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Today Guest Editors 2006


Today has once again given an exciting Christmas gift to five public figures - we're handing over control of the programme (well, most of it) for a day each between Christmas and New Year.

Previous Today programme guest editors include: Bono, Anthony Minghella, Anna Ford, Stephen Hawking, Thom Yorke and David Blunkett.
This year’s guest editors are: the conceptual artist Yoko Ono; Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury; Zac Goldsmith, editor of the Ecologist and Conservative Party advisor; Sir Clive Woodward, director of elite performance at the British Olympic Association; and Allan Leighton, chairman of Royal Mail.

And this year, for the first time, we’ve also invited a team of listeners to ‘guest edit’ a programme too. 
Click here to find out about their programme.

Yoko Ono (26 December)
Sir Clive Woodward (27 December)
Zac Goldsmith (28 December)
Dr Rowan Williams (29 December)
Allan Leighton (30 December)

Yoko Ono   Sir Clive Woodward

Zac Goldsmith   Dr Rowan Williams

Allan Leighton

This is Yoko Ono's closing statement from her programme:

We can make 2007 a year of healing, or a year of destruction, it's all up to us. It is nothing difficult. All we have to do is to realize what we are.

The hint is made in examples such as Findhorn and Iceland. Findhorn is a magical community born, not in Bethelehem, but in an equally powerful "spot on earth" called SCOTLAND. The message of Findhorn is that, we, humans, are a very powerful race of beings who can maximize the potentiality and the beauty of this planet, if we wished, and if we really put our minds to it. What has happened in Findhorn shows that clearly to us. Just by respecting the potentiality of the earth, and adding our intent and good wishes to it, we can let things grow miraculously and quickly.

Interesting enough, Iceland is another magical spot, which operates on this theory. In Iceland, all people respect the miracle of the earth. They even believe in the elves and gnomes said to be living in their earth, and have a map, rather like the one you are given in the gas stations in other countries, that indicate the spots where these magical beings are believed to reside. These spots are considered sacred. Even the cars make a detour, so as not to run over those spots. Children grow up learning to respect the magic of the earth. As a result, Iceland is one country which is almost free of any pollution.

We should learn from FINDHORN and ICELAND, that we can return to being the the powerful beings that we were and are, and heal this earth, instead of bombing it indiscriminately. Most of us are against bombing, but we tend to be lethargic about not giving enough care to the health of this planet. Give love to our mother earth. Start with calling our mother at the end of 2006, and ask how she's doing!

I wish all of us and the planet a new year full of wisdom and

love, Yoko

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