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Latest Reports

MisThe Joys of Quietness
Where do you go to find peace and tranquillity? We asked our listeners to send us their photos.
Listen again and see pictures

St. George's Day Poetry
Two poets give us their take on St. George's Day.
Read the poems or listen again

Mealtime in New York
Fast food under attack in the Big Apple.
See the report or listen again

Guest Editors 2007
This year's guest editors included: Dame Stella Rimington, Damon Albarn, Peter Hennessy, Sir Martin Evans and the Dyfed-Powys police.

World's best map?
Paris rejected Harry Beck's designs but London made them world famous. From the London Transport Museum see rival Metro and Underground maps and listen to the discussion.

Missing Shannon
We speak to the mother of missing Shannon Matthews.
Listen to the interview.

Bill Shankly
Hear Rebecca Jones' report about the great Bill Shankly.
Listen to the report.

Looking Through The Glass
A snapshot of a morning at The Today Programme. View the picture gallery.

Supermarket Series
Follow our reporter Jon Manel's series on supermarkets.

John revisits Aberfan
After 40yrs John revisits the site of the disaster at Aberfan. Read his account and listen again.

20 Years on Today
Listen to John's best work this year. Read about some of your favourite moments.

Supermarket Series
Follow our reporter Jon Manel's series on supermarkets.

Garden Chair Ballooning
Hear how a man flew in the US by attaching 105 balloons to his garden chair.

Tour de France In London!
For the first time in its history the Tour de France began in Britain. Listen again

No Smoking Signs
must by law be displayed in all public buildings from July 1. Send in your own designs.

Shisha Pipe Smokers
Hear or see Mike Thomson's report on the plight of Shisha Pipe smokers.

Tour de France in London
James Helm talks to Britain's prologue contender Bradley Wiggins.

Fertiliser Bomb
Five men have been found guilty of the "Crevice" fertiliser bomb plot.

The Art of Persuasion
Who are the most persuasive people of the last centuries?

Nameless Pupils
Pupils who gave up their names for a project on slavery. Hear or see report.

Clone Towns
In spite of objections, work begins at a development in Farnham. Hear our report.

The Art of Persuasion
Who are the most persuasive people of the last several centuries? We ask Stephen Bayley and Felipe Fernandez-Armesto. We also hear from David Lammy, DBC Pierre and Clare Short.

History Lessons
What 3 subjects should be taught in History lessons? Hear some suggestions.

Today in Basra
Listen to John Humphrys' reports from Iraq and read his essay here.

Guest Editors 2006
5 public figures and a team of listeners were given the chance to edit Today.

Advent Calendar 2006
Listen again to the 2006 out-takes.

The Virtual Warney
Steve May has a run in with a robotic spin bowler being developed at Loughborough University.

Football legend dies
We look at the life of Hungary and Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskas.

Your Pictures of Peace
We asked for images that represent YOUR idea of peace.

England's Cricket Tour
UN Under Secretary-General and avid cricket fan Shashi Tharoor tells us why Indians worship the game.

The Thames Gateway
Listen to Mike Thompson's report on the biggest regeneration zone in Europe.

Advent Calendar 2005
Incase you missed it: The Today Advent Calendar...

Winter Photography
See the winner of our winter photographic competition.

2005 Guest Editors
For the third year running Today is giving a rare Christmas gift to five well-known listeners - we're handing them control of the programme.

Fletcher's poem
A poem by cricket coach Duncan Fletcher, the man who masterminded England's Ashes victory.

London Marathon
A paramedic Ray Edensor has decided to run the Flora London Marathon in a decontamination suit.

Olympic Race
Two of our reporters, Kate Clark and Polly Billington, set off on a mission to find out how easy it is to get to two potential Olympic cities: London and Paris.

71days 14hrs 18mins 33secs
Solo yachtswomen Ellen MacArthur returns home after she became the fastest person to sail 27,000 miles around the world.

An Hour of Today
Current members and former presenters of Today took part in an hour long discussion about the programme as part of the BBC Radio and Music Festival.

The Marathon...
Read Mary's account of her marathon.

Uncovering Iran
Uncovering Iran Radio 4 is hosting a season of programmes about Iran.

Elizabeth Davidson
Mrs Davidson's daughter was killed by a teenage driver. Read her victim impact statement.

VAT Fraud
Britain loses more money to VAT fraud than any other European country.

Peace Rebranded
Photographer Ted Giffords has been working for the last 12 months with a charity to find new images to rebrand peace. We also asked for your peaceful pictures, see them here.

