that particular part of the world are likely to factor in the debate.

So what do you think of Peter Saville's design? Do you think you could do better? Have you got a great idea for a flag design to represent ANOTHER part of the UK?

If so, EMAIL US your comments and / or your design (as a JPEG) to the usual address:

Or you can fax us:
020 8624 9633

Alternatively, post it to:
'Today - Flag Design'
Room G630
Stage 6
Television Centre
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ

We'll display some of your entries on this website next week.

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