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Latest Reports

Gordon BrownNew World Order?
Our political editor, Nick Robinson reports on Prime Minister Gordon Brown's trip to the United States.
Listen again and read expert analysis

Did Brown bottle it back it in October?
In autumn 2007,  Gordon Brown looked about to call a General Election. For one week in October, Today published the 'Brownsday' clock and discussed the pros and cons of an early election.

New World Order?
Our political editor, Nick Robinson reports on Prime Minister Gordon Brown's trip to the United States.
Listen again
Read expert analysis

Today Programme Chatham House Lecture
Cherie Blair outlines her views on women, human rights and religion in her Chatham House lecture. Listen to the lecture, read a transcript and listen to the interview.

Diary of a kidnapping
The newly discovered diary of former Lord Chancellor, Lord Hailsham has revealed a plot to kidnap Prime Minister Alec Douglas-Home.
See the diary extract.
Listen to the interview

Menzies Campbell Cartoons
Listen to political cartoonist Steve Bell and see his work on Sir Menzies Campbell following the Liberal Democrat leader's resignation.

Social Mobility
If you are born poor in Britain today you’re more likely than your parents were to stay poor. The country’s richer than it’s ever been but social mobility has stagnated and is at its lowest point for decades. Listen again to John Humphrys' special reports.

EU Treaty printed in English
The first draft of the treaty that takes the place of the failed European Constitution has been published in English. But how different are the two? Read them here

The Alastair Campbell interview
Alastair Campbell discusses the publication of his diaries. Listen again or read more.

Gordon Brown's Motto - "I will try my utmost"
The new PM quoted his school motto outside Number 10 yesterday. We asked you to suggest a motto for for the new government.

Bill Of Rights.
Gordon Brown is floating the idea of a written constitution. What do you think?

Michael Foot
The former Labour Party leader meets his biographer. See pictures or listen to the extended interview.

Tony Blair
We ask Blair whether his domestic and foreign policies have succeeded. Listen back to ten years of Tony Blair's Today Programme Interviews.

NHS Investigation
Stats and reports looking at where the money has gone in the NHS.

Post offices under threat?
Hear Alastair Darling on the closure of sub-post offices. Send us you views.

Political Blogs
Iain Dale is Britain's leading political blogger. His blog is the most visited in the UK.

Who Runs Britain Vote
Analysis of the vote which saw José Manuel Barroso, President of the European commission, voted the most powerful person in Britain.

Political Blogs
We asked one of Britain's leading political bloggers, Iain Dale, to write an blog for our website on the subject of political blogging.

Young Muslim Britain
We talk about what it's like to be young and Muslim in Britain today.

Tory Party Logo
Find out which animals YOU thought best represented the Tories.

Peace Cartoons
You sent us your peace cartoons. Now you can see the winning entries...

Citizen Journalism
From our Colchester broadcast, we look at the growing trend of citizen journalism.

Do the public view the Tories?
The polling company Populus put together a survey on how much people trust the Conservatives on a range of policy issues. See results: Headline Summary and Full Results.

Citizen Jury
Can citizens solve the problems that politicians can't? Today set up a Jury to find out.

Cambridge Mafia
Learn about this group of student friends from whose ranks emerged five Cabinet ministers including Micheal Howard, Kenneth Clarke and Norman Lamont.

US Sheriff Joe Arpaio
The flamboyant hardliner from the American penal system talks about about his visit to London answers listeners  questions.

Fuel Taxes
Are high fuel taxes really the cause of the current haulage headache? Roger Harrabin reports.

Extended Interview - Baroness Sally Morgan
Tony Blair's former Director of Political and Government Relations, Baroness Sally Morgan has given a rare, interview to Today to mark the Prime Minister's departure.

Watford Women
Could the forthcoming election be won by the party which targets women more in its election campaign?

End of the Chase?
The hunting with dogs ban came into effect on February 18th but is it the end for the sport?

Clarke's Anti-terror Plan
The Home Secretary Charles Clarke has given details of the new proposal to deal with suspected terrorists.

The Today Lecture
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice alongside Jack Straw and Lord Hurd, speak at the inaugural Today Lecture in association with Chatham House.

Peace Cartoons
You sent us your peace cartoons. Now you can see the winning entries...

Citizen Journalism
As part of the Colchester OB, we looked at the growing trend of citizen journalism.

Black Wednesday
Black Wednesday, 16 September 1992, was the day Britain crashed out of the ERM - a system for tying the pound and other currencies' values to that of the German mark.

A more democratic Britain?
Michael Howard's Pledges: What needs to be done to increase the British population's participation in politics? That's the question being tackled by the Power Inquiry.

Immigration Health Chceks
The Tory Party has unveiled its plans to screen immigrants wanting to work in the UK for TB and AIDS/HIV.

Blunkett's Legacy
Following the departure of the Home Secretary - we look back at his role as Home Office Minister and replay some of his interviews on Today.

Hunting with Hounds
Hunting with hounds is supposed to be banned already in Scotland. But there are just as many hunts north of the border and - it's claimed - they're killing MORE foxes since the law came in.

Crimean stamp surprise
Click above to discover why the latest issue of commemorative stamps held a very personal surprise for 76 year-old Harry Powell.

Col. Tim Collins
"The evidence would show, in hindsight, that the preparations for a free and fair Iraq weren't made": celebrated British commander Tim Collins' first interview since leaving the Army.

