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Mike Thomson in the Congo banner

Fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo has left five million people dead over the last decade. A string of ceasefires have failed to stop violence in the east of the country. Every day more than 1,000 people are killed as vicious militia groups fight each other and government forces.

Our correspondent Mike Thomson reported from the Eastern Congo one year ago and has now returned to the region to find out whether the recent peace deal has improved life for the thousands made homeless by the conflict.
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WARNING: You may find the contents of these reports disturbing

Refugee camp in Congo

In the first report, Mike visits one of the camps in which the estimated 800,000 displaced Congolese seek safety from bands of rebel soldiers.

Listen to the first report
14-year-old Elisha

In the second report, Mike meets 14-year-old Elisha, who was mutilated by the Interahamwe militia.

Listen to the second report
Transit centre for Child Soldiers, Goma

In the third report, Mike meets a 15 year-old boy who recently escaped after being abducted by armed men on his way home from school.

Listen to the third report
Meeting for illiterate women in Goma. 35 out of 50 have been raped

In the final report, Mike looks at the broken justice system in DR Congo, and speaks to the chief of police.

Listen to the fourth report
Zwadi and her daughter
The search for Zawadi

Mike Thomson first met Zawadi one year ago as she recovered from horrific abuse at the hands of the Interahamwe, a Rwandan militia group. He returned to find her one year later.

Mike's search for Zawadi
Listen to Zawadi's story
Soldier in the DRC
Congo in 2007

Mike Thomson's original reports from Congo were broadcast in May last year. He spoke to politicians, victims, child soldiers and rebels to paint a picture of the deeply entrenched humanitarian crisis. 

Mike reports from Congo in 2007
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