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Alan Rickman, Julian Glover and Christopher Lee

Do you know your Iago from your Blofeld? Read the answers below:

1. In Laurence Olivier’s 1948 film of Hamlet, which Bond baddie played an uncredited spear carrier?
A: Christopher Lee

2. Who played a villain in Octopussy – and most of Shakespeare’s villains too?
A: Steven Berkoff -

3. Which Bond villain’s father has played Mark Anthony and mother Desdemona?
A: Toby Stephens – father Robert Stephens and mother Maggie Smith. He’s a well-known Shakespearean actor in his own right.

4. Which famous actress has played both Shakespeare’s and James Bond’s boss?
A: Dame Judi Dench – as Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love, and as M.

5. Can you name the Bond villain who has played Macbeth opposite Miss Moneypenny, who played Lady Macbeth?
A: Sean Bean – who appeared as Macbeth opposite Samatha Bond (the only Bond girl to have the surname Bond).

6. Which son of Bond played Macbeth in a 1997 film?
A: Jason Connery – son of Sean.

7. Can you name three Bond villains who have also won a Laurence Olivier award?
A: Julian Glover, Alan Cumming and Jonathan Pryce. Jonathan Pryce won his for Hamlet.

8. Sophie Marceau starred in a Bond film and a Shakespeare film (as the villainous Elektra and the queenly Hippolyta) which were both released in 1999. What were the films?
A: The World Is Not Enough and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

9. Legendary baddie Christopher Walken has played an enormous number of Shakespearean parts. But which Bond film did he star in as Max Zorin?
A: A View To A Kill.

10. Which Shakespearean actor has played a Bond villain and James Bond himself?
A: Toby Stephens (the villain in Die Another Day and as James Bond in Radio 4's adaptation of Dr No for the centenary of Ian Fleming's birth).

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