Nuclear Treaty
Some lawyers and MPs are questioning whether a new US-UK Mutual Defence Agreement will break the UN nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

The Butler Inquiry
The long awaited Butler Inquiry has published it's conclusions about UK intelligence failings in the run-up to the Iraq war. Read Lord Butler's report

President Clinton
Read a transcript of our interview with the former U.S. President about the failings of the intelligence services in the run up to the Iraq war.

UKIP in Europe
It's day one for 11 UKIP MEP's in Strasbourg. Robert Kilroy Silk is UKIP's MEP for the East Midlands who said he wanted to "wreck" the European Parliament. (20/7/04).

Diagnosing MSBP
A leading paediatrician is facing an investigation following allegations of wrongly diagnosing child abuse.

NHS Choice
The Today programme commissioned MORI to conduct a national attitude poll to see whether we actually like the idea of greater choice in our public services.

Humps & Cameras
A Today tribunal reviews whether 'sleeping policemen' and speed cameras actually save or cost lives on UK roads. Read the evidence.

Hunger Strike
Nicola Stanbridge meets the British Army veteran who is on hunger strike - he wants the government to open a public inquiry into Gulf War Syndrome.

Law Reform
The Lordshas voted to suspend government plans that would abolish the Lord Chancellor and set-up a Supreme Court.

Did the UK Spy on UN Offices?
Former Cabinet Minister Clare Short claims that during the run up to the war on Iraq, British spies were monitoring the offices of Kofi Annan.

Libyan PM
Our reporter Mike Thomson travels to Libya to interview the Prime Minister Shukri Ghanem. Listen to the extended interview.

Migrant Workers
David Blunkett will outline measures to prevent migrant workers abusing the benefits system when the EU expands on May 1st.

Tory Spending Proposals
The Shadow Chancellor announces details of spending cuts which he hopes will win the support of wavering voters.

US WMD Probe
As weapons of mass destruction remain undiscovered in Iraq, America start to ask the question "was the intelligence flawed or are politicians to blame?".

Davos Diary: 2004
Today editor Kevin Marsh tackles the big social and economic challenges facing the World Economic Forum ... and compares the toilets on British and Swiss trains.

Muslim Anger
Locals in Gloucester attended a meeting to protest against the arrest of Sajid Badat - on suspicion of terrorism. Mike Thomson investigates.

Diana Mosley: The MI5 View
Newly released files show MI5 was concerned about Diana Mosley well before she was publicly identified with the fascist movement.

Arms Fraud Allegations
The MoD is under growing pressure to investigate allegations of bribery and fraud at a company involved with a British arms deal.

Craig Murray Affair
Craig Murray is preparing to return to his post as ambassador to Uzbekistan, after what his friends believe was an attempt to force him out.

Assets Frozen
Westminster Council makes breakthrough in its attempts to recover Dame Shirley Porter's huge debt, following Today investigation.

The Tory Party Conference
For the final of the three main party conferences, Sarah Montague and some of the Today Programme team travelled up to Blackpool to cover the Conservative Party conference.

The Labour Party Conference
James Naughtie travels to the Labour Party annual conference in Bournemouth.Listen to a selection of the best interviews.

The Baghdad Blog
Life in Iraq before, during and after the war, as chronicled by the famous Baghdad web-logger. Read the Salam Pax webchat transcript. 

The Lib Dem Conference
Read presenter, Edward Stourton's diary from the celebratory Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton.

Parents Anger
The parents of Deepcut soldiers accuse police of sitting on findings that show their children may have died in suspicious circumstances.

Rail Safety Spending
Are we spending too much on rail safety at the expensive of mulitple deaths on the road?

Extended Interview - Prince Hassan of Jordan (03/05/04).
John Humphrys talks to the Jordanian monarch about the critical situation in Iraq. 

Senator Clinton On WMDs
Hillary Clinton backs probe into the strength of intelligence on Iraqi WMDs and explains why some people "have very strong negative feelings towards me".

Why we went to war: The MPs' report
Read the Foreign Affairs Select Committee report on the decision to go to war in Iraq.

Searching for WMD
British Weapons Inspector, Ron Manley is surprised the government did not ask his advice before attacking Iraq.

Extended Interview - Tony Blair in Washington, (17/04/04)
Talks to James Naughtie following his controversial Rose Garden press conference with President Bush. The Iraq war, the Middle East and the first hints of an EU constitution referendum u-turn. 

The Finances of Dame Shirley Porter
Today reporter, Andrew Hosken unearths some documents that reveal disgraced former Tory Councillor, Dame Shirley Porter isn't as poor as she claims... 

Albanian Sex Traffickers
There are new concerns that Albanian people traffickers are focusing on Britain. Barnie Choudhury reports on the gruesome trade thattargets young girls.

Alastair Campbell gives evidence to Select Committee
BBC Defence Correspondent, Andrew Gilligan tells us what questions should be put to Alastair Campbell at today's Select Committee hearing.

Weapons of Mass Destruction
The Prime Minister remains confident that weapons of mass destruction will be found in Iraq. But doubts about the credibility of Government intelligence dossiers persist.

Animal Farm Meets New Labour
Patricia Hewitt, the Trade and Industry Secretary, said that New Labour risked falling into the same trap as the power-crazed pigs in George Orwell's Animal Farm.

Conservative Party Executive is Investigated.
A senior Conservative backbencher has called on Iain Duncan Smith to sack his newly appointed Chief Executive and Chief of Staff, Barry Legg.

Allegations About Illness Caused By Injections.
A Government tribunal has ruled that a British soldier's illness came from a number of injections he received in preparation for the 1991 Gulf War.

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