We received thousands of your dog pictures - some of which can be seen here.

Cold War Bunker
The secret bunker kept ready for the government in the event of a nuclear war.

A Cricketing Legend
Today Assistant Editor Roger Hermiston was one of the first to predict a glittering test career for Steve Waugh.

World War I Veterans
See the pictures of the WWI veterans following Mike Thomson's report.

Today 2005 Round-Up
We asked the author Will Self and the artist Ralph Steadman to collaborate on a special end-of-year piece for the Today Programme.

The world's oldest mother.
Our reporter Sanchia Berg caught up with the world's oldest mother who is 66.

The Marathon...
Read our sports presenter Mary's account of her marathon.

Tenants Force Laird Buy Out
The Isle of Lewis is witnessing a community's historic decision to buy the land they live on against the wishes of the land-owner. By Huw Williams

European time for England?
A Labour MP is bidding to use devolution to allow England and Wales to move to Continental Time whether Scotland wants to or not.

Internet music piracy crackdown
For the first time, the British Phonographic Industry will begin prosecuting those who illegally share music files in the U.K.

Stealth Tax Cuts for Motorists
The Chancellor's decision to cave into the fuel protest four years ago is costing the government £2 billion a year. Roger Harrabin reports.

Stars of the future
Hear how interviewing our sports presenter Steve May about his career proved to be child's play for ten year-old Jordan Daley.

Lisa Arthurworrey
The social worker sacked for failing to prevent the murder of 8-year-old Victoria Climbie is now appealing against the decision. Angus Stickler spoke to her.

WWI - 90 Years On
No one would know what it was actually like until they were there. Your imagination won't go that far. It's best forgotten - John Oborne, 104.

Hitler Assassin
60 years ago Hitler narrowly escaped an assassination attempt at his HQ in Prussia. Hear from one of the surviving plotters.

Stevens to Retire
Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir John Stevens, Britain's most senior police officer, says he will retire from his post in the New Year.

Evan's Essays
BBC Economic Editor Evan Davies has been monitoring the airwaves, reading about bizarre theories on and trying to understand the most complicated of issues... 

The Penny Piece
Like it or loathe it, the one penny piece is in circulation. But do we really need it or indeed want it? Economics editor Evan Davis investigates.

Unhealthy dishes
Is Britain alone in its love for an increasingly unhealthy diet? Today travels the globe to see what other countries are eating...

North Wales Outside Broadcast
Speed Cameras, property prices in North Wales, and Cheddar cheese with chocolate chips in it! All hot topics discussed in our outside broadcast from Llandudno.

Today's Racing Tips Challenge
As Britain enjoyed the drama and fashion of Royal Ascot week, we challenged guest tipsters to use their various skills to try and spot a winner.

Foreign Hauliers
A new report warns a tracking system designed by the government to charge foreign hauliers for using Britain's roads is likely to cost taxpayers millions of pounds.

D-Day Postcard appeal
In the run-up to D-Day thousands of people joined in the war effort by sending in holiday postcards.We want you to send in your photos. 

Tibet Legacy
Tony Blair urged to apologise for the British invasion of Tibet in 1904: Matthew Grant travelled to Tibet to find out how the invasion is viewed today.

Man vs. Seagulls
Urban seagulls are becoming more of a menace. Their numbers are increasing, and no-one knows what to do about them. Huw Williams reports.

Horst Kopkow
A set of new documents released by the National Archive show that MI5 protected the identity of a senior Nazi officer after World War II. 

$1000 omlette
When it comes to 'haute cuisine' an omelette may not be the first dish that comes to mind - but - you might change your mind if you order a Zillion Dollar Frittata from Le Parker Meridien Hotel... 

Human Remains
Should British museums be forced to return ancient bones to their country of origin - or are they essential for scientists to make key discoveries? 

Bad Posture
Top experts in bones and joints have warned that the government's public health policies concentrate too heavily on hearts and lungs at the expense of the whole human frame.

Car Alarms
In New York City, car alarms have become so unpleasant that a bill is being put forward to ban audible car alarms from being used, sold or fitted in the city.

Pinhole photography
We celebrate "World Pinhole Day" by inviting enthusiast Justin Quinnell to take some unique Today pictures with his homemade camera.

The Gambling Bill
Mental Health problems will increase if the government goes ahead with its proposed Gambling Bill, a top public health consultant has warned.

Slow Cooking
'Slow Food' is catching on. Forget the ten minute take-away, slow cooking can take days, but some say the taste is far superior.

Poor Health Britain
Is more active intervention needed to tackle the major health problems facing Britain's poor? Research supports 'lifestyle coaching', but would it result in a Nanny State?

New BBC Chairman
Former Channel 4 boss Michael Grade has been confirmed as the new BBC Chairman - is this a popular choice?

Ode to Jonny
In celebration of the English rugby team's historic win over Australia in Sydney - Poet Ian McMillan pens a tribute to goal hero - Jonny Wilkinson. 

Cartoon Museum
Britain is the birthplace of the political cartoon. Lord Baker says we should celebrate this by forming the first UK Cartoon Museum.

Loo for sale
A former public toilet block in Dorset is for sale. Its owners hope for offers in excess of £25,000.

Ed Goes Rowing...
Hear why Today presenter Edward Stourton is planning to take part in the 150th Oxbridge Boat Race next month. He'll be battling against the likes of Jonathan Aitken...

Celebrity Team
It's been revealed that Henry VIII may have been the first King to play football. Who would you nominate to be in a celebrity team?

Today's Guest Editors
See how Lord Tebbit, radio critic Gilligan Reynolds, author Monica Ali, Professor Stephen Hawking and Radiohead's Thom Yorke saw their experiences editing Today.

Battlefield Return
With more money released to help WWII veterans return to past battlefields, hear an extended web version interview with 90-year-old Peter Boyle.

War Veteran
105 year old Fred Lloyd is one of the few remaining vets from the 'great wars'. He reflects on the impact and aftermath of armed conflict.

Wrong Gear
Today investigation: Are we learning to drive correctly? Why driving in third - not fourth gear - could prevent accidents and speeding incidents.

Danger Trails
Huw Williams reports on the row between experienced mountaineers and 'Trail' magazine about treks the magazine are recommending that some claim are too dangerous.

Banking Scam
Our investigation into a banking scam involving a company claiming its HQ is at a Highlands address, which in reality is occupied by a local pharmacy.

Hangover Cure
It's that time of year when many people suffer from the evils of a hangover. The Head Barman of the Savoy has the perfect cure.. the 'corpse reviver'.

Xmas Pudding
Sick of the traditional Christmas Pudding?- Find out how to make the Country Life alternative.

The Big Draw
There are often government campaigns to improve childrens aptitude for reading, writing and arithmetic - but how much importance is given to drawing?

Waste of Space
We're in search of Britain's most wasted spaces. Click here to find out more and to submit your nomination.

Petrol Protests
The price of fuel has just risen by 5p a gallon - who will be affected - and are protests expected?

A Call to Arms
Are you happy with the new "Directory Enquiries" system? Or are you confused, psychologically damaged and cancelling your telephone subscription? Send us your stories here.

The Bullring
Britain's second city gets a facelift. 

Police racism fear
A report into race and diversity in the Met. Police warns there's fear among white officers they'll be accused of racism when dealing with ethnic minority staff.

In Defence of August
Why the 8th month of the year has unfairly been described as the 'silly season' in which nothing ever happens.  

Salt Poison Case
The father of the woman found guilty of poisoning a child with salt says she's been attacked in jail. Plus her husband tells us he doesn't doubt her innocence.

Today Travel to Torquay - 30 Aug '03
Hear interviews from our broadcast which took place at the 'premier' seaside town of the South-West.

Dot-com Success Shock!
Ebay is one of the few online firms to thrive thanks to odd auction items like one of Elvis's teeth.

Ye Olde Marmalade
Find out which ingredients are contained in the world's oldest marmalade recipe - dated 1701.

The Faceless Robert Hooke
Why do no portraits of the world renowned English scientist exist?

Basking Sharks
Levels of basking sharks in the UK are falling -find out how you can help conservationalists learn more about this endangered species.

A Perfect Cuppa
How do you make the perfect cup of tea? The Royal Society of Chemistry has the answer.. 

Ice Lollies for Otters
Many of us like an ice-lolly on a hot day. Now otters can enjoy the same summer treat.

The Today Studio ... in Lego
See the building of Lego Sarah and Lego Ed, as the Queen promotes British tourism.

Egg Thief Crackdown
Scottish Police and conservation bodies in the North East have launched their annual campaign to protect birds of prey.

Olympic Race
Two of our reporters, Kate Clark and Polly Billington, set off on a mission to find out how easy it is to get to two potential Olympic cities: London and Paris.

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